Data on VIP Tournies?

    • Data on VIP Tournies?

      I´m wondering if anyone has data on VIP tournaments firing? Apparently everyone who buys VIP (I´ve been suscribed for 2 years) has amassed 15+ VIP tickets without any hope of using them.

      Not only cause the aa´s offered as rewards are rarely seen in comp play, but VIP tournaments are the same day as Clash and Bash, aren´t we cannibalizing the tournaments?

      Any ideas on how to make use of the tickets?

      Here are my ideas:

      1) Let me use tickets in bash or clash
      2) Let me trade tickets for primal packs
      3) Monthly VIP tournament on weekend without CLASH or BASH
      4) Make a VIP gauntlet??

      OFC this are just ideas and open to discussion

    • Gregangel wrote:

      vip programm is now outdated. I would not be surprised if lots of players already unsubscribed like I did in last january and Hex stop it in the near future
      Even if HEX decided to stop with VIP program, what would be a reasonable exit strategy for all those VIP tickets on players accounts?

      I´m not against having a VIP program, but rewards do seem outdated.
    • VIP needs to be reinvented . I always wondered why tournaments crossed each other like that ( CCs and bash. Or VIP and clash, bash)

      I would probably do the following if I were hex

      - Make VIP a bundle that no only includes sleeves but a bunch of other things like a board and draft ticket or evo ticket something to make it sell (I see lots of new players asking if it's worth it. Maybe make it worth it since anyway it's one per account /per year )

      - remove tournaments so they don't overlap and reduce participation

      - remove the ticket system . Anyone that has VIP subscription can play as many VIP in the time they are subscribed. This removes the '' I have x ticket thst iM stuck with '. And the ' man I wish I could play but used all my tickets for something else '. Depending on participation it might increase how many AA are available .

      - create AA and AAA. Card . Like make 2-2 and 3-1. AA and 4-0 AAA . The increase participation will be offset by the price of AAA. Which will be chased cards

      - maybe make it an endgame. 1 yearly big tourney in July before it's rotation . The reason for the maybe is because anyone that subcribes late gets less chance to participate in that tourney and might skip buying it because if that.

      So those are my ideas.
    • I think VIP was fine and a sought after AA was enough for me to play and subscribe at one point. However, as said the quality of AA's being offered has went down the drain.

      While it would be great if these tickets and the program were changed to be used in Clash/Bash as well, those tickets didn't pay the entry fee so I'm not sure that makes much sense.

      Making different tiers of VIP doesn't seem like a bad idea though, ones that offer entry to the new tournaments and also give packs or whatever. Even if the VIP rewards get better, it's hard to trust they would be consistent at this point and I don't plan on resubscribing to VIP to play in VIP tournaments.