Winner is the Judge: Aug 20 thru Aug 27

    • 1 - Memento Mori
      CONSTANT - Monument - Legendary - Unique

      Exhaust one or more Humans you control ->
      Add a memory counter to this for each Human exhausted this way. At the start of your turn, if there are five or more counters on this, this gets a random Inspire power. Humans you control are inspired by this as if they entered play that turn.

      " This is where we honour our dead and share their stories, so we can carry them inside us... " - Lord Alexander
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    • There were a lot of solid entries this week, I guess everyone likes designing tribal cards. When looking at cards, I looked at three different aspects:
      • Stays thematic to tribe - I valued cards that maintained the themes of the tribe they represent. The cards that received the highest grade here would be cards that played to the strengths of the tribe and and required other cards of that tribe to function. Eraia's Totem is probably the best example here because of how crazy that would make Coyotle prophecy decks.
      • Mechanically creative - I valued cards that did something unique, while still being possible within the game. For example, Void Speaker by Olff gives Chaostouched a defensive ability to punish opponents for targeting your chaostouched troops.
      • Simple and elegant - Finally, I valued cards that were able to encourage interesting gameplay and decisions with a minimum of text. The best cards here often had one straightforward ability and would not have had a cluttered text box. Faceremover's Ethereal Call was probably the most elegant card with it's simple Spirit - Constant synergies.

      Announcing the Winners of this week's contest (and with nine unique entrants, that's close enough to 10)

      In third place, is AxelDWater for Momento Mori
      I think there would be game engine issues with the line "Humans you control are inspired by this as if they entered play that turn." But, I get what is supposed to happen, so regardless of potential clunkiness, I like how this encourages a go-wide human deck that gets crazy if left unanswered.

      Second place: GeneralVeers for Manti Manadancer
      This Manti plays well with the Manti theme of resource cost matters in such a way that hasn't been done before. The ability to set costs to 1 in particular can also lead to all sorts of interesting hijinks with cards like Rekindle and Grim Justice.

      First place: Nqumyf for Ashwood Warleader
      Ashwood Warleader plays perfectly into an elf resource ramp strategy, but introduces the novel idea of not wanting you to actually spend those resources you are ramping for. It adds some interesting tension to a lot of game play decisions: do I spend resources of a combat trick that then debuffs my elves? Is it better to keep up resources to keep the high attack on my opponents turn or play something second main phase? Overall, a very well done and elegant tribal card.

      Prizes have been sent out!!

      Congratulations Nqumyf, the next contest is yours to design.

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