Fully Equipped – The Tackle Box

    • My budget version:
      1x Gruesome dead for a Sneakblade (only got three)

      Replaced Monsuum, P.R.O.M.P.T and 2x Wakizashi Ambusher (got only one :)) with:
      4x Profane Ritualist
      2x Necrophage Sensei
      2x Nori (Minor Blood Orb of Intimidation)

      Also 4x Necropolis Coin instead of shards.
      I did make a perfect run with it (I restarted when lost first fight to Nelebrin Guy who ramped to 5 on turn two...)
      Coin were not always okay, so maybe two less for more consistency. Perhaps replace one Nori and one or two Ritualists with Xentoth's Hunger.

      Some tricks:
      -run battle hoppers/lackeys into blockers if you have Sneakblade out and don't need them otherwise
      -contract kill your own troops for ramp or to stop them from killing you
    • I don't like Contract kill vs Elite Hogarth.
      Its nice when they are ~1 cost void removals, but he has that one horse that gives everything cost +5.
      And if you start with one in hand you are gonna have to eat 4 damage on top of the 10 damage from the rage troops he starts with. (Assuming you don't have spirit of retribution.)

      Tunneling is probably the way to go.

      Fissuresmith deals with both of Elite Hogarths starting rage troops for the same cost.