Aquiring Cards

    • BrokenBozu wrote:

      Which is better for gaining new cards for my collection, Evo Sealed or Draft? I'm leaving Sealed out because it requires far more packs than the others, but if it's a viable option, please let me know
      Rate of acquisition, cost, and player skill all factor into what is "best."

      Evo Sealed - Low Skill / Low Cost / Low Rate- For a low skilled player this is probably the best option. At even one win you can potentially walk away with more rares than the number of packs put in. Rare drafting isn't particularly viable at the start of a set as most people won't pass even junk rares, and you can easily go 0-3 and get nothing if you don't draft well. Issues with evo are that its extremely hard to go infinite (even for a skilled player), and the acquisition rate is fairly low.

      Draft - High skill / Variable Cost / Moderate Rate- This is often the best option for high skill players. Its by far the easiest format to go infinite and its possible for some people to build playsets for free. However, for every one person doing that there are probably 2-3 people paying a moderate amount to acquire cards. I put this at a slightly faster rate of getting cards than EVO because you have a choice in what you take (someone can pass you a low value card you still need).

      Sealed - Moderate to High Skill / High Cost / High Rate - This is generally for the people who want to grind out a playset as fast as possible. Its not cost effective at all and you will find a lot of sharks.
    • Thanks for the info, and I appreciate the advice. From what you're telling me, Draft seems like the best place to be. I guess I should probably stick to Evo for a couple weeks until I learn the tricks that the set has to offer. I'm not very good at cohesive deck building, but my combat tricks are solid. Hopefully it'll be enough to get me where I need to go.
    • I'd say start with evo to familiarize yourself with the card pool of this limited format, see what works in what archetype, for 100 plat you only need 1 win to already be positive ( you opened your 2 packs, and won a third with your first win = 200 plat but costed only 100, the entry fee ) and from there 3 wins is fairly common to get, so it's easy to walk away with 4 rares/legendaries for your 100 plat entry fee and bringing two packs in.

      Also the feel of progression when you earn a pack in evo is pretty gratifying, it plays a lot in my personnal liking of this format. Sometimes you play an archetype at the beginning because it's the only remotely playable with your starting pool, then you earn 1 win and open a great pack with a bomb and playable commons.uncommons and end up playing a different archetype with more success, until the third win, etc.

      My advice would be : each time you earn a pack in evo, even if you're already feeling you current deck, empty the deck builders, and make another complete review of what cards you have.

      Each 1st and third win, give yourself the opportunity to make the best deck your pool can offer.
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    • My advice for what it is worth, if you want certain cards for pve or constructed is to just buy them. If you want long term limited casual fun play, then there is nothing wrong with either draft or evo. But with draft it will likely take you multiple bashes to the head before you get pretty good.