King of the Arena - PvP with Equipment and PvE cards.

    • King of the Arena - PvP with Equipment and PvE cards.

      Simple idea:

      Frost Ring Arena for PvP.
      With the concept that it is a King of the Hill format.

      You pay X amount to enter.
      X goes to the pot

      Think of it as a Tier in the arena.
      There are 5 Encounters, and the 5th Encounter winning, makes you the "Boss"
      However, when you lose, you go back an encounter, instead than progressing.
      At a third loss, you are kicked out.
      If you win the 5th Encounter, and become the boss, you take all the paid X from the pot.

      The entry fee would be minimal (could be gold, or plat), and the games would be BO1.
      The King of the Arena mode would be real-time, so once a "King" is established, there is only one king, and they hold the seat, real-time, until they leave, or are defeated.
      There can be a few extra slots for tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 - and no limit on tier 1 battles.
      PvE cards and equipment could be allowed.

      Think of this similar to Guild Wars Hall of Heroes (if anyone is familiar with that) (Heroes Ascent)


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    • I think it would be better to use gold for this, cause I think paying plat to play a semi PvE mode seems wrong cause PvE is F2P. In long terms it could become a "plat scavenger hunt" IMO. By that I mean, like in our world, money goes to money. Someone with a very expensive tier 1 deck would easily stay King until another player with an expensive deck take his place. No fun for new players and F2P players. Unless Imo there were restrictions, like only commons and uncommons, or only PVE cards, or something else, I dunno, just to make it more attractive, accessible and competitive to everyone.
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    • in the future, i'll be more vague about fleshing out the sum of all the parts. The baseline for the idea is pve cards and equipment are allowed in a pvp mode, where you fight to be "King of the Hill" and your prize becomes some sort of bounty for becoming King. It's also meant to be a mode to attract more casual PvE players that never venture into PvP.

      The actual entry cost/etc. are negotiable.