Pinned Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

    • I think limiting the amount of non-resource card on the deck and Fateweave will be fine in PvE. Eternal has a similar, but not identical abuse. You will always only get 2-4 resources after mulligan. So, the devs put a land limit of 50 in the 75 cards deck there so players can't put like 66 lands and 9 combo pieces for perfect start everytime.
    • TheSmilingMonkey's 'Haunted Harvest' is a nice one - basically if you get both a Stringy Jack and Enter the Dream out, it is an infinite loop until the tricks kill your opponent. So you just need to stall until turn 5-7 or so by gumming up to board.

      Almost made a run, But last boss was Uzumu which played a spellshielded Kishimoto turn two and I got beat down by battle hoppers :(.
      Also lots to Angel of Dawn (too many flyers), Avalanche Giant (bad keep on my part) and Elite Sphinx with Drowned Shrine was too much as well.

      My version:
      4xBramble Creeper with chest (gain 0/1 deathcry) - skyguard can be very useful.
      4xTiling the Soil with boots (summon two seed pods on scrounge) -additional blockers (or threats if they last) and synergizes with bramble
      4xDread Harvest (orginally for get invincible for Stingy Jack, enable scrounge on Tilling) - probably replace with Rust and Ruin
      +1x Fertile Engorger
      +1x Contract Killing
      4x Wild Growth (maybe better: Poison Arrow, Strenght of the Redwood or Gruesome Deed)

      3x Chlorrophylia (don't have them)
      4x Extinction (don't have them, would have been useful, not sure what to replace with)
      4x Cottontail Explorer (have them but don't really fit - Howling brave would be better with wild threshold fixing for Enter the dream?)
      2x Cerebral Jackhat (replaced with Wild Growth)
      2x Call the grave (replaced with Wild Growth)
    • Artifaction wrote:!/deck=241691
      Self mill reanimator style deck.
      Chronic Madness hurts affordability, but if you happened to be around to farm Gencon '16 you're in luck!
      Because the deck requires resources to self bury it's not as good against Hogarth as Enter the Dream based decks but it's still winable.
      Being an aggro deck with built in board clearing most encounters are winable.

      C A
      A A
      S S
      H C
      Clever synergy with stormspike and colossus. Brilliant.
    • NicoSharp wrote:

      Artifaction wrote:!/deck=241691
      Self mill reanimator style deck.
      Chronic Madness hurts affordability, but if you happened to be around to farm Gencon '16 you're in luck!
      Because the deck requires resources to self bury it's not as good against Hogarth as Enter the Dream based decks but it's still winable.
      Being an aggro deck with built in board clearing most encounters are winable.

      C A
      A A
      S S
      H C
      Clever synergy with stormspike and colossus. Brilliant.
      I saw Biz6 running a Elemental Aggro deck just before the set 7 update change to arena that used that synergy, you might pester him if you see him for a list it might still be great :) Runs Obsidian Cyclops and stuff with equip for double damage and swiftstrike.
    • I haven't had a lot of time to play so I decided to reuse an old shell I really liked. I'm made some changes as well due to testing. The main objective is to play Angel of Foresight (which has both equipment) then start creating a huge number of copies eventually while countering or bouncing everything the opponent does. It rarely wins quickly but it does win a lot except against the fastest starts.!/deck=243317

      C - B
      A - A
      S - S
      H - A

      Some changes that might be improvements are putting in Spirit of Retribution as downgrading Crackling Tide to Evaporate is not a big deal but switching head slot would really hurt Swiftpaw. I tried SoR as a 0/4 free troop but I don't know if I like it. Also Bounty of the Magus is in an odd place as it doesn't draw many cards early when you could really use them then late game when it's been hit by several Angel triggers it can also be drawing way to many cards to be safe to cast. The recently added Cosmic Totem should help with this but replacing it with a more consistent card draw might be better. I first added The Ruin of Ripplewood to bounce my own Cerebral Jack-hats after the counters were gone to be able to recast them and it did that well but I also found it good enough to keep after I removed the Jack-hats. It is a really nice board clear at times and at other times it's a 0 cost angel creator. Morphology fights for a spot against Dream Eagle due to their shard equipment slot but I find the flexible removal very useful. Still the free dig from equipped Dream Eagle can help the deck find key cards in time.
    • Anyone working on a Lord Blightbark Darkspire brew?

