Stone me if you want, but - PvE???

    • Darklight wrote:

      Not really. Unless we have production costs for the PvE elements and the spending habits of primarially PvE players.

      Also, there was talk a while back from HexEnt about 'buckets'(?) that had to be built and that, once built, PvE content would be easy to produce. We were told many of those buckets were complete.
      Perhaps somehow there's a hole in the bucket and dear Henry needs to fix it so dear Liza can get back to PVE releases more than once per year.
    • PvE making no money is bullshit.
      They got quite a lot of real money from me, so I could buy Slaughtergears and equipment only for PvE. And there used to be quite a lot of PvE players that buy large sum's of plat only to buy cards for their PvE decks.
      They took the money and destroyed the cards value afterwards... Haven't opened the client again after this, just checking the forums every now and than reading some of the "drama"-threads...
    • Im wondering how many % of players who spend money on hex came here only becouse of pve?

      I'm one of those ppl. Ive spent over 500 euro (maybe even more then 1000), to be prepared for raids and have all cards eq etc...
      I do play limited to collect cards, i do play ladder for rewards but im here ONLY becouse of pve
    • DraXor wrote:

      came here only becouse of pve
      Is that "in order to play PvE" or "they chose the game over others because of its PvE"? The first implies PvE-only players, the second PvE-only & hybrid players.

      I belong in the second category btw. With so many card games out there, even during the Kickstarter years before the boom in the industry, Hex would be just another one of the rubble if it wasn't for their PvE ideas that distinguished it.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      DraXor wrote:

      came here only becouse of pve
      Is that "in order to play PvE" or "they chose the game over others because of its PvE"? The first implies PvE-only players, the second PvE-only & hybrid players.
      I belong in the second category btw. With so many card games out there, even during the Kickstarter years before the boom in the industry, Hex would be just another one of the rubble if it wasn't for their PvE ideas that distinguished it.
      I was thinking about players that pve vision convince them to try hex, if they changed to pvp or go hybrid in meanwhile doesnt matter.

      They spend money thanks to pve promise ... That i hope wasnt only promise and will be delivered
    • I have not read the entire thread yet, but I need to get some thoughts out. I will go through the rest after this.

      I don't want to stone you, Coyote, I actually want to hug you for keeping the PvE discussion alive. These threads always energize me and wake me up from the defeatist stupor of despair I currently wallop in concerning HEX's PvE. Always just more and more PvP tournaments and features... Nothing solid on the next Campaign content for ages. Really makes me sad and angry.

      Blackwood wrote:

      I've had a pretty dramatic decline of how much hard cash I've been spending on Hex personally and that's despite still spiking for the new set releases this year; unless the trajectory looks like it's going to change meaningfully with AZ3 -> Hex going into 2018, four years is probably the end of the line for me. I sympathize with the bulk of the frustrations being voiced in these threads and in these topics by PVE players and guilds--for what it's worth it's coming from someone in my case who went out of their way to buy every piece of equipment available up through current sets, playsets of expensive PVE cards, the works all in the name of 'Just in case PVE goes big I want all these tools available to play with.' As of set 7 and Clash / Bash etc. I've just hit an abrupt cliff. The angler event is the first time since the release of Hex I didn't even bother logging in to run content for, and that bums me out.
      And that brings me to this. Oh boy... I could have written this. It is startling how similar my feelings are at the moment. I have painstakingly collected every single fucking functional PvE item that has ever been created in HEX over the years. It has cost me literally thousands. It is insane, but the only thing that has kept me going is the promise of the incredible PvE features that were promised over 4 years ago. Now, I am willing to wait, but the thing is, I need to see clear intention of progress. Otherwise what's the point? I have been feeling for a long time now that the PvE is pretty much discarded for the good of PvP, because that brings in the bucks. I do not want to stick around if that is the case, so please HexEnt, give it to us straight if the PvE is clearly not a priority at all anymore. Then I can at least sell my collection and move on with my life.

      At the release of every new set, I have always bought hundreds of packs to kickstart collecting the set, but right now I am honestly contemplating on going into straight-up hibernation and stop all spending on HEX until I see a sign that HexEnt values PvE as much as PvP. I am still not ready to sell my collection, because I am a stupid optimist regarding Cory and I believe his word that he wants all the PvE features promised to us. But holy shit is it getting harder and harder to remain patient. Playing HEX and actively building my collection is a gigantic investment in time and emotion, and I don't know how long I can keep this up anymore if I see no hope for the future of PvE.

