Pinned Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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      This thread is great, combining several previous brews and my newly acquired Proffesor Sporzins, I have created Shroomkin Apocalypse:!/deck=246419

      Got a perfect run with the deck first try and never felt more in control with anything else (even mill), although deck is little slow. Freaky Fungus are completely insane and just turn around games once you play them (not to mention when you get them all the deathcries). You can cut the Sporzin and replace it with another sacrifice outlet to make deck more budget friendly, it won't make that much difference.
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      KozHex wrote:

      Also, @NicoSharp, be sure to post your ripplewood deck when you can, I just started experimenting with it and I've found it to be really good and I can see it featuring in a lot of decks, especially in Sekki to replay those Oni's and clear the board
      Hey Koz, I'm further refining two more decks with The Ruin of Ripplewood, the card is extremely good. You can find my first variation under Fomie's Tier A Mim's list. Oh, I also recorded this:
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      I am making some small modifications to the rating system. I feel like turn 4 is a little too arbitrary a benchmark for "Consistency". Let's just say 4-6 90% of the time is a better measure. It essentially captures speed, and consistency in game plan, with a concise build developing. Anything slower will have noticeable challenges over time, with encounters that ramp too quickly, or would be too functionally slow to pilot.

      Everything else is roughly the same, with some language clean-up for Specialization as well.
      Let me know how you would adjust rating for Consistency, and I will update. I'll also go through and add the lists shared soon.
      I tested Artifaction's list, and agree with Ace - It's not all S Tier. It was fun, but I didn't even finish my run, so I'll have to make some judgement calls on lists until there is more backing. Especially if the list is seemingly floating to the top of the Tier list. Please err on the side of undervaluing your lists.
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      If a deck can win by turn 4 or earlier, consistently, great!
      If a strong deck, takes 2 more turns to progress their strategy, but still wins consistently by turn 6, I feel like that is just as good.

      The benchmark is consistency, more so than it is speed. Also, some combo decks that have early win timers, take far longer to play, than a 6 turn ramp and win deck.

      That was all I am trying to answer with the slight adjustment to the Consistency benchmark. Focus on how successful it is at winning by turn X, XX% of the time. Giving a bit more weight to XX% of the time.
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      I don't understand your whole benchmark system. Shouldn't the best decks (consistency, affordability, etc..) be the metric for every other decks? I never got to look at your benchmark before, but looking at it now I feel it's not very good. I would go with something like the best consistent deck, the best cheapest deck, and the best clearing (specialization, hogarth). This way we can start with something and if someone post something better then that becomes what to strive for. Right now you're just placing ranks on decks that don't really mean much. What is one SSAB to another SABS?
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      Exactly. Without something objective to measure to, trying to catch a subjectively good deck is impossible. It also caters more to players that want to build something unique, that they would like to play, that doesn't have to be weight against a deck deemed better. Allows players to make their own judgement calls on what they want to work towards, try.
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      This is the Ruin of Ripplewood deck, running First of the Host that I've been working on for a while. I hope you guys enjoy it:!/deck=246905

      C = A (Not always turn 6, but quite often can get there. There are generally 3 fly by turns until we get our card draw going to the point we can combo)
      A = S (Maybe A after equipment for Oni Trickster)
      S = S
      H = ? (unknown for elite, but if I had to guess, I'd say S or A - Trickster is very solid, but low shard base could make Mulligan important)

      Combo is essentially - Mad Aradam, Ruin of Ripplewood created Chaostouched, or Trickster with Cloudwalk on them, to cheat a First of the Host in the play. Or back-up plan, of Paradigm Shifting AI troop that they will replay. Lot of little synergies with Ruin of Ripplewood self-bounce, including replaying tricksters, and Cerebral Jack-hat.

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      Share it when you can. I tried for quite some time to get a papa goot constant list tuned to the point that first of the host was worth playing, but found the entire list a bit underwhelming. I went through 4 iterations of a "First of Host" list, until I landed on one that worked well (the above), and tweaked it to a place where I feel it's very good.
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      Sethanon wrote:

      Yesterday I have tried my most favourite deck in new FA. It was first deck ever on tcgbrowser to use Optimatron, it also has Regie and you I'm really happy it can still clean new FA (I got just one loss yesterday and it was due to misplay). You can see the beauty here:!/deck=35005

      I have to share achievement here - I had a Turn 2 kill against Hogarth Elite with the deck (popped Acorn + Reginald, he drew it on his draw), the deck does not go perfect often because rng can sometimes screw you (it clears almost always though), but sometimes when it goes off, it shines like a star ;)