AZ2 Bounty 3: Shin'hare Focus

    • AZ2 Bounty 3: Shin'hare Focus

      This is the third bounty for AZ2 PvE theorycrafting. For the next 30 days, the focus will be Shin'hare. Submission deadline will be Saturday, June 24, 2017 @ 11:59pm ET.

      I am offering a 1400 platinum bounty for each class setup that receives the most acclaim by your peers by the end of the 30 days. In other words 1400 platinum each for the chosen deck for Cleric, Mage, Warrior, and Ranger. That's 5600 platinum up for grabs! (Unfortunately I can't go higher than this currently on my own if I want to sustain this for the months to come.)

      In the case of an unclear result/outcome, I will let CoachFliperon make the final call as he is maintaining Campaign Adventurer's Guide | Decklist repository | Champions | Mercenaries | Ships.

      The budget of your deck is not an issue. Your goal is to make the best overall deck for each class. I understand that some encounters in the campaign will require whole new builds but the goal is to create a general optimized setup for each class that players can work towards as they climb to the current cap of Level 15.

      Note: If there are any changes to be made to the bounty, I will update here ASAP.


      • Champion must be at Level 15.
      • The race must be Shin'hare.
      • One class per post.
      • If you have multiple decks, submit only your best deck for that class.
      • You may submit one deck per class.
      • Edit your posts as necessary and make note of the changes in your update.
      • Last edit time must be prior to deadline.
      • Please follow Submission Format.
      The main three goals of your deck should be and I hope the community will judge the decks based on these factors:
      • Consistency (how consistent is it?)
      • Flexibility (how well can it handle the majority of encounters?)
      • Speed (how quickly can it end the average encounter?)

      Submission Format:

      Class: <Class>

      • List
      • in
      • Bullets

      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
      • in
      • Bullets
      • List
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      • Bullets
      • List
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      • Bullets
      • List
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      • Bullets
      • List
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      • Bullets
      Details: <Explanation of strategy and usage of deck including potential substitutions (if available).>



      Best Build of Cleric: 1400 platinum
      Best Build of Mage: 1400 platinum
      Best Build of Warrior: 1400 platinum
      Best Build of Ranger: 1400 platinum


      And the bounty grows due to the following sponsors!

      Sponsors: (None yet)
    • A fully upgraded and optimized Katsuhiro merc deck (T3 wins on average) sets a pretty tough bar of speed and consistency to beat, or even come close to, for the typical Shin'hare swarm strategy in the main classes. I'm looking forward to seeing some outside-the-box ideas to break my favorite lil' psychotic samurai race. GLHF!
    • Vylokx wrote:

      A fully upgraded and optimized Katsuhiro merc deck (T3 wins on average) sets a pretty tough bar of speed and consistency to beat, or even come close to, for the typical Shin'hare swarm strategy in the main classes. I'm looking forward to seeing some outside-the-box ideas to break my favorite lil' psychotic samurai race. GLHF!
      The strongest of the Shin'hare racial abilities actually works best with a smaller number of large troops.

      I'm making some final tweaks to my Shin'hare Mage deck before submitting it. It isn't amazingly fast, but it's capable of beating anything except AoM6 and maybe Mad Aradam.
    • First of all, i want to apologize before hand for my terrible writing skills, as well as for how long this is going to be.
      Class: Works best as a cleric, but still great as a warrior or (slightly modified) for Katsuhiro. So i'm going to list talents for both cleric and warrior


      • Race Cute and fuzzy - Extra health, freebie
      • Race Expendable lives - Best thing for this to trigger on is Uzume's Handmaiden
      • Race Overwelm - And extra 1 drop to start the fight doesn't always help that much, but it can be blocker fodder or mulch for Oberon's Eulogy.

