Turn one consistent OTK deck for campaign.

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      So we made an OTK deck with the new dragons blood merc that wins turn one again ;p


      I will miss you Thonia OTK deck. </3
      I must be missing something. I really can't see how this deck works. A little help?
      To get consistent OTK's this deck requires you to have a lvl 15 "Human Ranger" with the "Hunting Party" talent. Along with these three mercenaries "Augustine", "Katsuhiro"and "Clatterclank". This along with either a "Blood Infusion Device" or a "Crackling Vortex" allows you to draw the entire deck on turn one.The deck uses the weapon equipment for "Forgotten Triolith" along with the two "Forge of Cadoc" to produce the temporary resources to play "Blood Infusion Device", "Sepulchra Maggot", "Soul Siphoner", "Hideous Conversion" and shift soul "Soul Siphoner"'s power onto the "Sepulchra Maggot". At this point you use "Hideous Conversion" to sac ypur board and generate the resources to play the other "Sepulchra Maggot", sac them and bring all "Sepulchra Maggot"'s back via "Call the Grave". Rinse and repeat.

      NOTE: It is not always necessary to sac all your "Sepulchra Maggot"'s and the "Graven Geist" is only really needed to speed up super high HP opponents.

      Also you have a little extra hp room to add some redundancy if needed like an extra "Soul Siphoner" in case of a turn one taint or burn etc.

      I couldn't add the "Call the Grave" equipment to the deck list because of a bug on tcgbrowser.
      I guess I have to try it. I was looking for some kind of recursive combo and couldn't see how you get the Call The Graves back from the Crypt. I guess what you're saying is that actually 2 is enough to finish the job, recursion isn't required.
      Yeah, the maggot count is pretty high from all the sacking, a lot of the time one call the grave with equipment is enough. Since the maggot copy's it'self rather then just making more "Sepulchra Maggot"'s you have a large amount of extra maggots with how the deck is now. <3