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      So I mentioned Player Profiles briefly in my other thread about Virtual Trophies (A bit of a luxury feature - Virtual Trophies) and wanted to expand on it.

      Alright, so... I think it would be good if HexEnt added in player profiles to the game, you could start it off bare-bones and expand it over time.

      Simply put, each player would have to ability to create/edit a profile... once in there you would be presented with various fields that you can fill in, things like:

      Fav Format:
      Fav style:
      Twitch name:

      Then you would have other information that is automatically populated... things like:

      Player since: date
      Games played:
      Tournaments won: # (ability to open a new window to see which tournaments exactly and decks used and replays etc, as mentioned in trophy thread)

      Then each player would have the ability to also add a photo of their choice (Obviously report ability is needed). Also the ability for the player to make their profile private if they choose or just making sections of it private, as they see fit.

      This would be a good starting point to increasing e-sports visibility.



      P.S - Additionally on certain profiles you could have other specific information/flair on a case by case basis... for example, exalted players, streamers, developers/hexent employees etc etc

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