Reserves in FRA

    • Reserves in FRA

      There's been a fair amount of feedback over time regarding Reserves in Dungeons/Campaign Dungeons. Personally, I think Mercs solve the problem in Dungeons, but FRA is an issue, especially with some of the new fights. There could some merit to integrating Mercs to FRA as well, but that could trivialize some of the fights.

      For the regular/elite enemies, balance discussion aside, you lose and you move on. For the bosses, however, I feel that you should be able to slot in some reserves after a loss. My biggest example would be Myrym and her starting out with 4 random cards in her crypt. I'd really like to (after my first loss to her) slot in Gravebane vials. Yes, I'd be stuck with them until I next lose to a boss (or the mechanic can revert your deck after the boss fight, whatever seems the most fair) but at least I don't have to keep counters in my deck for every possible situation.

      Right now the most 'consistent' decks for FRA 2.0 seem to be ones that don't care what the opponent is doing at all, and play solitaire to win, so I think some sort of reserve system could make more types of decks viable.