A mini-game within Hex...

    • A mini-game within Hex...

      Hello again :thumbsup:

      For years and years now I've always thought it would be nice to have a really basic mini-game that was inside Hex (that involved the Hex cards) that I could play while sitting in a draft queue or waiting to find a player etc...

      I decided to put a bit more thought into this lately and obviously the easiest solution is to adapt some very basic card game that would work with Hex cards. So if you have any ideas of basic card games that could be adapted into a mini-game with minimal effort, please share!!

      Alright, so here is my initial idea for something very basic that would take very little time to develop (Mr. Woods could fart this out, honest).

      First I would have a little UI element that is always on screen, perhaps on the left edge of the screen (unless you hide it in settings) that you are able to click on at any moment and it will then slide out the mini game in a smaller window over the top of whatever you were doing. And yes, it would still be possible to slide open when in a game, people go afk you know!

      Here is an example of how it may look (in terms of size):
      [Blocked Image: https://image.prntscr.com/image/ib5SA06eREGeeM1v2CeaWg.jpeg]

      So the idea of a basic game that could be used could be a simple match game (reveal a random card then try find its duplicate, until you have matched all cards), so in the above picture we see a grid of 10 spaces (could make this more). The game would then pick X random cards that exist within hex, where X = grid amount (10 in this case) divided by 2.

      So in the above example it would pick 5 hex cards, it would then populate the grid with those cards (x2) face down at random.

      Some interesting things you could do with this is even make it so you are against other players to see who can match the most. It is also a decent way to introduce cards to newer players as they get to see a lot of random stuff while playing it. Overall would just be a good time waster while you have any downtime :)


    • DraXor wrote:

      This will take developers time, Its better to use this time on something else, that we really need. More and more small tasks will delay higher things
      While I agree, there is a reason why i said something that is VERY basic. I was only partially joking when I said Mr. Woods could fart something like the above mini-game out :P

      However, this is the kicker, we have a fantastic community full of wonderful and talented people. Hex need not do something like this themselves, I would be happy to build it for them if they would let me ;) (Even though I wouldn't be the best choice, its basic enough that even my flooby ass could do it :P ).