Winner is the Judge: Aug 12-Aug 19

    • Winner is the Judge: Aug 12-Aug 19


      I think we all have that one deck or card we absolutely despise facing. Empress of Ice is just not fun! Lazgar's Vengeance is the creation of a sadistic madman! And who in their right mind thought Twilight Eclipse was a good idea?! Well, this week I want us to let the hatred flow, and design hate cards custom tuned to obliterate our nemeses.

      Design constraint:
      Design a card that is specifically strong against a certain archetype or deck.
      I think hate cards are at their best when they fill a specific niche - strong against a narrow list of things, and sub-par or just playable against everything else.

      Submit one or more entries that meet the design constraint. The one I like best wins!
      The winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint and the game continues.
      Deadline for submissions will be midnight (EST) August 19, 2017.

      1st Place: 2 Legendary, 2 rare, 2 uncommon, 2 common paidspin Frostheart chests.
      2nd Place: 1 Legendary, 1 rare, 1 uncommon, 1 common paidspin Frostheart chests.
      3rd Place: 5 common paidspin Frostheart chests

      Additional rewards will unlock with every 5 unique entrants!

      Please consider donating additional prizes to sweeten the pot - I'll list you and your donations here.

      Good luck!

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      Gonna take some time to think about this one. My choice is definitely going to be anti-mill, of course. But how to counter mill is the question. :)

      Good choice of contests! Simple, yet tons of room to be creative. :)

      Just to clarify.... which set are the chests from? :)
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
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      Name: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat
      Cost: 0
      Threshold Requirement: none
      Type: Quick Action
      Rarity: Legendary
      Abilities: Can only be played when you lose because of a win condition other than decking out, losing all your health, or conceding.
      You take the victory instead.
      Favor Text: BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! - a foolish general
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      Bumblewasp Queen


      cost 3 Troop, double wild threshold


      Speed, Flight

      When this deals damage to an opposing champion, void all eggs in your deck, put a Wasp Larva in each opposing champion's deck for each egg voided this way.


      > Wasp Larva


      When this enters your hand or crypt, put a Bumblewasp into play under your opponent's control.

      > Bumblewasp

      2 cost troop, single wild threshold

      Speed, Flight


      " What ?...You humans don't often see nature at work, do you ? There are way scarier things than spiders. - Constantina "
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      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
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      Talisman of Searing Sympathy
      3 [RUBY] cost Constant

      When a card leaves your deck but does not go to your hand, each opposing champion takes 1 damage.
      "One of Zakiir's greatest treasures, the Talisman sears the mind of any who would seek to destroy yours. Lost many years ago, his servants search ceaselessly for it to calm their master's ire." - Myaa

      Sadly this card would need to be banned in pve due to that 'bury half your deck' card... but it'd counter mill so hard. Which makes me happy.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
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      I like playing ruby decks because of how satisfying it is to burn the opponent to ashes. I don't normally submit multiple cards, but several encounters really douse my excitement for using Ruby firepower. Hardshell champions take multiple hits from direct damage before going down, and several of the high health or lifegain champions are a slog to go through since most burn spells are designed to take down an opponent with 20-30 health. Introducing a suite of burn spells that are less efficient than currently existing burn spells but will roast opponents that used to think they were protected from the fires of Ruby spells.

      Burning Barrage
      2 [RUBY] [RUBY]
      Basic Action

      Deal 1 damage to target troop or target champion three times.

      (Design notes: Effectively takes out Shell enemies since it will actually deal three damage to them as opposed to something like Fireball, which can only deal 1 damage to hardshell enemies. Plus, any abilities that increase the non-combat damage done by 1, like Yotul, will effectively double the damage. Although, Deathless Guardian would shut this spell down... )


      Molten Malice
      5 [RUBY] [RUBY]
      Basic Action

      Deal damage to target champion equal to 1/4 of their starting health, rounded down.

