[C3] The Controversial Constructed F2P Concept

    • [C3] The Controversial Constructed F2P Concept

      Welcome to my first WoT in quite some time. We are going to start with a real-life problem I've seen in the adoption of Hex by potential customers, then build on a single controversial idea to see if we can't improve enough upon it that the benefits outweigh the cost. I welcome all critiques, improvements, and comments. Let try and make Hex better together :thumbsup:

      I have now been a chronic Hex-evangelist for about 4-years, but I'm not ready to admit yet I have a problem... However, the drug I'm pushing has been getting some pretty consistent push-back. Let me use my two most successful converts as examples: Friend X & Y were both fairly new to TCGs (outside of brief HS exposure) and regularly play video games with me. I convince them to try Hex and hold their hand through learning out to carve out value as a F2P. One played for a good while, stopped for around a year, and now is coming back strong, the other has played a casual amount with varying consistency over the last couple years. For both players though, the issue is the same: they are uncomfortable with the amount of money they would need to regularly contribute in order to maintain a consistently enjoyable PvP experience. They are not great players, just average and don't have any designs on improving enough to go infinite. They also understand that in a TCG as opposed to CCG, your cards are actually worth something, so the net cost is of playing less, but its hard for me to disagree their assertion that Hex has yet to show itself as a big enough success to have security from a cash-out investment standpoint.

      I've been thinking of this problem that could be a major hurdle facing prospective players from different angles for years now, and for this take on the problem I turned to a base concept from the tried and true MOBA genre:

      Controversial Solution - A Free Budget Deck Rotation:
      Before you riot competitive PvP community, just know that I advocate for the return of Constructed Gauntlet, so please view everything I've said and am about to as only a thinly veiled ploy to reinstate the gauntlet. =D

      On to some points....
      • The free deck rotation would rotate on some interval (bi-weekly, monthly) to keep the meta alive

      • The decks would need to be legitimately competitive in the meta, or at least legitimate enough *see below

      • While the cards are provided as part of a free deck list, the cards themselves are actually free to use for the given period

        • This would create a sub-meta of variations on incremental improvement over the base free deck
        • Ideally the free budget decks would be somewhat legitimate alone, but truly become formidable with a couple choice improvements
        • It would be exciting for casual players to discover they have some pieces for the upcoming rotation

        • PvE players would also receive some support from this approach
      • Have two different decks in rotation at any given time that offer a differing flavor and strategic archetype
        • The community can be engaged by a vote for which decks or archetype or order they'd like to see for the decks
          • It could be expanded for a community vote on a HXE-curated list of player deck submissions under a defined AH plat and/or rarity restriction
        • Daily (or other cycle) challenges for cards in the free rotation decks that unlock cool collectibles and gold for rewards
          • The rewards could be locked to the cards in a similar vein to the original double-back concept so you earn points for the card effect regardless of deck usage
          • The challenges and even the decks themselves could be used in conjunction with an event theme
            • Player-aggregated match W/L competition between the free event-themed decks could give a boost (XP bonus et al.) to the users of the deck
              • While players would typically be able to modify or change between their F2P decks on a whim, for the event they would be locked to their initial choice with a max threshold of changes (probably between 4-12).
          • The larger meta response to the free rotation could lend itself to positive marketplace stimulation as counter-meta cards become in vogue for a period
      • Re-introduce the constructed gauntlet as a premium PvP experience that doesn't allow free cards and has a higher elo value
        • Would act as a natural barrier against noob-farming (which might be a boon for the 5%, but is a damaging experience for the masses)
      • Create a UI element that would allow players to complete the F2P deck from their collection screen by interfacing with a bid/ask AH in the background.

        • A cool addition would be to feature a "hot list" of recently purchased cards used to enhance the deck

          The hopeful result? A better adoption rate, a larger playerbase, a more active economy, more access points in competitive PvP and higher-end PvE for players with a meager-to-decent collection, more secure collection value... the return of constructed gauntlet!!!
          Thanks for your time. Lets hear some thoughts. =)

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    • This is a very interesting idea. I'm too tired to focus on it fully right now, but expect to see a long response from me at some point when I've had time to properly mull it over. Thanks for the write-up. :)

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      - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well