HexPrimal Immortal Championship Series Tournament #2 Feedback

    • HexPrimal Immortal Championship Series Tournament #2 Feedback

      Hello Hexers!

      Alucard here - Snake, The Motivation, and myself have been extremely excited to bring you the HexPrimal Immortal Championship Series.

      There are many tournaments to come, so we want your feedback!

      Please let us know what we can do to help improve the viewing experience. We want this to be an awesome event for the community and we want you to be a part of this tournament series just as much as we are. So in this forum thread, please give us your honest feedback on what more you want during the cast or how we can improve things! We'll also draw some sweet playsets of Dragons for those who provide us with some quality feedback! The prizes you can win are:

      Playset of Jadiim
      Playset of Zakiir
      Playset of Tiaanost
      Playset of Zeedu
      Playset of Uruunaz

      The deadline for the contest will be end of day June 24th.

      If you would like to email feedback, feel free to email snaketournaments@gmail.com with your comments.


      Snake, The Motivation, and Alucard

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    • Giving away playsets of me? HOW DARE YOU!

      Coverage has been great so far. Maybe have some pre-prepped deck-tech video to play when you take a break? Even without a specific person just a "here is the grandfather elk deck, typical card choices, synergies, game plan"
    • I liked everything that was on the broadcast. I do think that possibly, for privacy reasons since there are big prizes, that maybe the names should be hidden with the replay feature until Hex Entertainment comes up with a solution for people watching the broadcast that are in the tournament getting some information about their potential match-ups. I understand it's a feature and that it's to be used for broadcasting and youtube content specifically but until there is a definitive solution or just a "That's the way it is" thing form Hex Entertainment that hiding names might just be the thing to do. That's just my opinion though :D.

      Other than that small criticism I did enjoy the casters, the games that were picked and that you did select some games that players shouted out at you to show as well.

      -Chadahelmsley aka Yukito5254 on Twitch
    • Great cast. Not a whole lot of feedback.

      1. It appeared that the casters were pausing the replay so they could get their commentary in. That took away from the inherent excitement that occurs when commentary is real time.
      2. I'd like to see card discussion during the run of a game which would need a card overlay that the casters could pull up during the stream. When you've seen the same decktype multiple times, card critique could make it more interesting.
      3. Would have loved Alucard on the mic to announce chat winners....raffles could have easily been run/announced between matches.

      Keep up the fantastic work - Snake, TM and Alu!
    • The coverage has been great so far considering how young the tournament is.

      I'd love it if there were at least two streams that showcased different matches so we had some variety, but that could probably wait for a bigger viewerbase.

      I agree that deck techs would be an interesting addition during breaks, showcasing them outside of the articles we see them in by having players writing up short explanations for the deck.

      I'm glad that the casters have little to no dead air whilst casting, makes the stream that much more enjoyable to listen to.
    • Really enjoying it.

      Deck techs were my one idea for improvement.. I do realise it's a lot of extra work to prepare that though and the article on the hexprimal website rather pre-empted that too. Talking about the cards that don't make it in and why is always illuminating.

      The interview at the start was excellent.. so maybe just get some more people to come in between matches and discuss things a little more generally than than the play-by-play.

      Talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the various decks; which one you reckon is favoured in a match and why is good.
    • I thought the stream was enjoyable as is. One thing you guys might want to try to do is to have updated standings in the stream so we can get a better sense of how the event is going.

      edit: while you do go over the points on the stream already as well as showing the standings from the client, maybe something a little more visually clear.
    • It's been great coverage so far - impressive commentating stamina, guys!
      Replay beta is working well, I think.

      Minor suggestions:
      > More shots of scoreboards would be nice, between matches (do appreciate outside replay system).
      > Maybe have the current giveaway word & prize up somewhere, like some other streamers do.
      Member of The Unnamed Council - the Hex TCG PvE Guild
    • Valoisian wrote:

      1. It appeared that the casters were pausing the replay so they could get their commentary in. That took away from the inherent excitement that occurs when commentary is real time.
      I would second this, even if you can play the first turns at half-speed (if possible) that would make it a bit more lively compared to a paused game.
      Instead of evaluating the hand while paused, then just "yup, he plays a shard and passes the turn", you could combine them like "x starting out with a slow shard since he no one drop. He'll need to draw that ruby soon if he wants to play the Outlaw next turn. Turn passes to player y".
      Do you use that last sentence (x passed the turn) to indicate the other commentator can start talking?

      In the match now playing, you are both are explaining both starting hands, so I would suggest each pick a side, so you get a bit back and forth and avoid repeating the same thing.
      On the other hand Snake doing more play-by-play and the Motivation about the bigger picture (like the Underworld dying taking life downside) is also a valid division of talking.

      Minor tech note, perhaps try to reduce echo on the Motivations sound? Sounds like he is sitting in a empty room.

      Anyway, thanks for doing the coverage, fun to watch!
    • I'm not sure if this kind of coverage is good for the game.

      Normal streamers can't compete with you - they can't show their opponent's hands. As a result, the official stream gets nearly all of the viewers. Right now, it has 113 viewers and no one else is even in double digits. This makes it harder for aspiring streamers to become successful; instead of big tournaments being prime opportunities to get large numbers of viewers, they become times when they shouldn't even bother streaming (as no one will be watching.)
    • Really enjoying the coverage. I have a difficult time seeing the cards sometimes though. When cards have their full art unlocked or when they have a lot of text it would be nice if the broadcast could bring those up for viewers to see or at least read the effect when they are played (this sometimes happens and it's great!)
    • I like coverage in general, cool commenting. What could be better? I don't know is it technical limitations, but did replay resolution could be higher? And it seems like replays have about 20 fps or something like this, could it be more smooth?
      But overall very entertaining? thanks guys.
    • First off, thanks for taking the time to cast it was cool seeing other immortal decks. My only feedback is that a greater diversity of decks especially those unique to immortal would make the stream a lot more interesting. While I don't begrudge anyone who plays mono sapphire to win, it's not nearly as exciting/interesting to watch compared to a lot of the shenanigans that other immortal decks pull like the brilliant tactician/one-eye-open deck that use cards that have rotated from standard as opposed to a list that is nearly completely standard legal.
    • Enjoyed the cast.

