DEAR DEVS: Some must needed changes

    • for #3 i would recommend adding symbols into deck names.
      E.g. let all construct deck names start with '[LETHAL]', all FRA decks with '[SWIFTSTRIKE]' etc.
      Then you get one long list with all your decks, sorted by category and within that category in alphabetic order.
      You only have to remember which icon you used for which group
    • Thousands of hours logged, I did not know there was a summoning sickness effect. I also can't tell the difference in the screenshot you showed. I assumed we were just supposed to remember based on position. I feel like maybe it used to be more obvious, because last night was one of the first times I can remember being unable to determine which cards just came into play. I also wonder if it's related to turning down my graphics settings.
    • Well it might help as well if the 3rd copy of a troop you play didn't go in between the 1st and 2nd instead of at the end like playing new troops normally does. It makes it even harder to tell them apart, since they're no longer sorted in order of play. There are lots of weird handling problems like this that have been around for years that never got cleaned up. Maybe it's about time we had a proper UI patch and got all this stuff updated and sorted once and for all?

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