Fishing for piranhas

    • Fishing for piranhas

      Based on the Fateweave discussion, I tried to make a reverse one with only eight ice shards. Obviously when we're fishing for resources, I thought of fish. So it's not very fast (wins turn 4-5 earliest), and probably won't allow perfect runs (I made it to Elite Hograth and lost 11-3 with only tier two perfect).

      To fish, mulligan until you have a shard in your opening hand, preferably with some morpholgoy and low cost damage spells. Keep seeking fortune (if you started with two shards, you be a bit more adventurous) and removing opponent threats until you get a Piranha Swarm in play. If the opponent won't attack into it or fly over it, train them to deal with it. Watch the opponent get eaten by the piranhas :whistling:
      Occasionally dragging all troops into the depths can provide an opening if no-one bites...

      There a probably many ways to fish, but make sure you can keep pinging damage on the opponent troops to lure the piranhas in.
      Best moment: Periwinkle plays and copies a
      Crocosaur, bites into multiple swarms and gets eaten alive next turn :thumbsup:

      Fishing with Fire

      Morgan McBombus
      Bumble bees make perfect fish bait!

      4xSapphire Ice
      4xRuby Ice

      4x Embertongue Skarn
      4x Piranha Swarm with feet (10% opponent troop damaged to put into play) and weapon (sacrifice and summon 6x Piranha Swarm when deals damage)
      4xScallath with trinket for extra card draw and chest for +2 def

      4x Morphology with gloves for extra card draw
      Know all the strange fish you might encounter!

      4x Burn
      4x Ricochet Blast
      4x Crackling Bolt
      4x Burning Tendrils
      Our fishing tools are made of fire!

      1x Burn to the Ground
      1x Heat Wave
      Always leave the fishing site clean when you leave!

      3x Cloudwalk
      3x Dwarven Ballistics Training
      1xEnter the Ring
      Fishing is a sport, so we need to buff the fish to provide a fair fight!

      1xDrag to the depths with head

      2xArcane Alacrity
      1xChark Mart
      Don't fall asleep and drown, keep yourself charge so we can sell the fish on the mart:


      A more peaceful sea-fishing experience can be done using the Coyotle way, but was not as succesful for me.

      Fish of Fate

      Winter Moon
      The best fishing is done when the moon is out!

      4xSapphire Ice
      4xWild Ice

      4x Piranha Swarm with feet and weapon
      4xScallath with trinket
      4xGiant Jellyfish with chest (opponent troops must attack)
      2xBull Shark
      So much bigger fish to catch!

      4x Howling Brave3xSnarling Brave
      1x The Ancestors' Chosen with head equip
      Coyotle believe if you are loud enough, your anchestors will help catch the fish!

      4xCrackling Tide
      2xNature Reigns
      Fishing allows you to appreciate the beautiful coastal regions!

      4x Morphology with gloves for extra card draw
      2xRunic Diminishing
      The fish in the deep sea are even stranger!

      1x Pack Hunters
      4xTiling the Soil
      Find a place with lots of fish and worms for bait!

      4xDeep Freeze
      2xGuppy Gloves
      2xMackerel Mitts
      Don't play with your catch, freeze them for later!

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    • So the questions is, is this better than a normal shard base? I don't think so - just replaced it and went 14-0 with only a loss against the Mountain Giant Elite. I felt the FRA was easier today, lots of times where the opponent didn't play any card. Might have been due the Scallath debuff, which with a normal shard base comes out a bit faster.

      And again, Periwinkle did not disappoint. Piranhas > Dinosaurs for sure!
      First Crocosaur fights a 3/3 skarn and a Piranha Swarm and dies - drawing the attention of another swarm. The second one thought 'I can do that too!' leave Periwinkle with 6 health after turn three and dies the next :thumbup:

      Fried Fish

      Champion: Morgan McBombus

      4x Embertongue Skarn
      4x Piranha Swarm with feet and weapon
      4x Scallath with trinket and chest

      4x Spectal Acorn

      4x Burn
      4x Zap
      4x Crackling Bolt
      2x Burning Tendrils

      4x Morphology with gloves
      2x Cloudwalk
      2x Dwarven Ballistics Training
      2x Conceal
      1x Drag to the depths with head

      8x Sapphire Shards
      8x Ruby Shards
      3x Shard of Innovation