Issues from patch

    • Issues from patch

      Since the Arena, I've had a few small issues and one major issue:

      • Numerous cards either have the art from a different card (Such as looking like Spiderlings) after transforming. This was most noticeable against Princess Cory in Frostheart Arena, where several of his cards looked like my own (Picture and stats), but if I right-clicked on them, they showed the correct picture and stats.
      • One of his cards showed a weird grid of several small images after transforming.
      • Against the Thorn Night in PvE, when using my primary hero, I realized I was going to lose. I clicked the options button, and clicked concede... And was greeted with the Victory screen, and received the rewards exactly as if I'd beaten him fair and square.
      • But my biggest issue is that my Baxoth of Korru Mercenary now crashes the game whenever I select him. I got the message to fix his Gems, did so, and saved. But I've never been able to select him for any battle without crashing the game now.
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    • HEXahedron wrote:

      Regarding the crash in the last issue. Could you please contact Support and provide your crash log and output log? It will help us determine what the error might be.
      Will do tonight.

      EDIT: Wait, there won't be an error message. Screen will go black (As if it's loading), but it will never stop loading. It just sits like that until I kill the game myself.
      Never shift in to reverse without a backup plan.