      • Race/class Fertility magic - All the troops in this deck are shin'hare, so getting a 25% chance to summon a 0/1 chump when we play one can help quite a bit, also gets multiplied by spring litters.
      • 1 Affinity: cleric - Giving rune ear hierophants and the Spring litter disciples lifedrain goes a long way for survivability.
      • 1 Unlock: Divine altar - Again, copies of Hierophants and Spring litters is amazing for this deck, plus the extra draw power always helps.
      • 1 Fortitude - Meh, I like it better for this deck than Diligent study and i needed one as a pre req for...
      • 1 Unlock: Shrines of Brigadon - Giving all the troops crush would be enough, +1/+1 is nice, and then there's the possibility of bringing back a killed Hierophant or a sacrificed Handmaiden.
      • 2 Holy hands - Extra copies of Uzume's Handmaided goes a long way.
      • 1 Hale - Prereq, Extra starting health doesn't hurt.
      • 2 Healing Aura - this deck often plays all of its resources, so that adds up quick, plus it's another prereq.
      • 1 Aura aspect: Good karma - Getting the extra draw power quicker always helps.
      • 1 Blessed birth - I like to run the merc "Tafford the tireless" and "Sekki" so starting with 6 blessings in the deck, and then getting to draw a card if you start with one in your hand is nice.
      • 1 Child of the right hand - Just like blessed birth, being able to draw an extra card at the start of the turn helps.
      • 2 Righteous path - Monuments of faith again Heirophants or spring litters with steadfast is this decks main defence(Besides the chumps we get from Fertility magic).


      • Race/class Nimble - battle costing less, this is mainly used to take out enemy troops rather than for direct damage.
      • 1 Warlord: Agility - Reducing the cost further is a bonus, but mainly this is just a prereq.
      • 1 Warlord: Parrying - Being ablit to take out a threat without damage is very nice, especially when we gain so many charges with this deck.
      • 2 Adrenaline - Prereq, you should try not to take damage.
      • 2 Berserking - With all the little dudes this deck summons this always benefits us more than our opponents, although it does make a couple encounters in GMG a little riskier.
      • 0 Boiling blodd - It's free, and it doesn't hurt, nough said.
      • 1 Unlock: Warlord war machine - Prereq, but it does work really well if you already have Oberon's out. Play it for that alpha strike.
      • 1 Warrior class gems - The only socketed troop in this deck is the Hierophants but that major gem "Deploy - gain rage equal to attack." is awesome while oberon's is out. And that guarantee to be trained is beautiful.
      • 1 Training: Combat - Prereq and a set up for the really nice buffs.
      • 2 Reinforcements - This deck only has 13 troops in it, so being able to have a guaranteed trained troop pulled into your hand is nice.
      • 1 Training: Deployment - Speed doesn't always help, but it is nice in some situations. (ex. Dropping a Hierophant and it becoming a 9/9 with Speed, steadfast, Swiftstrike, and rage 9...)
      • 1 Training tactics - Steadfast and Swiftstrike, hopefully on a Hierophant, but helpful regardless.
      • 1 Enhanced Training Regimen - Having 7 trained troops in the deck instead of 4 seems like a minor difference but it can mean life or death

      The deck itself does not change for cleric or warrior, and the main difference is, warrior doesn't have crush on anything(except the war machine) and takes more damage, but dishes out more with the dreadling/shroompin.

      I've got this deck published on under the name Wildlings(very original I know, but somebody already made a deck called "Oberon's Dread" even if it was shitty Wild/blood deck)

      • 12 [card]Wild Shard[/card]
      • 12 more [card]Wild Shard[/card]


      • 3 [card]Acolyte of Shoku[/card] - A decent ramp troop, also a very good mana dump after a few turns with egg hunt, multiplied by Spring litters.
      • 3 [card]Rune Ear Hierophant[/card] - (In a cleric deck, with Minor wild orb of Brawn, and Major wild orb of Conjuration. In a warrior deck, both of the warrior gems) It's a mono-green shin'hare deck that summons a LOT of troops..... why wouldn't it have Hierophants?
      • 4 [card]Spring Litter Disciple[/card] - Arguably the most important troop in the deck, Cards it amplifies almost every card in the deck, and is a decent 3/4 body
      • 3 [card]Uzume's Handmaiden[/card] - Very nice troop generation, with the warrior deck it stays on the field longer, the cleric tends to sacrifice it before the next turn comes around.

