• So I keep trying to find info on how to sync the API with that HexBrowser website, but everything there links to the old forums (and does not work fer me anyhoo)

      Anyone familiar with this thing wanna come here to the new forums and explain it to me??? (an possibly others,searching brings up nuttin herebouts)

      I make the file and "Save As" "all files" to git rid of the text extension, but it never keeps the changes that I can see.

      If I go into details it shows the name as still being api.ini.txt

      Mebbe my compooter is jest stuipd, I dunno, but it does not seem able to take simple instructions...
    • Hey Ouro, did you check out this page: hex.tcgbrowser.com/tools/sync/ ?
      If you go to that page there's a pre-made api.ini file that you can use, if you're already logged in to hex.tcgbrowser your personal code will be filled in and you just download it and put it in your installation folder.
      If you also want to use the Auction House tracker, there's a second line you need to add to your api.ini file, have a look at the page I linked to copy that line into your file and you should be good to go!
    • Yeah, I hit that button/link :0

      But it comes up with one of those little warnings that the file ain't secure or something, which makes me a tad leery about it. (It seems to strongly suggest that my computer will blow up and set the world aflame...)

      I suspect I will have to try that eventually unless someone can explain the file not changing/saving thing.

      I really jest want to track my collection and mebbe make a trade list up.
    • lets try something: (assuming you're on windows 10)

      1 first go on you desktop and right click on nothing specific
      2 select new/ new text document or notepad (you dont want to use word) and open it
      3 had the line of command from tcgbrowser (something like hex.tcgbrowser.com:8080/sync? _________________ |All)
      4 use "save as" (not "save"), select all file type and right the name as api.ini
      5 you should now have 2 new files on your desktop a new text file (we dont care about it) and the api.ini
      6 take the api.ini and put it in the right folder for hex
      7 you will have to close and relog to hex before it work

      I hope this will fix it

      (If it doesn't work you might want to open a File explore window, go into the view menu and check the "file name extension" and then retry step 4 to 7)

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