Pinned Known Issues

  • Known Issues

    Issues new to Frostheart patch are displayed in red

    • Most cards with multiple effects still resolve if all of their targets become invalid

    PvP Cards

    Grave Nibbler
    • Inconsistently being buffed by effects like Soul Armaments, Command Tower, etc.
    Coralcove Witch
    • When played as a response her triggered abilities don't resolve in the correct order.
    Kismet's Dice
    • Kismet's Dice does not properly evaluate the cost of cards with X in the cost

    PvE Cards and Equipment

    • Gnawed on Armbands do not modify Mawstorm
    • Card hyperlinks in talents do not function
    • Fortune buffs from Gaal Camps do not currently display while in an encounter
    • Eye of a Sniper has the incorrect prerequisites

    Frost Ring Arena
    • Pressing Spacebar at summary after a completed run causes a "Player does not own arena" error and prevents rewards from that run from being viewed (rewards are still earned)

    User Interface
    • Indicator for value of X paid for cards on the chain does not display
    • Card images are sometimes too large for the reveal window
    • Zooming in on a card in the reveal window does not dim other cards in the reveal window
    • Animation for Empower does not play
    • Image for counters is partially cut-off while card is exhausted
    • Card portrait of cards visible at start of PvE match might show incorrect art
    • Animated sleeves display at half-size in tournament deck building screens
    Auction House
    • Cheapest Only button is no longer visible in the auction house
    • Chat bubbles periodically visually glitch for a moment
    • Text sometimes loads as low-resolution
    Inventory Stash
    • A five shards entry ticket token incorrectly displays in your stash, this is tracking game wins for Draft Sleeve prizes
    • Some stash items are missing their set icon
    • Images of attached cards are too small
    Pack Opening
    • There's a blocky pink texture when opening an uncommon chest
    • PvE packs obtained in certain ways cannot be opened in multiples
    • Rewards tab and pop-up for Hex Primal Immortal Queue victory does not display (rewards are granted properly)
    • Tooltips showing collection information are missing on cards in the tournament rewards window