Buy Platinum using out client store & a little info on Paypal

    • Buy Platinum using out client store & a little info on Paypal

      If you encounter the in game client keep spinning in the link up to paypal when trying to make your purchase.
      Try using the out client store.

      This has solved the issue for me, as might it do for you.
      Just log in and make your purchase, and it will be added to your account as normal.
      I had some issues with bottle-necking in my bandwidth, closing the client first and then going to the store page addresses that issue.
      I live with a bunch of other people in dorm's I guess you call it, so my bandwidth can become muddled up.

      For those new to Paypal, it really is easy to use.
      I must admit it was also a little out of my comfort zone, as I am more the traditional type.
      But anyone can get a paypal account, and you can easily attach your bank account to it.

      Just go to the site
      Fill in the requested information, its really easy.
      Within five mins you have your account.

      Attaching your bank account is just filling in the information.
      They will send you within a few days 0,01 0,03 or so cents on your bank account.
      you just log into your pay pal account, click confirm your bank account and they will ask in a tab what the number of cents was they sent you.
      This to confirm it is really you. You fill it in and it's all set up.
      It's all automated, very user friendly.

      Just to keep in mind
      Don't click on any spam that might come your way.
      For all important things paypal, has it's own inbox in your paypal account.
      I just do not click on the spam links.
      Meaning the hyperlinks in mails.

      Most fake emails are with @net. paypal or @e-email.paypal,
      Stuff like this, when the Domain name enz look weird.
      Just ignore those, as anything important you will need to look into will be on your account.
      They will not be like click here to go and check it out.
      Just ignore them.

      This is for those who are on the fence still about using paypal for the shop.
      It really will be fine, if you keep this in mind.

      Hope this was helpful :)

      Have a nice day,