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    • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

      Are you getting beat by Hogarth, Elite Master of the Arena?

      You are not alone.

      Here, the best deck builders in Entrath, have gathered to share their tricks and secrets, to unite for one Valorous cause....

      W-I-N-N-I-N-G !

      This time, the tier list will be a bit different.
      We will focus on the decks specific strengths, and weaknesses to determine it's power as the deck relates to specific encounters. Time to clear the arena, is no longer a unique identifier for a decks power.

      Rating Categories:

      We have gone from CAPES to CASH!

      C = Consistency:
      Ability to perform the win condition consistently by a specific turn, and what turn it can be done by. This is the most important rating benchmark.

      S Tier - Turn 6 or less, 90% or more of the time.

      A Tier - Turn 6 or less, 75% or more of the time.

      B Tier - Turn 6 or less, 50% or more of the time.

      C Tier - Turn 7 or more, 50% or more of the time.

      A = Affordability:
      Looking at deck value in $, to determine the accessibility to the larger community. PvE Cards and equipment obtained outside of PvP Chests, can be attributed to a "Farmable" status, and do not need a $ weight associated to the decks cost. This rating is arbitrary to a decks overall Tier score, but should be highlighted. The tier rating here should speak to cards being worth a fair amount, but also an S Tier deck at the cost listed below is not unreasonable.

      S Tier - $49 or less - 0 KS exclusives

      A Tier - $50-$99 - 0-3 KS exclusives

      B Tier - $100-$300 - 0-3 KS exclusives

      C Tier - Contains 4 or more KS exclusive cards, and is over $100

      S = Specialization:
      This is the second most important rating category. There are encounters that will shutdown certain decks, or be extremely challenging unless the list draws very specific pieces. With this rating, users should also share the encounter names to help those contemplating whether or not they try the deck. This includes Elites, so please test well before determining this rank.

      For example: "Phenteo's Gift, Terrormill" has a horrible match-up against Hogarth, Archon of Nulzann, Poet of Gla'aki Elite, and Moonrise Elder Elite - and would get an A Tier rating.

      S Tier - 2 or less challenging encounter match-ups.

      A Tier - 3-4 challenging encounter match-ups.

      B Tier - 5-6 challenging encounter match-ups.

      C Tier - 7 or more challenging encounter match-ups.

      H = Hogarth Tuned:
      This is the final challenge, and the hardest for many decks to have a benchmark for.

      S Tier - Will beat "Hogarth, Elite Master of the Arena" 90% or more, of the time.

      A Tier - Will beat "Hogarth, Elite Master of the Arena" 75% or more, of the time.

      B Tier - Will beat "Hogarth, Elite Master of the Arena" 50% or more, of the time.

      C Tier - Has trouble beating "Hogarth, Elite Master of the Arena"

      How do you contribute to this Thread?
      1. Post the deck list you love using to clear the arena, with a link to it on Hextcgbrowser (make sure it is Public!)
      2. Post your personal ratings for the deck, based on the above criteria. Example: Consistency = A Tier; Affordability = C Tier; Specialization = S Tier; Hogarth = S Tier; Overall Tier Rating = A Tier
      3. Add a short description regarding your lists specialization challenges, play-style(explain the combo/set-up), and rating choices.

      *If you try a deck, and it does not perform as specified after a good 4-5 runs with it, please let us know so we can modify the rating.

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    • Community Tools for deckbuilders:

      FRA Encounter Mapping - AI decklists and abilities

      HEX TCG Browser - For deckbuilding - AH prices, Trading, Everything!

      Nico's PvE Tackle Box, Primer Article - Learn the language:
      1. The Idea
      2. The Engine
      3. The Juice
      4. The Safety
      5. The Cheat
      6. The Dig
      7. The Finisher
      CoachFliperon's Amazing Resources regarding all things PvE

      Hex Primal - Future content will be popping up here soon regarding PvE, including the ability to purchase decks

      The PvE Watch-List (Nico's personal predictions on potential future nerfs):

      Spirit of Retribution - with Spectral Ambush Boots feet equipment: Great card, and required setup and 2 equipment to make worth it, but it is seeing play in too many decks. Although cheat cards should be accessible with equipment in PvE, we may see some sort of Diamond threshold lock here to limit its play in a large majority of non-Diamond decks. My suggested change would be to make the come-into play feet equipment cost 1 when an opposing troop attacks, or change it so there is a single Diamond threshold requirement for the boots, or they add a dazed counter to your champion, when played.

