Gear Gems: an Idea to add Some Spice to Equipment Through Crafting

    • Gear Gems: an Idea to add Some Spice to Equipment Through Crafting

      Hi all! I recently thought of an idea that I think would make equipment a lot more spicy than they currently are and add a lot of value to the upcoming crafting system hopefully coming in AZ3. The idea: Equipment Gems! This borrows ideas from ARPG loot systems which I think would be so fun in Hex.

      There would first need to be a small change to equipment for this system: each equipment now contains a gear gem slot.

      Now, what is a gear gem? A gear gem, similar to regular gems for cards, is a gem that you can slot into equipment rather than cards. The catch? Each gear gem has a base gem that is a blank slate, only with a rarity stating what you can do with it. The rarities of gear gems are as follows: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. We will come back to this below.

      For a gear gem, they each have affixes that add bonuses to your champion or the card played. Affixes can be divided up into 2 different catagories: prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes are any sort of alteration that affects the card the equipment alters. Suffixes give you champion bonuses that do not affect the card itself, say for example + 1 starting and max hand size. Common gear gems can have only 1 affix, uncommons can have 1 prefix and 1 suffix, rare gear gems can have 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes, and legendary gear gems have their own unique effect and set affixes.

      Each gear gem comes with a base, which determines how powerful the affixes added to it can be. For common to uncommon gear gems, their names depend on the affixes put on them. Say for example we have a ruby crystal (this gear gem could only be applied to equipment whose card is ruby or multi-shard with a ruby in it), that had say a 'blazing' prefix (perhaps this prefix could be: 'this card has +1 attack and speed.', and a 'of Voktar' suffix (perhaps this suffix could be 'Your champion has BASIC 1 SHOT - discard a card -> add a Ragefire to your hand.'), this would make the name 'Blazing Ruby Crystal of Voktar'. Rare gear gems have a randomly generated name like how most other ARPGs handle name generating of their gear, and legendary gear gems have a set name.

      Each affix would have a recipe that drops that is account wide that teaches you how to craft the affix onto a gear gem. These require various materials that can be found by either random drops, drops from specific encounters, drops from doing a unique challenge, or other forms of getting loot. When crafting, you require to select a gear gem and an affix, and if there is room on the gear gem, the affix will be put onto the gear gem. Legendary gear gems cannot be crafted, as when they drop they will already have their affixes and the unique affect attached to them, but are SUPER EXTREMELY CHASE RARE.

      Gear gem bases are what you need to get this, and they can be pretty powerful. As such, the lower tiers of gear gems are not too rare and are from random drops, but the higher tiers are much, much harder to come by as they can really make stuff broken.

      Gear gems will really help new players out as they will allow new players to craft their mediocre beginning cards into pure monstrosities, as well as allowing much more challenging content as creative use of gear gems will make extremely powerful builds. As such, Hexent could afford to ramp up the difficulty of challenge dungeons/encounters tenfold. Perhaps this idea could be extended to regular gems to! However, you may only use one gear gem for one piece of equipment at a time.

      I hope you have enjoyed this idea for Hex, and Hex devs, I would love to see this become a reality some day for Hex!