      Basically if Lord BB sticks then you will win with damage triggers. Priestesses are awesome when they trigger multiple times. Plus with Isabella and Lady BB you get even more triggers. Contract Killing and Extinction are only removals so far, may need more though. I quickly lost on the first tier 2 boss (Hogarth) due to shards. I added some naive lackeys, cottontail explorers and rune ears so I could add the shin'haire shard. Haven't had time to play the new version.

      Its fun but I'd be interested if anyone has any ideas to make it more consistent. Current list below.

      4 Darkspire Acolyte (feet)
      4 Darkspire Priestess (weapon)
      4 Darkspire Tyrant (helm and gloves)
      4 Naive Lackey
      4 Cottontail Explorer
      4 Rune Ear Heirophant
      3 Lord Blightbark (I only have 3, not sure if we want 4 since he is unique anyway)
      4 Lady Blightbark
      3 Contract Killing (trinket)
      4 Extinction
      5 Blood Shard
      3 Wild Shard
      4 Monsagi Lily Pad
      4 Well of Ancients
      3 Blood Ice
      3 Wild Ice
    • I've been messing around with this list and it performs extremely well. I have had one perfect run so far and many 1-2 loss runs.!/deck=242135

      I would rate it as follows

      C-B It's a little slower but wins consistently
      A-S $42 on tcgbrowser
      S-S So far I haven't had any real issues with specific matchups. Most losses have come from bad draws or bad mulligan strategy. I will say that I'm not sure I've seen every opponent yet though.
      H-C I only matched up once and lost so I'm not quite sure overall.


      The deck really centers around the hunger of the mountain gods with the sneakblades to pump them up. Your sneakblades with equipment then create fodder for sac outlets like Hop'hiro and Sora as well as targets for egg hunt. It can be fast at times but also survives very well in the mid/late game. Taking suggestions for names for the deck as well ;)
    • Nice Watchlist Nico, I agree with the problematic cards/equip you've highlighted. I also still think Dream Eagle's "Eagle Feathered Gloves" equip can be toned down a bit, it should void itself after use for starters and not discard.

      Also I'm still not sure why @HEXPaladon had great foresight with the Immortal Watchlist but not doing it for PvE where it seems more essential.
    • I totally agree. Spirit of Retribution is sort of broken card atm. Needs a threshold requirement or % chance, just like Piranha Swarm with boot equipment or Ethereal Spirit.
      Also, I wouldn't mind if Dream Eagle required 1 resource to activate. It's 2 times better than Arcane Focus and costs 0 resources to use its power <.< And yeah, 2 sapphire thresholds isn't that hard to get.
      Phenteo's Gift, however, is already chance-based and is usable only in mill decks. Don't see any problem here.
    • Here is my super favorite deck from original FRA - Banner of Blood - it was slightly modified for the new FRA:!/deck=238500

      This deck can get wins out of nowhere with Banner of Blood - you will see 24x+ damage Arena Regulars and supercharged Hunger of Mountain Gods. Most of the troops synergize well with Banner and accelerate to crazy damage. Refinements can be for sure made, but I already cleared FRA several times with it (although not perfect)!

      Key notes: Never give up, you can completely turn around game in 1 turn especially if you have Regular or Hunger out! You can save troops in your hand if you plan to play Banner on turn 3.

      Consistency = A Tier (turn 3-5 wins almost every time)
      Affordability = S Tier (just cut all expensive cards and replace with cheap low cost Orcs - you essentially need 4x Arena Regular + Equip, Banner of Blood + Equip, Hunger of MG + Equip for the deck to work)
      Specialization = A Tier (there are some bad matchups against troop hate, notably Angel of Dawn Elite just wrecks you)
      Hogarth = A-B Tier (cannot accurately judge - high number of low drops, didn't encounter Hogarth yet)
      Overall Tier Rating = A Tier
    • SethJakill wrote:

      I would leave the cults and kill the spirals, to many constants make you weak to burly. I feel that the spirals are over kill by the time i can play them!/deck=1d9ea47404214e4f508935aed381c1bb
      Just a quick thanks to SethJakill for the deck. I love the high end ones but this one I could complete for less than 100 Plat. Tried it out in the arena and almost had a perfect run. Lost the 19th battle as I got a bit shard screwed (just kept drawing only shards, and for some reason even though I burned half his deck my Terrorantula never came up).