      • 3 Blades of Bone (1 cost standard action, "Target troop gets +1/+1 for each troop in your crypt) - Buffing the Hierophant for each dreadling/shroompin (That probably already buffed it once) is nice
      • 4 [card]Chlorophyllia[/card] - RAMP!
      • 4 Wild's favor (3 cost standard action, "Choose one, summon 4 dreadlings, gain 4 health, create 2 valors and put them into your hand") - Yes please. Also multiplied by spring litter.
      • 4 [card]Shroom Swarm[/card] - 1-5 troops can be a bit risky, but they are chump blockers which buff Hierophants. Also multiplied by spring litter.

      • 3 Egg hunt (1 cost constant," [EXHAUST] three troops you control, summon a random Feaster egg")- I think people really underestimate this card. a one drop constant, doesn't do anything till you have three troops, but all of the eggs it summons helps this deck immensely. Egg of growth is the best, pulling two more shards out of our deck aka RAMP!. Egg of Abundance, gain health equal to the number of troops you control, this is nice when you have 4-5 troops, amazing when you have 30. Egg of primordium, summon a random dino, thats fun, especially when it summons crocosaurs or clobberdons(Spring litters multiply them). Egg of might, all troops +1/+1 perm. Also the eggs that it summons are multiplied by Spring litters.
      • 3 [card]Dread Harvest[/card] - first off, being able to get another shard out of the deck means you can keep a 1-2 shard hand. secondly getting a dreadling every time you play a shard is really nice, especially with egg hunt pulling them all out pretty fast. Also multiplied by Spring litters.
      • 2 [card]Oberon's Eulogy[/card] - Wow... if you don't get how awesome this card is in this deck, you don't need to be playing this game(Or any tcg for that matter)

      • None(unless you count the stuff clerics start with or the warriors war machine. or the eggs.)
      To be continued(I hit the character limit of 10,000)

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    • Equipment:

      • Gardener's hat - Making those chloro only cost 1 is awesome, playing multiple on turn one is amazing.
      • Favored Chestplat - WIld's favor giving 4 dreadlings or 7 health for 3 mana is nice. Wild's favor giving 4 dreadlings AND 7 health for 3 mana is great.
      • Cotton tuft strikers - Uzume's summoning an extra random shin'hare whenever she enters or dies is very helpful.
      • Shroom Swarm Seashore Shoes - Shroompins summoned by Shroom swarm giving you another shroom swarm when they die(25% chance) means almost unlimited chump blockers(plus Eulogy fodder and Hierophant buffs)
      • Holy Hilted blade - Uzume's having a self sac mechanic is nice, being able to give a field buff(+1/+1 to all your troops till end of turn) to potentially a LOT of dreadling/shroompin/shin'hare is better.
      • Fresh eggs - The egg hunts now summon two eggs per activation instead of one(it's always two different eggs) each egg is multiplied by spring litter.
      I choose mercs for both the party passive as well as being able to take on the encounters in campaign that the hero can't.

      • Tafford the tireless - Giving 2 blessings into the deck at the start of the game helps the warrior a litte, but helps the cleric a whole lot. I've got his deck posted on the browser as well, under the name "Death by Annoyance", used mainly against that fight in GMG that starts with 2 4/1 in play, or piranhas, or simiars fights. Works well against Killipede.
      • Sister of the herd - Random resources granting extra health is a minor benefit, but she flat out trivializes some encounters(Inferno giant! the blockade, and the GMG version of that blockade deck.) I'm currently running a mono-wild beast deck with her focused on chloro+thorn pup+rose kitten and dream stags.
      • Sekki - "At the start of the game if you have a card with cost 0 in your hand, draw a card" Works best for the cleric, with all the extra blessings, but still helps the warrior(Blessings from tafford and the war machine), obviously running a blood/saffire deck(it's stupid expensive) using both bride of the damned and empress of ice, and a playset of the oni's... It's fun, but there isn't really an encounter that I need to use it on, except the Kraken(f**k that whole dungeon)

      Try to ramp as much as possible, chloros as soon as you get them, don't wait for dread harvest unless you have nothing else in hand(you shouldn't have kept it)
      using egg hunt is more important thant swinging with dreadlings. other than dreadlings remember to use egg hunt at the end of your opponents turn.
      Always block with shroompin if you can.
      Playing oberon's is more important than playing handmaidens(Unless you are going to die next turn without blockers)
      Spring litter's are an accelerant, and can turn things around fast.
      For the warrior, keep uzume to swing and then sac as a combat trick, for cleric sac her at the end of the opponents turn after she enters.