      Darklight wrote:

      Hex will get lost if the team focuses on being just another PVP digital card game. There's not enough to stand out from that massive crowd.
      Amen. Why, why, why is this not clear to everyone?
    • DraXor wrote:

      That i hope wasnt only promise and will be delivered
      I join the chorus of those saying that PVE and more social tools/game modes are becoming urgent for this game to succeed and stand out among other competitors... more than it might seem.
      I love PVP over PVE, still I get the feeling that if hxe gives up on PVE, guilds, lore, etc. then it will lose its original identity and become... just a card game... sad perspective for this great product with great potential.

      The Light Of Hope that things will be delivered is hard to fade out, but timing is also important in doing things and it seems they are letting go this train...

      PS: also I found this friday update a little bit disappointing without any mention to pve
    • Utremeld wrote:

      I'm going to repeat this because it comes up often - I DO NOT support the idea of paying for additional character slots and I find the suggestion absurd. The only thing keeping slots down is a number that could be adjusted at any time, there is no additional work going into it and I am unwilling to pay for something that is artificially scarce in this manner. The number of slots should've been higher and should be made higher and it should not have a cost associated with it, if you pay for things that don't merit payment you encourage bad business practices. Hex is free to sell things that use new assets like new character portraits, AA 'tokens', boards, plinths, etc. but character slots are not a new asset and I really have to strongly encourage everyone to stop giving HexEnt such a terrible idea as charging people for them to raise a number they should've raised literal years ago, for free.
      I tend to agree. The minimum number of character slots should have been big enough to create every race and class combination from the very beginning.

      DraXor wrote:

      Im wondering how many % of players who spend money on hex came here only becouse of pve?

      I'm one of those ppl. Ive spent over 500 euro (maybe even more then 1000), to be prepared for raids and have all cards eq etc...
      I do play limited to collect cards, i do play ladder for rewards but im here ONLY becouse of pve
      Here is another. Everything I do is in preparation for the co-op content. Including recruiting my friends. All of whom have left the game already... I play Limited sometimes, but every time I try to get into Constructed PvP, I am reminded that it is not for me. I just don't enjoy it. Even when I win it's stressful and not fun. I have tried to achieve Cosmic in Constructed several times. I have been at Platinum three times with weeks to go and with the best Tier 1 decks, winning 2-0 against some of the best players in the game. This is just to point out it is not a question of not doing well enough. Then I just stop, because I cannot force myself to play it any longer. Now I have accepted my nature and don't even try anymore. That is why I know you can never convert some PvE players to active PvP players. That monetization model will fail.
    • So if im not alone here, maybe we should prepare some badge or tags for ppl like us, to go out from shadow and show how much pve players can spend

      For me pvp isnt terrible, I like it but not in competetive way, I forces myself to reach cosmic in 1st three seasons, just for AA sleeves but it wasnt great... AA Sleeves arejt as good to spent that much time on something that iant fun for me, i like to play from time to time on ladder ir with friends but thats all
    • I brought 10 friends to hex (including my wife). They loved the mmo+raids + guild potential. 4 years after kickstarter - im the only one playing from time to time with fading hope that PvE picks up. PS4, Hex clash, and constant stream of other pvp only news "bashed" all the good spirit from me, so im just barely clinging to my hope, that we will get the rest of PvE features and regular PvE updates tied to pvp sets. :(
      Last time I voiced this opinion i was screamed at that pvp is the main thing everyone wants - its great to see that im not alone with feelings that this was not what i signed for. (This = one AZ per year and all features from kickstarter done in year 8 of the hex lifespan - if they continue in current speed of PvE developement)

      What would calm me now? I need to hear few answers from hexent
      - why no more char slots? (its tied to keeps or what?)
      - why no small content updates for the campaign along with the pvp sets?
      - what features are still planned/what is on the chopping block (last time i heard from hexent the plan was keeps + new class with next AZ update (Q1 2018?) and raids + real coop multiplayer in even later AZ updates (2019-20???) is this real in the reality of working on PS4 thing now? )
      - if the feature is set in stone and just waiting for programmer/testing time, show it to us
      - if the feature is WIP, show it to us, explain the design challenges and listen to your players feedback. There are great minds in this community. We are not 12y old hearthstone players (nothing bad about that mind you). We are mature audience that plays these games a lot - hell, i work in a game development company, i understand things/deadlines changing.

