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      I haven't played HEX in a long time and it seems there were some account changes (Gameforge and back?).

      I reinstalled the game this week on Steam and it asked me to create an account due to Gameforge migration. According to this
      1. Retrieve a password link from Gameforge.
      2. Download HEX on Steam.
      3. Create a “new” account on the Steam client (don’t worry, your collection is safe).
      4. Enter the credentials you received from the Gameforge Password Reset email.
      5. Play!

      I went through 1-3, but apparently by "create a "new" account" you didn't mean a completely new one. So I made a completely new account by mistake with a different email, and it subsequently logged me into the game under a new account. Now my Steam account seems to be linked with the new account and I cannot log out to log in with the previously existing account.

      Did this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to log out/unlink/delete the new account so I can link my Steam account with the old HEX account?
    • I am pretty sure the steam link thing is broken... and has been for a long time.

      Try going through the support button at the top of the screen. They may be able to facillitate something for you. Not sure.
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    • While I can't speak for the devs, we've been asking about linking original Hex accounts to Steam for a while, and I stopped holding my breath. I think there was a technical issue explained at some point that it couldn't be done anymore, maybe? Pretty vague, I know, sorry. But I had been waiting for this since they abruptly removed the feature to link your Hex account with Steam. I think now with the PS4 implementation, this probably isn't going to be addressed.


      If you had previously played the game before Steam was even implemented, though, just download the client from the main hextcg website, and you should be able to login using your existing username and password from when you first played. Anything you did with the Steam client should be irrelevant if you launch the standalone client. It sucks you won't be able to use steam, but at least you theoretically wouldn't lose your account.