Virtual Trophies / Hall of Champions

    • Virtual Trophies / Hall of Champions


      So here is something that would be a bit more of a luxury that would be nice to see at some point in the future. However, most of the data that is required for a bare-bones version would be already something that HexEnt collects.

      Virtual Trophies

      • All the major tournaments and Ladders would have trophies players can earn
      • Much like in real world sports, the trophies would change hands and also collect information (date/winner name/deck used etc)
      • There would be an area inside the game to view said trophies (hall of champions/fame for example).
      • When viewing the trophies, you would see basic details (date/name) and upon clicking a players name, you would then view the deck used and other relevant information (player profiles would be nice too). Could even have links to replays of their games! :D
      • While a trophy is in your possession, you gain an account benefit (remember they change hands!). So if you win the bash, for 1 week you would get X benefit (could be basic stuff like increased account leveling experience or whatever you want!)
      You don't even have to go all crazy fancy, just something basic to start with that can be improved upon over time would be fine.

      As mentioned above, you could make it so viewers can click the player names, which would then bring up a new window that potentially displays their player profile, tournaments won (highlighting the one clicked on if several), decks used, replay access of said tournaments and so on.

      Side note: In terms of Player Profiles, these could all be player created with ability to add your own photo and fill in several information fields... this would of course need a report ability for reasons we all know :P


      Instead of tournaments just being a done and dusted type of thing. We would now have a easily accessible history that is available in client. This would be a step forward in the e-sports realm while also being an easy way for players to get information about previous/existing meta's, as well as highlighting top tier play (replays).



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    • This is great, something really cool for the future. I like how you put up ideas for both a basic version and, ways to give it a lot of power. It's solid and it would be cool to give players more ways to get recognized in game then just the top 100 ladder for the season.

      Overall a really flexible way to improve the game without asking for material rewards, solid idea.
    • I would like to make a suggestion to add to this idea.
      We could have custom Avatars, generic with visual's granted by Equipment in game you can collect.
      This does not have to be a Large Avatar, just like with portrays we select in chat of one of the races.
      But then full body in a tiny scale.

      Then choose long or short hair with some color, basic drawings will do.


      1) It looks nice to have a little digital you, makes us more immersed in the world.
      2) Fashion :3
      3) Adds value to game play as it adds value to equipment on the market.

      4) We can have a Hexed slot: in which we can have little cosmetic addon item which give glows, or a cosmetic effect.
      Something we could buy in the in game store, with gold and plat. Example: Little fire halo, tattoo. piercing, color enchant for a weapon, background effect ( Blizzard, flame, trees, roses ) enz.

      You can has this appear in Profile, as a smaller picture next to your Champion your deck is selected to play with.
      Or Even as a inimini in your tournament name tab, before your name.