HEX Bash Announcement

    • How could you do this, Hex? You think you can just go and monopolize my Saturdays for the foreseeable future? Well... I mean... you're right... but I don't have to be happy about it. I am happy about it, but I don't have to be. So there.

      (Those cosmetics though... Wow!)
    • I'm happy Hex is doing this and I hope it helps grow the game, but I think this is the straw that breaks my back and makes me give up on trying to collect all the things.

      I was already having a tough time waking up at ThisIsNotARealTimeThatExists O'Clock on Sunday for the Clash and it was already kind of burning me out on Hex. Doing the same thing on Saturday just ain't happening.

      That battleboard is :thumbsup: , though.
    • Scaling Prizes: (each population cutoff includes the payout above it)
      • 200-249 Players – +Top 1-16 gets 6 packs each
      • 250-299 Players – +Top 17-32 gets 4 packs each.
      • 300-349 Players – +Top 33-64 gets 3 packs each.
      • 350+ Players – +Top 33-64 gets AAA card. (They’re no longer eligible for the AAA random drawing).

      Not Bad - It shows a bit more about where you think the prize support should be based on attendance.
      700 plat x 199 = 139300plat = $1,393 USD
      for a clean $1,400 in entry fees - we add 96 packs to the pool.
      It doesn't address the lower end, and may be more of a gamble for players not confident in constructed, but some do prefer it to limited. This mode is 700plat - top 32, or 100% fail, vs. keeping 1200plat in packs(from cards) in sealed for the 1500 plat entry.

      Excited yet?

      So are we!
      You're not?

      So what are you waiting for?
      Something more akin to POD draft, or VIP Sealed - with similar payouts - with potentially some form of Asynch added back in. Even if it's only once per weekend. It's a cool mode, as I know many dying for more high stakes HEX supported constructed.

      It’s time to Bash for some cash! We will see you on the battlefield.
      I'll clash before I bash, but both give me a rash.
    • HEXCoryJones wrote:

      Thoom wrote:

      Bootlace wrote:

      Bash should be on Sundays and Clash on Saturdays. Otherwise all the community constructed tourneys will be directly competing with this (including Immortal Championship which is next Saturday and Cup of Fate which is week after).
      Maybe they could swap days every month or two?
      I will talk about this in my friday update update :)
      I would fraggling love this saturday is my only day off that i can play now that i work work. This would let me spread my love between clash and bash. #lemesmash
    • I have a lot of thoughts on this. There's some points that are good but overall this announcement just makes me very worried as it makes several of the current constructed even issues worse.

      • This is hexes first attempt at supporting constructed in almost 14 months without relying on a 3rd party to make it happen.
      • It's another cash prize tournament so that will attract the players who are attracted to those kind of events.
      • It has a new scaling prize support system which is a fantastic feature to finally see.
      • The artwork is really good and it's for a card that will almost certainly be relevant for its lifecycle of standard.
      • The battleboard looks amazing (even if it is a reskin of the Canyon battleboard but just because it's a reskin doesn't mean it's not amazing)


      While this list is shorter all these points are far more important to me than 4 of the 5 points I put in 'good'.
      • It's another longhaul tournament which means it's automatically not viable for people in 1/3 of time zones and for another 1/3 it's only viable if they're happy staying up until 1-3am.
      • This is now hexes only reoccurring support for constructed most of the time. Since there's still 0 reasons to play constructed 6 days a week and to want to be good in constructed you should be prepared to invest many hours into deck tuning this tournament is essentially trying to force players into constructed instead of making them want to play it.
      • It takes the format of the HexClash and makes the exact same mistakes. While it adds scaling prizes it's still a top heavy tournament despite a fairly high entry fee and it isn't until 350+ players that it's attempted to make it less top heavy. For such a big entry fee the prizing just shouldn't start at 70%+ win rate spots. It also continues to rely heavily on the AAA given out as the reward which in PvP Chapter based cycles just can't carry it.
      • (This isn't related to the tournament itself but is related to why i'm disappointed with it) It's hex flat out ignoring the issues of constructed only being playable in free queues when it comes to on demand play. It isn't solving the core issues around it. It is putting a giant sign in front of it and hoping while everyone looks at the sign no one tries to look around the corner. And now this issue being fixed looks even further off.

      Other Thoughts
      • Will the Hex Clash be updated to have the new scaling rewards as well?
      • Will we vote on the Hex Bash AAA like we do for Hex Clash?
      • Why do both the Hex Clash and Hex Bash change AAA's at the same time? To maintain hype for a longer period having 1 rotate on odd sets and the other on even sets seems like a much better way to pace this.

      To summarize I'm not happy at all. I feel like i'm being forced into a paying 700 plat a week to try and maybe get something in a format hex doesn't even want me playing.

    • I was going to mention your Other Thoughts point 1 Reeplay, but feared backlash from esteemed members of the community.

      Also besides that point, if the Scaling rewards matched HEX Bash's the problem you addressed, that I also share the same opinion of, will still be unaddressed by it being matched with Clash. You don't address the "Losers" that commit the same amount of time. It heavily points to VIP events, for much better prize support, at less commitment for entry and time, but at the cost of only seeing a VIP you want once every 2 months, if you are luckily free for the scheduled times. We don't need care bear competitive modes, but if you want to attract all the bees, you need sweeter honey. (Sorry, falling short on more bad camping analogies ;) )

      Sadly, I was expecting something a lot more innovative and creative with HEX BASH.

      Your comments about missing the buck on Constructed players current needs in HEX also rings true with every constructed player I constantly hear talking about it. However, it's still an awesome mode for them, when they are available to play it.

      Fun fact: It will take at least 143 players to break even on the cash payouts - not including other prizes, if everyone acquired thier plat with USD $1 = 100 plat. Likely a lot more players, when all other factors are included.