Winner is the Judge: Sept 4 thru Sept 12

    • KotoTheMage wrote:

      yeah, fascinating phenomenon.
      As for turn 4 win, i'm not so sure. Now that I think about it, it should be basic action. But there are responses to this in all colors. From Crackling Magma to interrupt or spellshielding a troop, removing it, all sort of interractions.
      I thought of something like sacrificing your own 4 [ATTACK] troop against an empty boarded Angus. :P I saw this awesome natural phenomenon but couldn't think of something. Even if I did, couldn't have done it better. :thumbsup:
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    • There were so many strong, awesome entries!!! It was really hard for me to choose my favorites this round. But after much deliberation, here are the winners:

      2nd place: Leidenfrost by GeneralVeers

      While I liked all the cards, Leidenfrost was the stand out of GeneralVeer's submitted entries. The mechanics of the card excellently match the phenomenon of how water shifting into steam can be used as a protective layer against super-heated objects or fluids. It is also a very simple card; spend [SAPPHIRE] to prevent non-combat damage (which is most often ruby burn spells). In addition, using thresholds as payment is certainly an unexplored area in HEX. Overall, a very cool card.

      1st place: Inertia and Bernoulli by faceremover.

      Both cards are excellent examples of exactly what I was looking for: take science phenomena and mesh them with HEX mechanics simply. Inertia does an excellent job of showing both facets of Newton's first law of motion as working HEX cards. Massive objects at rest remain at rest, so troops with 5 or more are too big to start moving and declare as attackers; massive objects in motion (those with 5 or more) stay in motion (they crush through defenders and damage the opponent.) And Bernoulli is a wonderful legendary troop for how simply it encapsulates a key tenet of achieving flight: go fast enough and you fly. It's a good thing you submitted both of them since I have no idea how I would have actually chosen between them.

      So congratulations faceremover, the next contest is yours.

      (P.S. Prizes have been sent out!)