French translation error: Usurper Quest

    • French translation error: Usurper Quest

      Posting on behalf of a French player who pointed out the issue in game chat:

      Apparently the Usurper quest (and perhaps some others) are pointing to the Coyotle racial zone for turn-in instead of the Ardent faction zone, causing some major confusion when no NPCs appear in the indicated zone for quest turn-ins.

      From what I gathered, the issue may actually not be with the quest listing, but with the zones themselves- with Thunderfield incorrectly being labeled as Mesa, and vice-versa. The player was playing on a Coyotle Cleric, so no telling if this issue is exclusive to Coyotle characters or not.
    • Many thanks for your report :)

      It's not an issue only from Coyotle, all factions from Ardentes in this case I guess (Underworld too should have, but I din't take screenshots, main difference is dungeon areas). Only one place (camp) is different for all races if I remember.

      I gathered in the past some pictures from AZ1 (nodes from an Ardentes character).

      In your case (clic this link for screenshots):
      In English you've: picture #46
      In French you've: picture #46-1

      Small note for HEXEnt, #x is an area with English client and #x-1 is the same in French client, I always clic on the same place.

      We'll investigate, please note due to the amount of areas it'll take a moment to polish everything.