Red, White, and Blue Humans for Arena

    • Red, White, and Blue Humans for Arena

      I originally built this deck two years ago on roughly the same week of the year, and have been updating it since. It's not quite finished yet and I welcome any suggestions on how to make it more efficient. In particular, I'm not 100% about all my filler troop choices (e.g. Lord Benjamin) and whether or not I should increase the Queensguard or War Prodigy Count.!/deck=141421

      Realms of Freedom
      Champion: Sir Giles Rowan

      1x Queensguard
      4x Ardent Recruiter
      4x Her Majesty, Queen Grace
      1x Lord Benjamin, the Wise
      4x Warparty Guide
      2x William Rowan
      4x Ardent Crusader [Minor Ruby of the Arena]
      3x War Prodigy
      4x Lady Cassandra [Major Ruby of Twinstrike] [Minor Ruby of Zeal]
      2x Silver Talon Adjudicator

      4x Decree of Banishing
      4x Clash of Steel

      4x Carloth Cobblestone
      9x Diamond Shard
      4x Ruby Shard
      4x Sapphire Shard
      1x Well of Conquest
      1x Well of Purpose

      Guiding Headcover (Warparty Guide puts the troop into play)
      Ring of the Queensguard (Lady Cassandra grants [DIAMOND] [RUBY] [SAPPHIRE])
      Ardent Chestplate (Ardent Recruiter gets +1/+1 when Ardent troops enter play)
      Writer's Guard (Decree of Banishing has 6: Put a random voided troop into play)
      Ballroom Slippers (Queen Grace summons a Queensguard)

      This is a fairly simple deck to play. Most of the sequencing regards which order to select shards and when to use Lady Cassandra. Remember that she makes a combat trick if you have a Queensguard or can turn on a War Prodigy. When selecting a second threshold to play Queen Grace, you want [SAPPHIRE] . Lady Cassandra grants the thresholds in the order listed, so having [DIAMOND] [SAPPHIRE] gets a Queensguard +2/+2.

      The main recent change I've made to the deck is replacing Burn with Decree of Banishing. I ran into problems against troops I couldn't kill with Burn and couldn't force them to void with Clash of Steel.