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      Prismatic is a Community of winners. Our success derives from the core principles of the group.
      We strive to be the best we can be in all things we do, to be unified as a community, and of
      course, to have fun while doing it.

      We strongly believe in being a positive influence in the community. We encourage guildmates
      to become involved in the community and to have a positive impact on it. We recognize those
      who do become involved and go above and beyond simply "playing games" for entertainment.
      We are more than a group of people who are playing online games. We are a community and
      seek to have a positive influence on the world around us.

      These are the Goals, Values and Principles of our Community that govern us.
      This is the Prismatic Charter

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      Prismatic currently is focused into the game Hex: Shards of Fate (Hex). We do not limit members to only play Hex and
      we are open to exploring other gaming venues in the future.
      We value a United Community that listens to the opinions of it's members and is open to suggestions empowering everyone
      to speak their mind and respecting each other thus allowing us to better ourselves as individuals and as a whole.
      We aim to be an acknowledged and respected force within the competitive community in Hex.
      Prismatic is an Online Gaming community that focuses on the following aspects:
      • Community
        We aim to have long lasting friendships between all of our guildmates. Sharing knowledge, ideas and skills. Through
      • the diversity of our guildmates we learn and become better as people. We merge our strengths as one to overcome
      • potential pitfalls that face the gaming community. Uniting as a group of friends to achieve greater goals than those
      • of a single person (ie: Trading/Selling/Lending Cards).

      • Competition
        As a guild we populate the upper brackets of the ladder system and tournaments that are held within the game.
      • We playtest as a guild with one another to determine what is strong and to define the meta of the game.
      • If/When Raids are introduced as PVE content we will look into what we can do there.

      • Fun
        With the high level of competition we will achieve we also want to have fun and enjoy ourselves while we do it.
      • This includes doing PvE content and running tournaments with Uncommon formats such as Pauper, Singleton, Budget etc.

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      1. Personal/Real Life: While the guild is important you need to think about number one as well. Do not endanger yourself
      2. and don’t go bankrupt for the sake of the game/guild.
      3. Guild Unity: We expect all guildmates to respect one another and show a united front to onlookers. Guildmates should
      4. always be respectful to one another and if there is an issue it should be addressed to an Officer of the guild.
      5. Remember: we want to present ourselves as a cohesive community to the rest of the gaming community.
      6. Trade Secrets: There are plenty of tactics that are used to gain ethical edges in the game such as, deck builds,
      7. playstyles, generating income through the Auction House and statistical meta data.
      8. These techniques should not be shared outside of the guild to respect the privacy of fellow guildmates.
      9. Participation in all aspects of the game is important to us as a guild. This includes, but is not limited to, Tournaments,
      10. Current and Future PVE Content, Guild Events and supporting our streamers; it will show active participation and support of the guild.

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      Prismatic is a growing guild and community that seeks to populate the hardcore and casual Hex scenes. We accomplish this by providing both
      moral, testing, physical and digital support to our members. Be it lending cards, play-testing, chatting, trading, theory crafting
      or guild tournaments a Prismatic member has your back!

      Prismatic recruitment and almost all of our day to day activity is present on our Discord server.
      Our Discord is linked to the Official Hex Calendar, Hex updates and maintenance posts, forum news & announcements & HexTCG Twitter feed.

      To join our guild go to Discord and post your application in the apply chat. After you have been accepted you will be grated access to the rest of our Discord features.

      Thank you for your time <3

      Join Prismatic Today

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    • We have a large mix of PvE and PvP members, and even some that are just there to say hi. We recently have added some very friendly and competitive hex players to our ranks if that is your interest. Come in and say hi, no commitments!

      If you have any questions, PM or mail me in hex and I will be happy to answer!