      We have no info and we are drifting in the dark. I think im not unrealistic..?

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    • I'm a PVP player but I love to see PVE players "putting up a fight"; I have a big desire for something new in PVE as well. Playing limited with a new set gets boring after 10-11 weeks, I would love to be able to play some sort of co-op or a new feature in PVE in the last weeks before new set is released.

      So I'm hoping for keeps ever since they announced that they were supposed to be in AZ2 but they couldn't make them in time.
    • In my opinion Hex is in a bad spot right now .

      1- it's financially independent now and has to spend its money very carefully. Pvp being already completed compared to pve it's for them a good idea to continue in that direction.

      2- Pve is completely build like an amateur card game . It's just a freaking map with points and some text. It was build very poorly. Hex is/was not a software company and are not good for this. I don't say that the guys that program are bad at all. You can have the best mind in the world if they have no idea how to make things or have no direction then it becomes badly built . They should of got a software company to design the initial pve and built from there. . They could of concentrated on card set ( I think their original design was made by another company but unsure about that )

      If I were hex I would make 3 release of pve a year . How is that possible you say

      1x az zone with new feature a year
      2x updates to the current az . Adding 2-4 dungeons into the current az and adding side quest to the game .

      Buttttt. I'm sure they don't do it because they don't have the money . Which in consequence gives them no new staff.

      Pve. Great idea , bad execution. 4 years and 25 million can make AAA games . No wonder gameforge split

      Anyone that wants a mmo card game can go play wizards 101 .

      Sorry for this but sometimes the truth hurts .
    • Yeah 25 mil for dots on the map kind of game is a wierd number. Back in the days, there was a similar to hex pve a hundred thousand budged isometric rpg based on magic the gathering initial sets, forgot the name. The character could run from town to town, sell stuff and encounter other AI players and bosses and enter dungeons. It was very well done, at least it had feeling of open world with card encounters.
      I'm not saying we're lied to. It's just evident that financial part isn't the only thing that stops hexent from making more pve. There's more to it, or the lack of.
    • MTG Shandalar ^ It was often referred to during the KS, and after for the last four years, as something many players were hoping we would have something like, and much much more. My guess is many sacrifices were made to allow this to be "intelligent" and "expandable", and with it, there is a lot of technical work that needs to go on to add in any new systems.
    • Just want to chime in with another.. +1, me too.

      I am not a top tier deckbuilder. So for me, PVE, and casual formats is what I like. I enjoy coming up with janky fun decks. I enjoy single card highlander, pauper, and heaven forbid.. i'll say it.. EDH style decks. Those are the most fun for me.

      I''m also a collector and packrat. I'll drop stupid money on the game, it's not about being f2p content. Hell I'll pay $50 right now, if it opened a special "casual que format" que where I could que for these types of games.

      Reason I don't pl;ay standard or draft.. I like building a collection and keeping cards.. and working to get cards for crazy ideas. Not.. ooo let's everyone netdeck playing the meta to be competitive then have it all be worthless in 3-4months and start over. I understand this is a GREAT business model and needed for a TCG to survive and continue to make profit and put out new releases. But a little bone for players like me, would be great to. I know we have just as much money to toss at the screen if this was made.
    • Hey guys! I know we all want more information straight away, but there is only so much we can share at this time. As Cory mentioned in the General's Tent 150th episode, we are still working on PvE. It is something we all want, and we continue to put thought and effort into bringing this to life. We will share PvE plans when they are ready for the public.

      Development is a fluid process. Sharing our systems too early has bitten us in the past. Take strongholds, for example. This was a system that we wanted to have for AZ2. AZ2 was a major update, with huge exciting systems like Mercenaries and Multi-Stage bosses. It had boats and a bunch more dungeons. It was all upside -- but because it was missing something we talked about some people were disappointed.

      We all want to know that our favorite thing is being taken care of. That's natural. But you will get a much better experience if we wait until a proper showcase article can be done, rather than sharing development plans here on the forums.

