A PVE end game mode suggestion: Hunts

    • A PVE end game mode suggestion: Hunts

      Remember that first quest of taming beasts in the Howling Plains that helped you out immensely when you first started your Hex adventure? I certainly do, and those encounters were really fun to tame a new creature that was very good to add to my collection. Unfortunately, the tameable keyword is only used in that one quest, which is such a waste. What could we use this for? Hunts!!!!

      Gather your gear and troops, for we are going hunting today! Hunts are a PvE mode that has hundreds of new encounters that provide no rewards when you kill them. Yes you heard me right, no rewards.

      Why do hunts then? To tame new creatures of course!! Simply defeating a hunt encounter will yield absolutely new rewards, but if you manage to tame the beast you are stalking, you get a copy of it!

      Hunts are no normal fights. Some may have you selecting a region on the Entrath globe to explore, while others may require you to kill enough animals to lure out the matriarch, or even some may require special bait acquire from campaign, FRA, and other hunts to lure out the beast.

      In a hunt, they each have a special condition to lure out the tameable creature. For harder hunts, sometimes fulfilling the special condition may not be enough, sometimes you need to weaken the beast to tame it!!

      Now, what might a hunt encounter look like? Here is an example hunt here: the FLAMEBORN LEVIATHAN!!!

      Few have heard of the Flameborn Leviathan, but those who have encountered this deep-sea leviathan that lives in an underwater volcano have seen the end of their days. This is an underwater hunt, so we need to craft a diving suit that is suitable for the deep ocean to even get to it. As well as our diving suit, we need to know how to lure it out. Hunting creatures that live near the Flameborn Leviathan reveal information about it like what it's diet is so we can craft proper bait in order to lure it out. Our bait can be obtained by killing the hunts rather than taming them, so accidentally killing a hunt isn't too much of a feel-bad moment.

      Once we have our supplies ready, we are off to the hunt! We arrive near the underwater volcano where it lives but it is nowhere to be found. We face only a board with an underwater volcano champion that cannot be killed. We have attracted the attention of the local wildlife, so we need to hold them off while we are luring out the Flameborn Leviathan.

      We have our bait set up on the board at the start of the game, but we need to set it! Our first objective (special objectives for hunts can have multiple stages) is to set the lure. The lure is a card that reads: x = place x counters on this. When this has 5 or more counters on it, set the lure out.

      We did it! the lure is set. Now, we move onto phase 2 of this particular hunt: The Wait. Our bait has attracted more ferocious wildlife around, so it will be harder to defend ourselves. During phase 2, we need to survive for 3 turns to proceed to the next phase.

      The third phase: The hook! Our prey is hooked, and we need to make sure we dont lose our bait. For this phase, the following constant pops up on our side:

      Hooked Bait
      Deploy - put 5 strength counters on this. Put one tension counter on this.
      x- add x strength counters to this.
      At the end of each opposing champions turn, add a tension counter to this.
      At the end of each turn, remove strength counters equal to the amount of tension counters on this.
      If this has no strength counters on this, you lose the game.
      When this has 15 or more strength counters on this, Each opposing champion summons a Flameborn Leviathan. Destroy this.

      Phase 4: We have our prey!!!!!! Now all that is left to do is tame it!!

      The collectible version of Flameborn Leviathan reads as the following:
      4 cost [RUBY] [RUBY] [SAPPHIRE] [SAPPHIRE]
      Troop - Leviathan
      Deploy - deal 5 damage to each opposing character split as you choose. Put up to 2 opposing cards into their owner's decks.
      4 [ATTACK] / 5 [DEFENSE]

      However, the AI card is a little bit different. The AI card's differences is:

      -15/15 must attack rather than 4/5
      -This is not healed at the end of the turn.
      -When this reaches 3 or lower health, it gets tameable.
      -Each opposing champions taming sphere (which appears as this last phase starts) may bypass this troop's spellshield.
      -When this is tamed, you win the game.
      -Deathcry: The opposing Champion Wins the game. Add a Flameborn Leviathan Carcass to their inventory.

      We need to weaken this before we tame it! After a long battle and finally taming this beast, we win!!! We also get a sweet Flameborn Leviathan to add to our collection! Fret not if we fail, as we already have the information about this beast and only need to find more bait to attempt this again. But who knows, maybe there is some unknown terror lurking in the seas that needs a Flameborn Leviathan Carcass to bait out......

      This mode encourages creative deck building to counter each hunt and also cleanly solves the problem of wanting wins as fast as possible, as if you simply SMOrc the opponent down, you don't get what you want out of the hunt. Information about hunts, hunting gear, and bait is account wide so you can bring your other characters to defeat hunts!

      Let me know what you think of this concept!

      Edit: Woops, posted this in the wrong area. Can any mod move this to the suggestions page?

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