Raid and Co-op Musings

    • Raid and Co-op Musings

      I have been thinking about raids – and co-op in general – lately. I have some ideas that I want to throw out there.

      Okay, so clearly everyone is envisioning raids as one huge encounter where three players are pitted against a single boss on the same screen. I also want to see those kinds of huge battles, but maybe we can do something else in the meantime while we wait for HexEnt to overcome the technical hurdles involving actual raids. After all, the most important aspect of raids is co-op play, right?

      How about this instead? Picture a huge mountain on a single dungeon-like map screen. There is some kind of nasty super beastie at the top, and there are three different paths to the summit. You could then invite three friends (or random players) with whom you would start to climb the mountain together. Everyone would see the entire map and where others advance at all times. Everyone would fight on their own screen (exactly like now), so no need for any major UI overhaul yet. However, a team chat would automatically be opened for all to see, so you could talk to your teammates at any point. You could also spectate any team member’s battle at any time. The battles would advance at the same time, so that everyone would always be in the same phase (not an actual pass priority phase, that would be insane, but maybe a turn). Or you could advance one entire battle at a time, and the faster players could then spectate, comment and give advice for the rest of the team. Maybe add some kind of toggle to play in real time one battle at a time versus one turn at a time (I really don’t see a problem with this when playing with friends, although some might think this would advance too slowly, hence the speedier option). Doesn’t really matter, as long as the concept would remain. I really wouldn’t mind waiting a bit if I can constantly cheer my team and chat with them, as well as spectate their battles. “Oh, nice start there! We’re gonna stomp this thing.”

      This would create a sense of teamwork and “we are all in this together” mentality, which I for one would find very enjoyable. The possibilities are endless after that really. I would add some kind of help system as well. Maybe you could send troops from your own battle to your friends’ aid if they are in trouble, or maybe you could discard a card and send some other boon to someone. “OzaWarlock has just sent you a healing potion! Use it to gain 10 health.” Anything really, as long as there would be some kind of cost for the sending player. It would be super fun in my opinion to chat while fighting and plot the battles together, always sending aid where needed. Maybe you could even have some additional objectives in the battles, where upon completion you would send aid to one or all your teammates. “DinglerDood managed to break into the armory! Draw two cards.” The possibilities are only limited by your imagination at that point. Just think about how fun it would be to tackle something like this with a group of friends or guildmates.

      Maybe everyone would have mercs as additional lives or something, and if you died too many times, everyone’s run would be over. You could send mercs to your allies between battles, with your own deck attached, if they were close to dying. It would be amazingly fun to play with other people’s random merc decks while panicking on your last life. Whenever the run would end, everyone would get the same amount of loot, so that no one would ever feel like they did less than the others. No competitiveness whatsoever with this mode.

      If you really want to brainstorm this thing through, maybe you could even change paths between players mid-climb. Maybe you know that some other path is better for your deck and horrible for your friend’s deck. Anything that adds interactivity between your team. Heck, maybe there could be branching paths for every side of the mountain (meaning every player would already have different options).

      Of course, if at all possible, the climb would merge into one huge boss battle in the end, even if you had to fight on your own, but against a common enemy. Maybe a giant Cerberus, with everyone attacking one head or something. Some kind of climax would be needed with all the best loot only dropping if ALL THREE players are standing in the end. Help your team, get more loot. This could even be combined with the actual raids when the time comes.

      What do you guys think? Sound cool? Crazy idea? This sounds to me like it would be a lot easier to implement than actual raids, and could almost be done right now with the current UI. I desperately want to play with others against a common enemy, and I bet there are others who would jump at the chance of participating in something like this. This is just a quick idea. Feel free to polish it. :)
    • This could be a temporal solution.
      Although i think the main problem they are currently having are priority queues for co-op.
      this is a total workaround so everyone has there own fight , and maybe things 1 player does can affect the other players in the next encounter. (leaving a certain worm alive it might multiple and the opponent starts with 1 in play next game against every player.)
      Making it so that if not every player does there optionals they make it increasingly difficulty for themself and there allies in next games
    • Incase they do have issues with the UI its easy to solve in my eye's

      Atm you and your opponent each have there play area. So if they have a button on the left and right side of the screen you could mouse over it and 1 of your allies play area would slide over your play area. once you mouse over the opponents screen the allies play area would slide back and you would see your own play area again.
      The other side shows the other ally, and tabs can be used to fix the opponents play area incase there are multiple opponents (opponent area's slide automatically also when its a certain opponent his move.)
      Its also easy to cast spells etc than since you would cast your spell, slide over the button with your mouse to show an allies play area and than target someone on your allies side.
      after that slide your mouse over the opponents area so you see you own play area again.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      Ertzi wrote:

      You could also spectate any team member’s battle at any time.
      This line only is probably twice the work of everything else in your post.
      Can you explain why? I honestly don't know enough about game development. It doesn't seem to be too much work to have a button to see another player's screen. They are playing already, you would only need to display the stuff on another screen.
    • From my perspective (I've programmed quite a bit along the years) the mechanisms required to put all (or even "just" the first) of the ideas pointed out in the OP would require at least as much development work as the UI rework for the planned "originally assumed" raids - if not more. Hence, they are not a viable solution in my opinion.