      Forgotten Triolith - with Troika Blades weapon equipment: Having not ever played this card, it is still something to watch, as it's cheat mechanic with the weapon equipment is very powerful. Like Spirit, it requires it being in hand, and a significant cost to get it into play, and significantly hard to obtain at the moment, which may have it sitting pretty for a fairly long time. My suggested change would be to have the Troika Blades discard play, also force Triolith to enter play exhausted, delaying it's effectiveness for one turn.

      Slithering Marauder AA (Browser link): Potentially too powerful with other card combinations. This card is hard to access because it is Kickstarter Exclusive, but it may not stand the test of time, given the ways we can support it now with cards, like Succumb to Madness. My suggested change would be to put a cap on the negative cost of the card, so that the modified base cost for a Slithering Marauder, from actions in the crypt, never falls below 2 resources.

      Phenteo's Gift with Terror Tined Tunic: The recursion to some individuals, seems too powerful, with too many advantages. My personal thoughts on this, is that it is fine, and fun to play with. However, it is in a space, and top tier deck, that could make it the next hate target for a nerf. The Recursion mechanic will likely be targeted, in some way. My suggested change would be: Change Chest equipment to say: "While this is in the crypt: When a Terrorantula enters play under your control, put this from your crypt into your hand. It gets, "When you play this, draw a card, then void this""

      Fateweave (Replicator's Gambit, and War Machinist removed from list - focus on mechanic)

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    • S Tier:

      KototheMage's Spirit of Mill: HexTCG Browser FRA Mill
      Consistency = A Tier (Turn 4 or 5 wins almost every time)
      Affordability = A Tier (Budget variation is just as strong, and fits within guidelines)
      Specialization = S Tier (Only 2 real bad matchups - Archon of Nulzann, and Burly Botanist)
      Hogarth = S Tier (Has a fairly easy time with Hogarth due to number of 1 drops, and Spirit's)
      Additional Notes: You can find all the equipment and main cards in Frost Arena loot and Campaign. So that might reduce the price if you're willing to farm for it. / Budget Version. / Alternate version without Cult

      Artifaction's Horrorcrafted Dreams
      C = S
      A = S
      S = A
      H = S
      Additional Notes: Tested - There are a few bad match-ups, but the win-timer is consistent. Archon of Nulzann, Burly Botanist (Enter the Dream is a constant), and Cheesesmythe stole the perfect.

      Nico's Cloud Shift Host
      C = A (Borderline S)
      A = S
      S = S
      H = S
      Verdant's Kirov Reporting Variation /

      Stormshard's Empress of Slaughter
      C = S
      A = A
      S = S
      H = A (or S?)

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    • A Tier:

      Artifaction's Z-Mill
      C = A
      A = A
      S = S
      H = C
      Additional Notes: I really like the Wrathwood Colossus tech(Nico). Because the deck requires resources to self bury it's not as good against Hogarth as Enter the Dream based decks but it still can win. Being an aggro deck with built in board clearing most encounters are all beatable.

      Fomies Mim's
      C = A
      A = A
      S = S
      H = A
      Additional Notes: The main objective is to play Angel of Foresight (which has both equipment) then start creating a huge number of copies eventually while countering or bouncing everything the opponent does. It rarely wins quickly but it does win a lot except against the fastest starts.
      Nico's Variation / Proof of concept / Wolzarg's Infinity Angel

      Artifaction's Sapphire Control
      C = A
      A = A
      S = S
      H = S

      Sethanon's Banner of Blood
      C = A
      A = S
      S = A
      H = A
      Additional Notes: Never give up, you can completely turn around game in 1 turn especially if you have Regular or Hunger out! You can save troops in your hand if you plan to play Banner on turn 3.

