PVE Vennen Ranger

    • PVE Vennen Ranger

      I was told that there's a solid Vennen Ranger farming deck that focuses on buffing the pet for unblockable shenanigans. Does anyone have a list, or a base to start with, or even a link to where I might find it? I think the deck was either Mono Ruby or Blood/Ruby, if that helps.

      Thanks much
    • The base build provided by CF above is excellent, but it does tend to be somewhat expensive at lvl 15 (lots of equipment running for 100+ plat).

      This is what my ranger last used, before I switched to a Xocoy deck.


      It's not very optimized, since I was putting pieces in and out constantly.

      But I would say the core pieces are:

      3x Seeing Red, 4x Abominate, Kog'Tepetl's Thirst, Glyph of Hatred ---- To buff your spider

      4x Contract killing, 3x burn ---- for cheap early removal and mana acceleration (equipped contracts)

      3x Hired Horn Cutthroat, 3x Construct Foreman, 4x Polyberry pouch ---- Hired Horns for early damage (even better equipped, though the boots can be expensive) and foremen/pouches to use on your chew toy (because you start with chew toy, it can attack immediately if turned into a war bot or other troop). Also in the later part of GMG you can use a pouch on your MegaBot to get a 6-7 cost troop on turn 1, which can really help speed things up.

      3x Spectral acorn ---- deck thinning

      3x Adaptatron (chest equip) ---- for emergencies, if shit hits the fan just give lifedrain to your pet.

      3x Spontaneous combustion ---- A good finisher. Hit with your 10+ attack spider and combust it in the end phase, for 20+ damage in one turn.

      And you have space for 3-4 cards of your choosing. I used Pyre ceremony or Purging flames here, for more acceleration or mass removal respectively.

      The above gives a generally consistent turn 3 kill, sometimes turn 4. But more importantly, all the cards are cheap, so you're constantly and quickly improving your deck as you're farming.
    • There might be cheaper replacements for some cards in that list, from current arena or set 7 cards. Also, there are budget Hawkor (all classes) and Xocoy (Elf Warrior) decks which might be cheaper since they rely on just a few cards/mercenaries.
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