Coyotle Tribal (Standard deck tech)

    • Coyotle Tribal (Standard deck tech)

      Hi everyone, this is Sethanon speaking. I would like to introduce you to a deck I have had a lot of fun recently and seeing how people liked it on Twitch I bring you the full decklist and some nice write up!

      Initial disclaimer, this deck is not Tier 1, but it is good enough to stand against anything you will be facing on ladder from Bronze all the way to Cosmic. I have played it this season up to gold so far and last season in cosmic with decent results. In addition @OzawaWanderer is going to jizz with the decklist because 70 % cards in the deck actually feature a coyotle at least on the art and there are no underworld or "evil" cards (except maybe Mindcall, but Lanupaw also has glowing eyes, so who knows). Let's look at the party:

      Let's not delay further and go ahead to the decklist:

      Display Spoiler
      Champion: Blue Sparrow

      3x Thunderfield Seer
      2x Young Seer
      2x Elder of Visions
      2x Indigo Trickster
      3x Starcaller Ancient
      2x Auspex of Lanupaw
      1x Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate
      2x Silver Talon Adjudicator

      2x Arcane Focus
      2x Guidance
      2x Mindcall
      3x Runebind
      2x Transmogrifade
      4x Cosmic Calling
      2x Lanupaw's Sight
      3x Locket of Reflection

      4x Howling Plains Bluegrass
      4x Sapphire Shard
      2x Shard of Instinct
      3x Shard of Purpose
      3x Wakuna Coins
      4x Well of Instinct
      3x Well of Purpose

      1x Runebind
      2x Totem Trap
      1x Transmogrifade
      2x Brown Fox Scout
      2x Diamond's Favor
      2x Scouring Light
      2x Shard Ward
      1x Lanupaw's Sight
      1x Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate
      1x Typhoon Skyshaper!/deck=260352

      At this point you are probably asking how to win? Well it is usually simple, you outvalue your opponent either with Starcaller Ancient, Locket, Auspex or Lanupaw that are ideally discounted either through Cosmic Calling or Young Seer. Then you have to protect your threats ;)

      Starcaller is your all star - you almost never play him without protection or immediate card draw (ideally through Champion power or other card draw) - he is best played on right after Lanupaw's sight granting at least one card doubling. Playing him turn after Lanupaw is awesome. Elder of Visions also fuels him and makes him must answer. If you however have bigger threats in hand you can just throw him under the truck.

      Value duo wins games straight away, if you get Locket out and manage to throw out Auspex (x2) + any cheap double casted spell you just boosted your whole board and deck immensely (probably to the point of no return for opponent without Clash/Dread End). Both cards are playable on its own and also bring crazy value with a lot of cheap spells in the deck and cards that are played just twice.

      Lanupaw can easily grow to 11/11 in a turn and he often manages to do the killing blow if opponent is playing low amount of troops.

      Last but not least, this little guy has worked exceptionally well for me, exceeding expectations by a lot - he gets you Fateweave for a start, is huge threat for control (basically must remove) and lives with Dark Heart on board. In addition you can get him +0/+2 gem against aggro where he withstands massive beating and even Lazgar's. He can also get Skyguard against Vampires (which are huge problem for the deck). I'm actually wondering why I'm not playing more than 2!

      Other than that you are just playing coyotle, drawing cards, cycling cards and trying to get your value combo ready. Be careful with thresholds, there is a lot of card draw but if you don't plan ahead you can get stranded without key color. Your maximum requirements are SS/W/D, so nothing too crazy.

      Sideboard plan:
      There is obvious hate against aggro and creature based decks (Totem Trap, Runebind, Transmog, Brown Fox Scouts), general protection and Lazgar's hate (Shard Ward, Favor), some value cards against control (team Lanupaw, Skyshaper + Binds and Transmog) and some constant hate.

      Hope you have some fun with the deck, hope to see you on the Howling Plains! :P

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    • I think you have great chances convering Ozawa to an only-PvP player. If this doesn't work, nothing will. :) A very neat idea. Too bad that transmogs and runebinds are so expensive. Could Consult the Talons help on the card draw? If you draw 2-3 resources you may trigger multiple runes. Wait. Is that a bug?
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