Reverting champion nerfs

    • Reverting champion nerfs

      So we had champion nerfs in the past, which were reasonable at the time, but might have become obsolete as time passed.
      Im mainly talking about the nerfs directed at limited, when set 6 hit, namely Lysander and Gorn.
      While they were oppressive in limited in their time, they never were in constructed. Yet they were nerfed into basicly unplayability (in limited as well as in constructed).
      Now their limited format has rotated out, but they are still very bad in constructed.
      So what Im asking for is to revert the nerfs they got and make them constructed playable again. (Atleast potentially)
    • In PvP, which is what this thread is about, there have been exactly 0 nerfs/buffs to cards after they were released (not counting bugged cards like the Ruby Chant), but we've seen both nerfs and buffs to champions, which is relevant to the discussion. And I dunno if a nerf reversion is strictly a "buff" because we don't know if the original iteration was tuned mostly on Constructed or Limited test results.