Fury chant in PvP?

    • Fury chant in PvP?

      So I was trying this list here: hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/deck=249062
      The idea revolves around Fury Chant + different runes (they count as constants).
      Display Spoiler

      Champion: Swampbutt
      Troops (3)
      3 Sunsoul Phoenix

      Actions (29)
      4 Runic Missile
      1 Psionic Flame
      4 Arcane Focus
      3 Transmogrifade
      2 Psychic Ascension
      3 Theorize
      4 Bounty of the Magus
      4 Runic Upheaval
      2 Runic Diminishing
      2 Runic Avalanche

      Constants (7)
      2 Arcane Alacrity
      4 Fury Chant
      1 Academy of Cerulea

      Resources (21)
      3 Sapphire Ice
      2 Ruby Ice
      4 Well of Innovation
      5 Ruby Shard
      7 Sapphire Shard

      RESERVES (15)
      4 Cremate
      2 Syzygy
      3 Deep Freeze
      3 Pyre Strike
      3 Into the Unknown

      While I can climb with it, it's far from what I want from the deck. I've seen a lot of brilliant ideas in this thread, so I thought you guys might share your insight, what could be changed without ruining the whole idea "Fury Chants + runic actions". Should it be control-ish or more burn? Maybe you have your own deck lists, please share. Let's make Swampbutt great!
    • i've got crushed once by t5 charge/mill robomancer followed by t5 gas. i removed it and saved mana for quick removal for the replica. apparently there was t6 robo+gas aswell, so it was already unstoppable

      managed to 2-1 it anyway, checked the deck - there was only 1 robomancer :|
      tried to brainstorm this combo a bit, didn't succeed, but it has potentional imo:
      Candlelight + Mad Robomancer as wincons, sapphire draws/interrupts, ruby removals

    • Gwaelan wrote:

      sounds nice, but why do you call this deck "Swampbutt" while Runecarver Darcon is your champion? They would be great on the battlefield together though...
      yeah it was work in progress, I tested Runecarver Darcon champion after Rolfusius pointed it out for me, and it worked better.
      It still leaves much to be desired, really, in terms of competitiveness but it's fun to play. Some wins just blow opp's mind <.<