The Unnamed Council - Relaxed yet Organized PvE

    • The Unnamed Council - Relaxed yet Organized PvE

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      What kind of Guild is this?

      TUC is a community-centric Hex guild which focuses on PvE raids,
      deckbuilding and dungeon crawling. We are a friendly international
      community of both professional and non-professional players who seek to
      enjoy Hex in a non-competitive manner.

      We are one of the oldest founding Guilds, starting on the Cryptozoic
      forums during pre-alpha development in 2013. We created TUC to serve as a
      base and home for all friendly PvE interested players. It's a place to
      relax and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

      It's also a place to master PvE. We want to fully explore every dungeon,
      find every secret, loot every piece of gear. We want to build amazing
      combo PvE decks and share that knowledge. We want to team up with others
      and take down a tough opponent. Most of all we want to have a blast
      doing it.

      Will you be taking part in PvP and tournaments?

      Absolutely, especially as the current closed beta is pure PvP!

      In the future our main focus will be on PvE gameplay, however right now
      members are playing PvP draft constantly and can represent the Guild
      officially in organised tournaments if they wish. We've also got some
      great events lined up to get the most out of Beta.

      We also plan to take part in friendly inter-guild tournaments from time to time.

      How are you run? What are your ranks?

      We run TUC as a diplomatic tiered council, with the most active members being given more responsibility.

      The Inner Council is TUC's leadership and decision making body.
      They are TUC's administrators who manage the Guilds services and sites
      and resolve and decide upon matters which affect the entire Guild. They
      are frequently advised by the Patrons.

      Patrons are TUC's guild officers. They are responsible for
      interacting with the community, running guild events, helping out with
      recruitment and forum moderation. They are generally our most active and
      vibrant members of the community.

      Acolytes are our general members. A Guild is nothing without a
      community behind it and we are proud to build a community of friendly
      players. Acolytes game together, chat on the forums, share ideas and
      take part in our events. They also control our rate of Guild growth -
      they endorse our trial members for advancement after getting to know

      Initiates are our new trial members. After signing up they can
      access the Guild forums and immediately jump into the game with us. TUC
      uses a 'Advancement through Community Feedback' approach to promoting
      full members.

      Guild Mentors are among some of our most veteran players. They
      support the community by offering advice on deckbuilding, gameplay
      strategy and by helping train new players.

      You have a Guild website?

      We most certainly do, built by ourselves and privately funded. No annoying adverts! No fees!

      Thinking of joining our community? Several of our forums, including our
      General Hex Discussion, are publicly visible. This means you can preview
      some of the forums to get our sense of our community before committing
      to an application form.

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      • 10% Guild-wide PvE EXP boost
      • Extensive Guild forums - with private member only areas
      • Guild Only Deck building analysis and discussions
      • Private 60 Slot Teamspeak Voice Server
      • Guild Webchat and private Instant Messaging
      • Private trade forum
      • Multiple & enthusiastic Raid Leader members
      • Internal Guild email and thread notifications
      • Regular Guild Events and internal event reminders
      • Occasional grand prize events & tournaments!
      • Dedicated guild officers and admin team
      • Guild rewards, roles and accolades
      • Individual user gaming profiles
      • Rank advancement through Community feedback
      • Official Steam Gaming Group
      • TUC Nintendo Gaming Wing
      • TUC Twitter! #HexTUC

      This looks great, how do I join?

      We will need you to head on over to our site and submit an online application.
      An admin will review this to check that you fit in with our Guild
      values before accepting you as a new Council Initiate. You may or may
      not be asked an additional question, be sure to keep an eye on your

      Accepted Initiates have access to most of the forums, the voice server
      and can game with us. After you have received ten recommendations from
      existing Guild Members you will be advanced to full membership and have
      access to all of the guild events and resources.

      So why do we have this system in place if we are a relaxed Guild?

      Our application form acts as a buffer between people who do not wish to
      communicate maturely and our regular members. In other words, it blocks
      casual trolls as it requires a little time to fill out.

      The trial period is to absolutely ensure that we are accepting friendly,
      mature and active Hex players into our community. We want our members
      to be proud of their Guild and most importantly we want them to enjoy
      being a part of it. [Blocked Image:]

      Anything else I should be aware of?

      Yes, by signing up you agree to follow our Guild Rules of Conduct. Please read through these before submitting an application.

      Actually, I have some Questions...

      Feel free to ask below, we regularly check this thread. You can also
      publicly use our shoutbox on the guild site or drop us an email to

      Thank you for your interest in the Unnamed Council! We hope to game with you soon.
      Dungeon Crawler / Collector / Raid Leader

      AstaSyneri of Keep Hibbernathy - Former Officer of The Unnamed Council - the now defunct Hex TCG PvE Guild
    • This was copied over from the last two forums.

      Fact is - after three years of being a guild in a guild-less game we are still there and holding out for the promises to be realized. We still play Hex, we have some great games, but we also amuse ourselves with other coop games, or online roleplaying (the real kind, via virtual table-top).

      Real interactivity in Hex that is not purely limited/constructed PvP surely is just around the corner! :P
      Dungeon Crawler / Collector / Raid Leader

      AstaSyneri of Keep Hibbernathy - Former Officer of The Unnamed Council - the now defunct Hex TCG PvE Guild
    • Is there co-op PVE play in Hex? That's what I enjoy the most in a TCG. I miss those days of group MTG matches where we sit around circles of protection and then suddenly someone pulls a wrath of god, armageddon and an enduring renewal.

      So is this guild still active? I want to join up for that co-op play that's coming.

      I hate PvP because surely someone always have better cards than me.
    • Hello MoonDragn,

      Unfortunately, Co-op play and raids are not yet in-game. It is planned, but no ETA for the moment :/
      We're still very active in all aspects of the game, some in PVE with campaign and Frost Ring Arena while waiting, other with PVP and tournaments (I do both).

      Don't hesitate to go to our website, see if you want to submit an application (we're all waiting for the the guilds features!), or contact some of the admins like Asta, Greyhaven or Kurasa among others ;)
      The silent death always comes from behind... so you'd better watch your back!

      KS Dungeon Crawler / Pro Player -|- Member of The Unnamed-Council - the Hex TCG PvE Guild -|- Known Issues
    • As it turns out - in November our website will go defunct. With the state of the (PvE) game being the way it is, we'll send the guild off, deleting the guild before it happens. It's be a great community. Stay tuned for more information.
      Dungeon Crawler / Collector / Raid Leader

      AstaSyneri of Keep Hibbernathy - Former Officer of The Unnamed Council - the now defunct Hex TCG PvE Guild