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      Hey, so they're very choppy for now, but I'm not exact a Photoshop (Well, G.I.M.P.) Wizard. Attached are both Troop and Action/Constant templates for all five shards, shardless and corresponding shards. They're all .png files with transparent backgrounds, so if you're inexperienced (As I am), you can literally just slot these over top of other images to make your own cards, and then just add text and shards to taste.

      Questions and Answers:

      • How can I make my own cards? There's two options: Electronically or physically. To do so electronically, either create or locate an image you wish you use, and open Photoshop/GIMP. Select the image you want, and insert it as a layer behind the card template. Or be really precise with MS Paint. To make a card the old fashioned way, print them off, and using a razer blade, cut out the exact space in the card template. This will allow you to draw on another sheet of paper, so if you make a mistake, you're not having to print off another large colour image.
      • Do I need Photoshop, or a special program? No, you do not. However, I would strongly recommend downloading the newest version of GIMP, which is a similar free program (Though if you can spare it, you should donate to them). Doing so will allow you to work with layers, which is significantly faster than editing the files themselves. You may also use MS Paint or any other image software, though be warned, it will be significantly more difficult to do precise work that way.
      • What file type are these? They're .png files, selected because they allow for transparent backgrounds in programs like Photoshop & GIMP.
      • How big are the photos? They're all roughly 320 X 445, though some are a couple pixels thinner or shorter. The difference is small enough to be irrelevant, and the same size of gems and text can be used in all.
      • What fonts/sizes should be used? Big thanks to @Xylo for finding this out: Nimbus Sans Bold and Nimbus Sans Bold Italic are both very accurate representations.
        More specifically, according to my experiments, if you are using a 750×1050 template: Title should be size 22, card type & text size 12 and flavor text size 8. Be sure to thank them!
      • Will you adjust this as time goes on? I may add certain symbols in to the list (Such as the Attack & Defense logos), but in general, no, I'm leaving these as is.
      • Can I add/modify to this? Absolutely! If you add something, or change some of my shoddy work to look significantly better, feel free to post, and I'll add it in to the original post.
      • Gems.png

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      Never shift in to reverse without a backup plan.

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    • are you asking what they might have used for the wordmark "HEX"?
      It is probably a custom type treatment, they definitely used a Serif typeface
      and then modified it using Illustrator. It could have also been based off
      of Times New Roman they simply modified.

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    • If think the font used on cards is Nimbus Sans Bold and Nimbus Sans Bold Italic.
      More specifically, according to my experiments, if you are using a 750×1050 template:
      - The card title should be 54px Nimbus Sans Bold (unless it is too long, in which case the font is smaller)
      - The card type and card text should be 28px Nimbus Sans Bold
      - The flavor text should be 18px Nimbus Sans Bold Italic

      Custom card examples using those font settings:
      Display Spoiler

      [Blocked Image:]
      [Blocked Image:]
      (Disclaimer: that second card was made before the shuffler change. I'm fully pleased with the new shuffler, I'm not whining!)

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