Pinned Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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      NicoSharp wrote:

      It's not quite perfect yet, but really liking how it is playing.

      I'm a strong believer that Speed and +1/+1 for all other troops are the perfect sockets for the cyclops.

      You can pry the lifedrain gem off my cold, dead hands! I believe your version is probably better, but I like the safety of 5/5 lifedrainers too much. Just suits my playstyle better. I'm not in that much hurry. :)

      I will try to keep the speed gem in mind and see if it would have been better in my upcoming games. Lifedrain has saved me a few times in the more durdly matchups though. One epic game against the plant dude comes to mind.
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      Eraia wrote:

      AceBladewing wrote:

      Kind of sucks how HexEnt decided to bait and switch by nerfing the acorns by adding spectral.
      Oh no, heaven forbid there be SOMETHING acorns aren't perfect for. So horrible of Hex to not make them perfect for all situations.

      On topic... anyone have any new ideas that aren't either illuminate/elementals or mill(that don't require kickstarter cards)? It seems like those have been the primary topics of discussion here, and I've already got an illuminate deck that works well and I won't talk much about mill... so was curious if anyone had any new ideas for other stuff atm.
      There is a really fun deck I think Verdant made up. You can try your own shard fixing. I do not yet have ambrosia, so I added wells, and because I don't have Ready to Rumble equip, I played Savage Showdown.
      A really fun deck, also faster than I expected, plus really budget friendly.
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