WTS - Kickstarter Grand King Code

    • WTS - Kickstarter Grand King Code

      Looking to sell the KS Grand King Code. This is the code that would grant an account the perks associated with the KS King items and the perks for Collector, Dungeon Crawler, Raid Leader and Guild Master.
      kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game (NOTE: some items have changed from the original concepts or are yet to be implemented)

      There is not any draft or pack code associated with this sale.

      I have been playing HEX since it left Alpha on Twitch under BKCshah. Feel free to contact my twitch account if you would like verification.

      If anyone knows 'safe' ways to protect both the buyer and myself through a larger online transaction, it would be appreciated. :D

      I do not have a BIN atm. I would like to sell in the next two weeks.
    • Um, it's just the first time that I've logged into the new hex forums. That's why I posted my Twitch information. I'm sure there's a few people that would vouch for my legitimacy if needed.

      I don't expect everyone to recognize my name, but I'm definitely real and not a scammer. :D

      A screenshot of my account is the best thing I come up with atm for a forum.

      EDIT: To answer the question regarding how much I want - $1,000 is the minimum I would probably consider. Though price is based on demand/interest like anything else.
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