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    • Good night everyone!

      As promised, we are about to get out our first piece of "Warden of Entrath" content. The article is still being redacted but wanted to give you guys a link to gather your comment.

      We'll be using this first article as our "template" for the deck breakdown so let me know if you think of any improvement that could be made to the presentation!…breakdown-cheating-bride/

      You will also note that we have been hard at work to continue updating the Adventurer's Guide (now known as Adventurer's Companion). More than 20 new decks have been added in the past few days... check it out!
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    • Hello everyone!

      We finally were able to find a place to move the adventurer guide and I am pumped about all the new possibilities. Sadly, to avoid any confusing and having to keep multiple copies of the guide updated in parallel, I'm closing this thread to open a new one that relates to the new Adventurer Guide (now named Adventurer's Companion).

      More so, the advent of the Wardens of Entrath has been a tremendous success. More than 100 registered users already! There has been constant theorycrafting for PVE over the past two weeks on there and I would highly suggest to join in on the live discussions. It is a very interesting layer of the deck crafting process that doesn't get conveyed by more static means of communications like forums.

      You can join on the discussions here.

      Hope to see you all on the other side!
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      "A Gall's fortune is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but always true."