WTT: Want Scars of War, Have Sets 1-5

    • WTT: Want Scars of War, Have Sets 1-5



      I fell a bit behind in the completion of my set - and being very much old school I'd rather trade than buy on the AH (especially considering it's such a hassle to put large amounts of cards up there).

      Who makes a good trading partner for me? Basically anybody relatively new to the game, who has an excess of Set 6-7 cards but is looking to flesh out his collection for the earlier sets. Unless we have had contact previously, I will usually receive cards first, then send my cards. I'll be happy to name players from my guild who'd vouch for my trading reliability ;-). I am fine with a double C.O.D. for insurance purposes.

      Here are the cards I am interested in (as of July 17th, 17):

      PvP Card Wants (Scars of War)

      Sunspeaker of Wakuna x1
      Woken Drokkatar x1
      Viridian x2
      Auspex of Lanupaw x2

      Ryaalinth the Soulcursed x1

      Slash and Dash x1

      Brilliant Tactician x1
      Martyred Saint x1
      Daughter of the Poet x2
      Prince Zakkaz x1
      From the Ashes x2

      Webspeaker Cenobite x1

      Eternal Bastion x1

      Tranguil Seedheart x2
      Eye of Winter x1
      Earth Mother x2
      Aspect of the Squirrel x3

      Skittergear Gang x2
      Parallel Realities x1
      Sporomancer x1

      Pulverazor x2
      Chark Mart x1
      Stifling Sting x2
      Wartorn General x2

      Trail of Totems x2
      Totemic Elder x2
      Hope on the Horizon x1
      Ancestral Ambush x1

      Zorath's Rectory x4
      Waltz of the Damned x1
      Vampire Queen x2
      Tongue of the Black Crucible x1
      Malevolent Machinations x2
      Insidious Exchange x1
      Graven Geist x1
      Deathseeker x1
      Mad Progenist x3
      Something Borrowed x3
      Gorge of the Gore God x3

      The Buffalord x2
      Emcee, Etcher of Nulzann x1
      Commander PROMPT x1
      Dungeon Crawler / Collector / Raid Leader (when is that going to do anything?)

      AstaSyneri of Keep Hibbernathy - Member of The Unnamed Council- the Hex TCG PvE Guild @HexTUC