Going second could use a buff in PVE.

    • Going second could use a buff in PVE.

      I think there does need to be a bit of a discussion about second in PVE. In many of the tougher fights in PVE, especially with fights that start out with troops in play, going second is an instant disadvantage compared to going first. Second is very balanced for PvP, but for PvE it might need a bit of tweaking assuming we want going first versus going second to also be balanced in PvE.

      Now, why is second so disadvantageous in PvE? Take some fights that have, as others have dubbed it, the 'Wiktor Effect', say for instance, Archon of Nulzann Elite in the FRA. He starts with the 0/3 reducing the cost of all of his troops by 1. This means he can play a turn one Emsee or play another of his 0/3 for free 2 cost troops turn 1. Compare this to going first, where you can cast an equiped burn or any turn 1 removal on it and prevent this from happening. A single card draw on 2nd is not worth the tempo lost here. Other fights include the gnoll in GMG that starts with two 4/1s, meaning you lose 8 health going second. In the starting encounters of the campaign it is completely balanced due to opponents not having insane starts, but with the (hopefully next item) upcoming AZ3, there will probably be harder fights than we see now meaning that this problem will be more apparent.

      If we want first and second to be balanced in PvE, going second will need to have a PvE only buff. What may that buff be? I don't know the perfect solution, but if we wan't first and second to be balanced in PvE there needs to be some sort of buff.
    • The the speed of the game as it stands, going second can be fatal, in pve especially. Current decks are looking for turn 2-3 kills. Think about Great machine grave yard bottom path second encounter, he starts with 2 4/1 that can swing turn 1 for almost 1/2 your life on some champs. This is all before you play a shard. I believe that the game needs to be slowed. This rapid progression makes decks feel boring and slow decks becoming impossible to function.