      Until then, we did just release a fairly significant overhaul to the Frost Ring Arena. That was a PvE focused update that came out barely 3 months ago. It had a huge infusion of equipment and a gauntlet of challenging enemies. Even if this was not exactly what you wanted for a PvE update, I think the Frost Ring Overhaul shows that we are committed to producing content for our PvE players.
    • Sorry, not enough communication and the same old thing/statement for years. Nobody screamed about strongholds, most patient PvE people are OK with stuff like this. What we cant stomach is no info and 1 campaign update per year
      Thats nothing against you personally - I know you cant say anything.
      Just please try to gather the feedback here and show it to cory/dev team.

      - people are screaming for more char slots for years, that would give us something to do
      - arena sucked, because you cant use mercs/you char + its the same thing over and over with zero fun for creative/theme/fun deckbuilding - so it is not seen as enough content. Its all about some netdeck which can run it fastest and farming over and over.
      - "Frost Ring Overhaul shows that we are committed to producing content for our PvE players" - nope. Why were no new encounters added with each pvp sets during those past years, keeping arena fresh constantly? that brings new mechanics, keywords, ability to practice and enjoy the new set in PvE... That would show the commitment or at least planning. This overhaul felt like "shit, we wont be able to make anything for PvE for a long time, just add some new decks and PvE cards to arena..."
      - you take loooooooong time (which can be understood) - but do not provide any information. At the same time we are swarmed with PvP information and now PS4??? There are like 5 ideas with easy implementation in this thread that would make us find our passion for hex again
      + my previous post Stone me if you want, but - PvE???

      This dev answer kinda made my mind about Hex and im heartbroken :( "proper showcase article" can be in months/years in this speed and till that time we are flying dark.
      but thanks a lot for your response!:)

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    • We know you're working on things. But you understand our need to vent. Yes, HXE can't spread itself too thin to work on too many things simultaneously, but the problem is that it's only two paths to go down (PvE and PvP), choosing one greatly emphasizes the other not being walked. Add to that the fact that some things discussed, especially related to PvE, have reached such big consensus that even if you say that players don't have a clear idea of the market etc, the sheer number of the people that agree on them is data in and of itself. I remember that sharing plans wasn't the best BEFORE, but right now, with the way things are, the damage done by not communicating is worse than any potential damage done by not meeting self set deadlines. If you think about it, this playerbase, your playerbase has been very very forgiving with regards to missing deadlines and conceived delays. The game did come out so many years ago already.

      This is a serious suggestion @Dinotropia. I kindly request that you bring this communication issue up at a HXE team meeting. Please discuss once more whether not sharing information has potentially more drawbacks than sharing, then swinging and missing. I trust that you will and I also trust that you'll make the best decision. For a long time now, the uncertainty has been pilling higher than frustration towards delays.

      And since you mentioned Keeps, we were vaguely told that they were "mostly done" at AZ2. In my book that's 3/4 done (75%) or even more. half a year ago. What's the status now?
    • Dinotropia wrote:

      We will share PvE plans when they are ready for the public.
      First of all Dino I wanted to say thanks for coming here and saying SOMETHING. I know you're not in a position to share anything, and if any plans were to be shared they would probably come from Cory/Chris/etc. so basically you're coming here to try to do some good knowing it will probably not be much. That's appreciated and it shows a commitment to your position. Thank you.

      The problem I have with a staetement like this... is that I don't think very many people think you're giving up on pve... we just have so little idea of what PvE's vision is. The FRA update confused me because it took away something a lot of people appreciated, and put something in its place that very few people will appreciate(I don't count myself in either the 'lot' or the 'very few' mind you since I didn't really like old fra and I don't really like new FRA for completely different reasons). There's no sign of the things people are so eager for, even in a 'vision' stage. Things like a social experience. Like a solid new player experience. Like some way to integrate pve players into pvp. A way to share the game with you friends, whether it be purely socially or actually cooperatively. A difficulty curve that encourages growth. etc.

      And in stead of getting something that pushes one of those goals.... we get a super-punishing end-game that took away one of the places people went to just mess around for fun...

      So people are REALLY confused with where pve is going. And they're also disheartened because it has taken so long.
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