      Destroyed Burly (Called the dreadlings back from the grave and with two Nazhk Lookout and 5 resource per turn it went quick)
      Killed Hograth easy (3rd boss)
      Phentoe Elite was my last boss and it was tight but I won (we started trading terrorantulas at then end)

      Only mods I made were to bring 4 each of Blood Ice and Sapphire Ice and one extra Fever Bloom since I don't have the Cult
    • Looks like I have some work to do. The Ruins of Ripplewood deck I've been testing a lot before I saw the variation posted here. I'll post my tweaks as an addition to it in OP as well.

      @Eeta Browser and rate, and I can add it. Darkspire Shells are always solid :)

      @Bootlace I don't feel the same way about post-nerf Dream Eagle. It's amazing to have that type of dig for free, essentially making it a deck thinning tool, but the double sapphire threshold requirement seems like a fair limitation, and requiring it in hand.

      @StoHelit The list is also good, but feel like we already have the deck theme represented well, and I'd say it is a little under tuned without 4x Fever Bloom.

      Edit - Okay, all caught up! :)

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    • How is free deck thinning a good thing? Already with Spectral Acorn the number of cards a person has to bring dropped by 12%. With Eagle it's now 24% less cards you have to bring in an average 34 card/26 resource deck. People should make fleshed out decks instead of stuffing a deck with filler and a few combo pieces. I also agree that even though it requires an equipment slot, this is making Arcane Focus (one of the best cards in the game) look totally stupid and that's silly PvE power creep that I can't get behind.

      Btw I don't want to hijack this thread for this kind of discussion, would be nice if there was some separate thread for discussing unhealthy PvE cards/equip/decks.
    • I tried mono wild plant deck today and it worked decently in FRA. Lost a couple times, it does lack early interraction but overall it's powerful and quick to play.
      Here's the deck list:
      Display Spoiler

      18 Wild Shard
      4 Wild Ice

      4 Chlorophyllia - with equipment it buffs plants (80% of our troops) in all zones. Works well with Mightsinger and Dream Stag

      4 Bramble Creeper
      4 Howling Brave
      4 Dream Stag - with equipment buffs all troops in hand, play it before you reach 5 thresholds, then prioritize mightsinger instead.
      4 Mightsinger of Ages
      4 Rose Kitten - plant/beast
      3 Stampeding Wyldeboar - plant/beast that draws us a card
      3 Thorn Pup - plant/beast
      2 Juurdin - plant/dragon
      4 Crocosaur - our only removal
      2 Balthasar - our card advantage

      Head: Gardener's Hat (makes Chlorophyllia 1 cost)
      Trinket: Blossom of Friendship (Rose Kittens bring Thorn Pup into play)
      Chest: Vest of the Ruminant (Dream Stag buffs all troops in hand)
      Gloves: Wyldebracers (Stampeding Wyldeboar go up 2 spaces each time we play a plant or a beast. Goes up 4 spaces for other Wyldeboars, Kittens, Pups, since they are both)
      Boots: Wyldeboots or as an alternative Thicket Creepers to cycle cards with Bramble Creeper
      Weapon: Sacred Stiletto (Chlorophyllia buffs plants in all zones +1/+1)

      Consistency = A Tier (turn 5-6, but turns are quick, not much clicking envolved)
      Affordability = B Tier, Mightsingers make this deck a bit costly.
      Specialization = A Tier, the deck struggles against elites that start with a troop in play. I did try Carnasaurs for early removal, but they seem underwhelming in other matchups and do not synergize well with our plant deck
      Hogarth = A Tier, we have a few strong early creatures, so it's not a bad matchup
      Overall Tier Rating = A Tier

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