Pinned Known Issues

    • Known Issues

      • When your opponent plays a card that grants you a target selection, once accepted you may not back out
      • Scrounge ability voids troops after the card resolves rather than when played
      • Troops that have lost Deathcries from X-Shot abilities are still considered to have "Deathcries" by cards like Plague and Famine and Lady Violet Blightbark
      • 5 min inactivity timer is not displaying the victory or defeat screen

      PvP Cards

      Grave Nibbler
      • Grave Nibbler is inconsistently being buffed by effects like Soul Armaments, Command Tower, etc.
      Ripple of Janai'ngo AA
      • Ripple of Janai'ngo AA isn't increasing its bold number value from Assault
      Waylay AA
      • Waylay AA isn't increasing bold number value from Assault
      Flame Barrage AA
      • Flame Barrage AA isn't visually increasing bold number value from when you play an action
      Locke of the pack AAA
      • Locke of the pack AAA is missing rarity and cannot be found within the auction house
      • Mushwocky isn't triggering Deathcry effects when it sacrifices
      Heartsworn Caller AA
      • Heartsworn Caller AA's faction symbol is missing

      PvE Cards and Equipment

      Scion of Lyvaanth AA
      • Scion of Lyvaanth AA is not being modified by equipment Long Wick
      Lyvaanth AA
      • Lyvaanth AA Is not being modified by equipment Waxed Wingtips
      Twilight Scout
      • Twilight Scout Gloves aren't modifying Twilight Scout
      Twilight Watcher
      • Twilight Visor is not correctly modifying Twilight Watcher
      Brighthammer Adept
      • Brighthammer Barbute modifying Brighthammer Adept is not granting Candlekin that enter play socketed powers or momentum
      Sylvan Springs
      • Sylvan storm slippers isn't correctly modifying Sylvan Springs
      • Vaarician's ability isn't working
      • Dinglewand can only create Copycat and Holiday
      Underworld Reinforcements
      • Underworld Reinforcements isn't playing underworld troops from the top of your deck

      • Kismet Vampire packs are appearing on the Adventure Pack tab and display the wrong contents
      • Decks are missing their summary description

      • Accessing the store or auction house and then proceeding to press the back button once won't close the overlying window.
      • Not able to extend card art while inside campaign card collection
      • Created socket-able troops may gain older set gems
      • Crazed Rummager encounter terrain effect "Rummage" and "Rummage" like effects aren't triggering in the correct order
      • Tunneled Wormoid Queen is causing equipped Seismic Pounder to cease functioning
      • Pressing Spacebar to proceed through a victory screen and then pressing it ONCE in the loading screen will cause the loading screen to stay and require relog
      Champions and Mercenaries
      • Upgraded Corporal Hadrian's "As Fast as I Can" ability does not affect troops that were given Mobilize by Corporal Hadrian's "Get Moving!" ability
      • Upgraded Vlastislav the Deathless's transform ability is intended as a one-shot
      • Ho'ten To'ta's party passive is not functioning
      • Kikaku's passive ability Scrape and Scour is triggering out of order
      • Fortune buffs from Gaal Camps do not currently display while in an encounter
      • Eye of a Sniper has the incorrect prerequisites
      Frost Ring Arena
      • Pressing Spacebar at summary after a completed run causes a "Player does not own arena" error and prevents rewards from that run from being viewed (rewards are still earned)
      • Plinths do not appear on the Frostlock Battleboard
      • May not be able to view rewards because losing the third match of a Frostring run causes Challenge AI prompt to appear

      User Interface
      • Indicator for value of X paid for cards on the chain does not display
      • Animation for Empower does not play
      • Card portrait of cards visible at start of PvE match might show incorrect art
      • Battleboard selections saved to decks don't carry over to constructed tournaments
      • EA cards with passive effects are becoming unextended after their effect resolves
      • Unable to select default sleeves
      • Copy and Delete deck buttons within the "Choose Deck" window currently don't function
      • AA Scion of Lyvaanth and certain animated cards are showing double count in collection
      • Frostlock animation is not anchored properly and the sleeve shows no image
      Auction House
      • Cheapest Only button is no longer visible in the auction house
      • Chat bubbles periodically visually glitch for a moment
      • Text sometimes loads as low-resolution
      Inventory Stash
      • Some stash items are missing their set icon
      • When receiving different currency attachments from multiple mails, those values visually appear to carry over
      Pack Opening
      • PvE packs obtained in certain ways cannot be opened in multiples
      • Tooltips showing collection information are missing on cards in the tournament rewards window
    • Playstation Known Issues

      North America Ver.
      • Unable to observe cards in your hand during the Mulligan prompt
      • Battleboard selections saved to decks don't carry over to constructed tournaments
      • Deck validation warning for socketable cards is not removed when a recently added socketable card is gemmed
      • Counters are not displaying on cards