Finally account level 100!!! WTS GOLD (1,502,655 and counting...) AND OTHER SPOILS

    • Finally account level 100!!! WTS GOLD (1,502,655 and counting...) AND OTHER SPOILS

      For the last couple weeks I've been hitting account daily experience caps trough great machine graveyard farming. I wanted to get to account level 100 before the release of set 7 and get the scars of war primal and the draft ticket.
      The first consequence of this is I now have 1,502,655 gold (and counting as I'm now focused on my secondary account which is still at level 46)
      A long time ago I made myself the promise of not spending money to buy platinum (I still support the game with vip) and I've been able to keep it by selling cards (the last time I bought plat was in the early days of hex drafting, was it in 2014? I don't remember exactly...).
      So now that we are at the gates of a new set, I find myself with 1,502,655 gold and just 587 plat with little time to sell cards before the release event and thats why i'm selling part of the spoils from these days of farming:
      • 1,502,655* gold
      • 3 drak heart of nulzann AA
      • 106* captured flag
      • 44* spore ball hightops
      • 31* wiktor's spoil
      • 182* great machine graveyard packs
      * not final numbers as I keep farming while writting this :D

      FOR GOLD BUYERS: I'll be taking offers until set 7 release day, but be warned: I WON'T ACCEPT RATIOS THAT MAKE ME FEEL I'M LOOSING "GOLD" IN THE EXCHANGE, I still have lots of chests from sets 4, 5 and 6 to spin or I could buy kismet packs and sell them for plat.

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    • Sold 3M+ gold over last few days at 1:225. It seems to be the fair rate for gold atm.
      You could try 1:220 but the it is very hard to find buyers. then..

      1,5M gold is 6666p at (1:225)

      1,5M gold is 6818p at (1:220)

      I think it would have taken me many extra hour to get the last 151p. So I sold for 1:225.
    • the ratio I had in mind is somewhere between 1:195 (based on kismet reserve oni pack) and 1:105 (based on kismet reserve silver talon pack).
      Of course those are not "instant" as it means I have to buy kismet packs and wait to sell them for platinum so I could go up to 1:200 but not any further
    • From ONI Kismat packs was interduce untill today only 75 packs have been sold in AH for at total of 6771 plat.
      75 ONI pack costed 75*15000 = 1125000 gold

      Gold per plat 1125000 / 6771 = 166.1 gold / plat which is good.

      Atm most big players have the Oni pack they need so on average you might sell like 1 oni pack per day so maybe 3 months to sell 1,5M gold wotrth of oni- packs...
      That is if oneone sell oni.packs ofcause,,,

      145 of the kismet reserve packs have been sold in AH so far for a total of 26077p
      Gold per plat 145 *30 000 / 26077 = 166.8 gold / plat which is also good. AH also sell 1 or 2 reserve-packs pack per day...

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