Pinned Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

    • Made cheap deck to arena. Lost 1 match with it when cleared it fully. Hardest is get Spark of fury with head equip from siege. But just put defense up with 1k gold until u get them from siege sacks.

      Trapper keeper gem Cant be blocked expet ruby or artifact cards. Xocoy have that also and another gem deals double dmg.

      There could be more trapper keepers or other low cost orcs. Just wanted put this here, cause it went so well with first try.
      • Spark of Cheap fury Ruby Deck 001.jpg

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      • Spark of Cheap fury Ruby 001 Cleared.jpg

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    • Here is expensive version of Spark of fury deck. It start to be enough good to clear arena perfect most of times.
      Main win cons are play forgotten triolith and with that replipopper turn 1.
      Or play brewed ambrosia to get 2 ruby treshold and forgotten triolith and spark of fury turn 1.
      If slow start can play turn 1 ashwood soloist and turn 2 Replipopper or Spark of fury.

      Arborean rootfather dont need wild treshold when use its ability to put it to deck and draw card. So it was perfect to this deck. It got gladiator gem (cause of Elite Mad packmaster AI) and deal direct dmg to champion. So with spark of fury it do 12 direct dmg and can also attack that turn.

      Xocoy got same gems what in cheaper version: Cant be blocked expect with ruby or artifact troops and double dmg. Most of time AI dont block it even it could. I guess its bug.

      Quenchinator got give charges gem. It got also gladiator to help against Elite Mad packamaster AI.

      This deck use only standard resources with brewed ambrosia to make sure can often play Replipopper or Spark of fury turn 1 or 2.
      • F Ruby Spark of fury 016 Perfect cleared.jpg

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      • FRA Ruby Spark of fury 016 Deck.jpg

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