Coyotle Warrior Needs Rework

    • Coyotle Warrior Needs Rework

      I believe that Coyotle Warrior has to be reworked because it is the only race that does nothing special when you battle an opposing champion, or even a racial that affects the Charge Power.
      Ok, they have the Zodiac Blessings and the extra talent point, but there is no actual "warrior's touch" when you use Battle.
      Elves get 2 temporary resources,
      Humans buff their troops,
      Orcs do more damage,
      Vennen create Spiderling Eggs,
      Shin'hare have cheaper battle,
      Dwarves don't allow the opponent to replenish their resources and
      Necrotic gain health.
      What does Coyotles' Battle do? Nothing.
      Let me know what you think. :)
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    • I wish that the Warpath and the lv 30 talent which extends Warpath's benefits to mercenaries would be changed.

      Although all of the other warriors get bonuses on their Battle charge power, I wouldn't necessary demand that coyotle warriors should also have a skill modifying that charge power. I would be okayh with something else warriorish for the coyotle warriors but nonetheless I still think that Warpath should receive changes.
    • For me the Warpath talent of the Coyotle Warrior is fine. I like the idea of getting stronger with every defeated encounter in a dungeon. The health bonus is also very helpful if you use the Warrior talents that reduce your health and increase the damage dealt to you.

      On the other hand: Using your chargepower to fatewave would be quite cool, especially with the reduced hand size of warriors, but maybe that´s a little bit overpowered. With the "Affinity: Warriors"-talent, starting charges and cost reduction for the charge power I´m able to use the charge power of my Coyotle Warrior on every odd turn.
    • The current Coyotle Warrior abilities are balanced and properly show the Coyotle prophecy ability and warrior capabilities.

      In fact: in comparing to the Human Warrior, there was no way to show off them properly by putting it as part of the Charge power. Especially when they had to dwarf the Human Warrior inspire bonus on the charge power to only apply to the turn it is being used on to maintain balance.

      It is like how on this thread I don't give either Unicorns or Pegasi a bonus for the charge power since it better represents the combination by not giving them 1.