      (Design notes: For most fights, 5 damage to a champion for 5 resources isn't that bad of a deal. But now Ruby decks have a cost-effective way to cook the Kraken with 22 damage with a single action. This comes with the added game play strategy that if you can figure out how to quadruple the damage from this spell (like creating copies with Thunderfield Elder) you can instantly burn out any opponent with starting health divisible by 4.)


      (introducing my favorite of this bunch)

      Fanning the Flames

      Whenever another champion gains health, actions in your hand get cost -1.

      When you play an action with cost 1 or less, copy it.

      "Your magics of health and healing work just as effectively on hearths and heating." -Savvas

      (Design notes: Life gain... the bane of all burn decks. A lot of life gain hate cards usually just prevent the life gain, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting. Now if the opponent gains health, they will need to be prepared for a flurry of cheap, duplicated burn spells. You could probably build a niche action deck around the second ability only, though it becomes much more effective as a lifegain hate card. I also want to point out that it does say "another" champion, so co-op battles (if they become a thing) with clerics can have all sorts of shenanigans as you take down a boss together.)


      (because apparently the cool thing to do is hate on mill in this contest.)

      Insane Incineration
      2 [RUBY] [RUBY]
      Quick Action

      Deal 2+X damage to target champion or troop, where X is the number of cards you buried due to cards and effects controlled by an opponent this turn.

      (Design notes: It popped into my head when I read Eraia's submission and has a lot of similarities to that card, so it probably shouldn't be considered for the contest. But I like this iteration of the burn vs. mill because of the mind games this can give a mill player. Mill and Burn are usually strategies that don't interact much, so it turns into a race. If racing, you usually want to mill as many cards as possible to beat them before they burn you out, but this card would incinerate a high speed mill strategy. But if you only mill in smaller increments, this can give the burn player time to win the race by just outright finishing you off with other cards. It will force the mill player to actually consider the best course of action instead of just mindlessly choosing to always maximize the burying. Yay for turning a non-interactive game into one with decisions! )
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      Ok - fun contest! I'll hate against two of my own decks in my favorite formats - Pauper and Frostheart block. :)

      Lesser Shade
      Troop - Spirit - 2/1
      This is unblockable if opposing champion controls a constant.

      (Hating Decree of Banishing / Blinding Ire.)

      Sealed Fate
      Basic action
      Bury the top card of each opposing champion's deck.
      When a card is put on top of an opposing champion's deck, if this is in your crypt, return it to your hand.

      (Hating Fateweave.)
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      Ooh... I thought of another. Hating on things like Herofall, Closed Coffins, Decree of Banishing, etc.

      Mad Valath, Disciple of Violet
      Legendary Unique Chaostouched Vampire
      4 [BLOOD] [BLOOD] [WILD]
      2 [ATTACK] /1 [DEFENSE]
      Flight, Lifedrain

      As one or more of your cards your hand, deck, or in play enters the void, summon a copy of that card.

      When Valath looked into the void, he lost his mind. But his heart still belonged to his beloved Mistress - even the void couldn't sever her hold on him.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
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      4 - Hero of Chaos
      [ARDENT] TROOP - Chaostouched Warrior - Legendary

      Flight, Steadfast, Swiftstrike

      This can block Unblockable troops. When this blocks a Chaostouched troop, it gets Lethal.
      Effects of opposing Chaostouched cards do not trigger.

      4 [ATTACK] 4 [DEFENSE]

      " I have spent enough time in Chaos to know how it works. Worry not, cause I have returned. No darkness shall fly upon our skies! " - Ragnar, The One Who Returned
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      Happy to see so many hate filled entries! I've added more prizes, and there's still a day to go. Keep them coming!

      Remember that, IMO, a good hate card is strong in its niche situation, and underpowered otherwise. While it should provide a very definite advantage against its target mechanic, it shouldn't singlehandedly win the game or prevent the opponent from winning - they should have an opportunity to recover if they work for it!