Set 1 or 2 commons - Aimed towards new players

    • Set 1 or 2 commons - Aimed towards new players

      Selling 1x of each common card in set 1 or 2 for 150 platinum or 30,000 gold. Great for a new player or starting collector to begin deck building with. There are some nice staple commons in each of those sets that fit well with starter decks - Buccaneer, Kill, Crackling Bolt, Construct Foreman just to name a few.

      I have found the Auction house is not very new player friendly with prices crazy expensive for the basic foundation cards. I would like to try and give new players a chance to hit the ground running and not just hit and run with Hex, instead of having a bad taste in their mouth.

      I tried to be very fair with the price, close to a 1 platinum per card set up or 200 gold per card average.

      Would love to see all you new players stay and have a good time in the community.

      IGN: Illusions

      Thanks for your time.