      Artifaction's Papa Goot's Ardent Assault
      C = A
      A = S
      S = A
      H = B

      KototheMage's Plant Dreams
      C = A
      A = B
      S = A
      H = A

      Sethanon's Optimal Termination
      C = A
      A = B
      S = S
      H = A
      Additional Notes: Optimatron or Regie are main win conditions. Skarns fuel the deck, Phoenixes support the finishing blows. All equipment is basically essential for the deck to work. You can often achieve turn 2 kills if your opponent is unlucky and draws Regie (even against elites, bosses or Hogarth). Ruby Ice can manipulate card draw for Skarn. Pop acorns if you need additional edge against bosses, it can mean turn 1 speed Regie or turn 2 Optimatron!

      Styk's Feast
      C = A
      A = A
      S = S
      H = B

      Artifaction's Dark Ritual
      C = A
      A = S
      S = A
      H = A
      Amostephil's variation / Wolzarg's Bloodweenie

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    • Anyways, here's my list mill list.
      HexTCG Browser FRA Mill

      Consistency = it's as consistent as a deck can be, since I havent lost en encounter since I completed the list and I've done about 20 runs since. I've destroyed 2 Zakiirs and 1 Uruu with it as if they were starting bosses. So it is consistent.
      Affordability = can't say it's exactly cheap. the price is around 6k plat but I'm working on the budget version that I'll post later.
      Specialization = the strategy changes on some bosses, for example Archon. We dont mill, we kill with Tarantulas.
      Hogarth = S tier.
      Overall Tier Rating = A tier. It has everything but price on its side.

      Additional Notes: You can find all the equipment and main cards in Frost Arena loot and Campaign. So that might reduce the price if you're willing to farm for it.
    • I'll just add another voice to Koto's, as I am currently only running his deck. I have not found an impossible encounter yet. Also not lost a single encounter since I started using the deck. Elite Hogarth was pretty easy. You absolutely need to know what to mulligan for and against who, but after that the deck can beat anything, no problem. I'm sure I will lose at some point, but I already know that it is only possible with incredibly bad luck.
    • I'd give Koto's deck an A or S class tier rating. Hard to say, but turn 4 is fairly consistent for wins. I am still missing some cards, so can't fully evaluate - but will upload his list to A class now. This list is for your submissions, so I will use your ratings, but want to make sure we give it a fair shot. I think it may be our first S class. Coach's Succumb deck might as well go to S class as well.

      I am also going to add a PvE card and equipment watch list now, so we can kind of track cards that may end up getting nerfed, so there is no shock to people in the future. It will be in the second half of the second post.

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      This is missing 4 relentless dead not sure why tcg browser won't let me add it.
      Equipment includes Rotting Away chest piece, Raving Ghoul cleaver, Contract Killing quick action trinket. and Relentless dead boots

      Main focus is to get the succubus to die giving her seathcry ability to either minion or raving ghoul, can even use rotting away on own troops to activate the ability, and keep them coming back.

      First run made it to final boss of tier 4 but lost to that crypt queen due to not knowing her deck.
      Had one successful run with perfect tiers until i hit tier 4 where I lost twice but beat elite phenteo with one go.
      This deck is very flexible with how it executes it's victories, from an army of 6/6 flying demons, to beefed of voracious and relentless zombies, or lethal undead. All loses incured with this deck was mostly due to my error or lack of shards. the deck was never overwhelmed and kept pace with everyother deck it faced.

      If you want to feel like you are actually fighting the AI at it's best this deck does provide those back and forth epic battles.

      C=C but it keeps pace very well so no worries if you go past 6 turns
      A=S according to TCG it's 47 though minion of the yuzukan tends to be higher, vampire king and prince are not necessary and can be replaced with cheaper flier or life gain
      S=S All fights I felt I was putting up a decent fight, did not feel overwhelmed
      H=NA Have not encountered yet, lethal may help with ice golem and an early contract could buy me time with his starting minion, think it would have a fair shot