Adding some interaction - A stepping stone - Co-op drafts

    • Adding some interaction - A stepping stone - Co-op drafts


      I've said this a lot and maybe some of you are tired of hearing it, either way I am still adamant that hex needs ways to allow players to do things together. Since we currently don't know the status of upcoming features (2v2, co-op), I figured I'd post a quick suggestion of something I think could work as a stepping stone.

      Co-op Drafting

      The way in which it would work is as follows:

      - 4 pairs of 2 join the draft queue (you add your friend to a party or something before joining)
      - Instead of 1 pack being shown at a time, you see 2 packs at a time
      - You and your friend each pick a card
      - Each player has their own color highlight when clicking on cards to aid in communication
      - A chat box for each player (ideally built in voice chat would be supported, not a big deal though since there are many external methods)


      Hex is sorely lacking interaction between players, even if something small like the above suggestion was added (or even just tested out on a test server to start with) it would be a step forward in interaction between players. Additionally, by drafting this way it would add a whole new dynamic to the experience, as well of as course making it an experience you can enjoy with a friend (even if it is just the draft process). Now you have 4 pairs of 2 helping each other out in the draft, theoretically this would improve the quality of every players draft (probably by a small margin though).

      Another benefit of this would be that when we finally do get 2v2 support, the mode (co-op drafts) could instantly transform to use said feature. So for now, draft together, make the decks and go your separate ways, but in the future... Draft and Play Together!



      P.S - If anyone at HexEnt likes any of the ideas that I post, I am willing to work for FREE to design and flesh out any of my ideas further.

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    • To be honest, this might be a great option for asynch drafting... but either way it seems like it'd be fun cooperative activity.

      To be honest, even something as simple as shared deckbuilding' for evo... allowing a player to let another player view their evo within the client to discuss it in a shared chat without needing to rely on screenshots or streaming, etc... might be a really cool way to support interaction.
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    • you are right on the lack of social features. This sounds fun, but might not be the best thing to implement to improve the social aspect of the game. We already have too many modes for a relatively small community. We will need stuff like this to exist, but will need it on a rotating scheduled basis to make it even meaningful.
    • DraXor wrote:

      Sounds fun but it will take a looot of development time to achieve this

      Its better to use this resources on true coop, isn't IT?
      I don't see how this would take a lot of dev time? My reason for even suggesting this was because it doesn't take much...
      All you are doing is combining the number of cards shown (2 packs at same time) and then displaying those same cards to two people at a time... That is the main thing.

      Basically it is just modifying code that already exists, then adding some extra code to prevent players picking the same card and a few other things.
    • If You Think its quick, Ask Chris how IT will take time to develop.

      Its Job on front end/UI, backend also IT will take some time to test, then fixing Bugs and release. Not mentioning to maintain later and be sure its working with other features now and in future...

      Its not quick or im overcalculating or we have difference calculation of quick