      My comments below are from the perspective of being relatively new to the game.

      I did like the pausing for commentary, and explanations...would like little deck tech slides if possible. I don't know how far in advance people register or send their decks in, so I realize this may not be practical for preparation. So if you can't do deck techs, the pause and commentary is great. Again, I understand more experienced players may find this wearisome, but if one of the goals is to draw new players and viewers in, I think the more explanation the better.

      In that same vein, agree with others about zooms on the cards more that you are discussing would be nice . I don't know how the replay works, if you can zoom in while paused then that's easy. Might be hard for you to be ready with overlays, but if replay doesn't support it then maybe you could figure out how to on demand display large overlay versions of a card that is the center of the conversation at the moment.
    • Although I did not participate in the tournament, I was having a great time watching the content. I'm so happy there are more tournaments outside of the FiveShards, and I'm sure that other FiveShards members would agree.

      A suggestion I have could be going in depth about tech from previous Immortal tournaments. For example, you can take the top 8 list from last tournament and give a brief overview of each of the decks and how they work. Especially before Round 1 ends so that there is more commentary going on. I always enjoy hearing opinions of decks and the commentators going in depth explaining the intricacies of how a deck functions.

      In regards to commentary, I think the team did a fair job. I really want to see the team push a fantasy draft, but it has become difficult to actually create one since players are unable to actually pick their team without knowing who is playing in the tournament, until it starts. However, maybe something can be worked out. For example, players have the ability to actually see the tournament standings at round 1. Then before Round 1 is over the players could ship off their fantasy team (of 5-6?) players.

      Finally, I want to see more of a predictive analysis on what potential decks may be seen today. Or talking statistics of how many of X deck was played last time. Commentary is good and all, but having these little additions would be amazing. You are then being more engaged with the community and speaking to the watcher. I lost interest sometimes not because of the commentators, but because different content was lacking.
    • I liked the shoutcasting, thumbs up at TheMotivation and SilentSnake76 for that.

      Some notes on the stream:
      -The current standing of the contestants should be shown with a little score note somewhere.

      -You could advertise the current giveaways on screen and mention the name of the winners, like most streamers do.

      And maybe it was just because i watched from round 4 onward but I don't remember seeing a single saphire deck so maybe you could promote some matches that are not top 32 :P to show of some decks with cool ideas that are not successful and explain why you think they aren t in the current immortal meta. This might not be that easy since u cant see the shards of a deck beforehand and so on but the replay mode is a beta and can still be expanded^^

      I dont know if the feature is planned for the replay mode but giving the players the choice to anonymize their names instead of giving that choice to the shoutcaster might be a thing too.
    • I really liked your casting!
      I love the replay feature and how it allows you to pause and talk about the game and then start up the next match when you're ready. I thought it looked very smooth and didn't think it took away from the excitement at all.

      As other have said, it would be cool to have card zoom-ins, some deck tech specials (if you get the lists beforehand) and I agree that Alucard should be shouting out the raffle winners \o/
      I dropped in half-way so that might be why but I didn't have a good sense of who were fighting over what position in the leaderboard, perhaps that could be improved on by having little overviews of what places are fighting each other and where the winner would end up in the rankings.

      Thank you guys for the great stream!
    • Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback. We're really appreciative of your help in trying to make a better experience for everyone. I do want to explain and clarify a few points:

      1) We are somewhat limited by the function of the replay feature. Right now, the natural pace of the replay feature is to move at around 2-3x faster than actual game play. Imagine if F10 was on the entire time but cards are still being played at that speed. It does not record the amount of time players are thinking about their moves. It simply just races through their turns. So in order to control the pace of the replay feature, Snake was actively pausing the match to create the pace (props to Snake by the way!). If we had the option for the replay feature to play out matches in real time, we would. The replay feature is in beta and we're appreciative for what we have currently. We know that HXE will be working on improving the feature over time, so I'm sure this won't be a problem in the future, but is an issue in the short term.

      We decided that the value that the replay feature added by showing both players' hands outweighs watching streamers play through their matches in real time, but not seeing the opponent's hands. Plus we could showcase a lot of different players.

      2) We had actually prepared some deck techs just like we showed back in April. We opted not to show them because it seemed like everyone was appreciating jumping into the action and with the replay feature...it's so easy to do that. We'll definitely take your advice to heart here and give Snake and TM some time to rest, but slow the pace of matches and provide some cool deck techs for the next tournament.

      3) The Immortal Championship Series tournaments only happen once every 2 months. While we did have awesome prize support from HexPrimal for this tournament, at the end of the day the cast is about the game and the players and not the prizes. We don't want it to feel like a regular stream. We want it to be a big community event that people can rally around and enjoy! We want it to be professional. Our intention is to do our part in helping build up Hex as an e-Sport. So while it's convenient for those watching on twitch to see something show up on screen or to announce big giveaways, we feel strongly that we don't want to interrupt the flow of the cast for them.

      We've also seen some great suggestions that I know we can improve on as well (showing more standings, improving the video quality of the cast, etc.) There are some great suggestions out there and if you have any comments on what I've said above or anything else, we'd love to hear them. Keep getting that feedback in and thanks for being such an awesome community!