      So Flexibility: High, ive noticed 3 types of games with this deck, egg hunt games(With spring litters and dread harvest, where you trounce the enemy with lots of troops), Hierophant games(with shroom swarm/wild's favor, where you just overrun them with the 1 or two giant troops) and Oberon's games(getting it out quickly with uzume's and then the enemy has no chance of survival)

      Consistancy: High, this deck generates a ton of health, thanks to eggs hunts, and wild's favor(plus being a cleric), and with the added draw power, i've played through the campaign only losing two or three fights(every deck can have bad luck with shards, but this one doesn't do it often.)

      Speed: Medium, This deck typically shuts the enemy down after turn 3/4 and can win by turn 5/6 but thats a good game, some take till turn 7/8 to win, and i sometimes waste time just seeing how much overkill it can do(my record for this deck is ~8k damage while having over 4k health, after about 12 turns)

      If you don't have Hierophants that sucks(i know they're expensive) Put in Wakizashi Warbunny. Everything else is within price range for a little bit of grinding.(even the oberon's is down to ~200p as of this posting) Hierophants vs warbunnies is the difference between a $65 deck and a $16 deck.
      For a warrior, if you switch out the hierophants, you need to change the skills too, don't need the gems or the war machine, instead go with Warlord: Strength

      I could go into detail on how this deck matches up with every single encounter, but i think this is long enough for one day.

      This deck works really well as a boat deck with the following modifications:

      • -4 shroom swarms
      • -4 wild shards
      • +2 oberon's eulogy
      • +1 Hierophant
      • +1 blades of bones
      • +1 Acolyte of shoku
      • +1 Uzume's handmaiden
      • +1 [card]Guru of the Wounded Petal[/card]
      • +1 Determind Bush (2/2 crush, Diligence - +1/+1)
      • Switch the boots for Shroom swarm with the boots for Blades of bone giving them quick(Now use them as combat tricks)
      Ship talents:

      Dont keep a starting hand with the guru or bushi in it.
      Make sure to play wild's favor before chloro if you have both in your hand
      Playing egg hunt first turn means you get eggs at the start of your second turn(50% chance of 5 resources available second turn)

      P.s. For some reason some of the cards were not in this websites database.
      P.p.s. Not sure why the cards aren't showing up(except for wakizashi warbunny.... i've done it before....

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    • Class: Mage


      -Unlock: Spell Sprites

      -Mental Superiority


      -Secret Knowledge

      -Self Knowledge

      -Learn Spell: Magic Barrier

      -SP Buff

      -Guardian Golem

      -Golem Graft



      -22 wild shards

      -3x howling brave

      -3x ritualist of the spring litter

      -3x blossoming concubunny

      -3x moon'ariu sensei

      -3x rune ear hierophant

      -4x spring litter disciple (AA preferable)


      -4x Chlorophylia

      -3x runts of the litter

      -3x Kaliban's Cultivation

      -4x Verdant Mill

      -3x Egg Hunt


      -2x Spectral Acorn


      -Cultivation Cap

      -Fresh Eggs

      -Elastic Waistband

      -Prarie Runners

      -runt spear



      -Gax, the sly Roller

      -Baxoth of Korru


      This deck wants to go wide as most shin'hare strategies do. However, rather than going wide for AoE buffs, we go wide so that we can get off turn 1 Egg Hunts and potentially even turn one verdant mills.

      This deck has the self knowledge talent, so we can aggressively mulligan for an egg hunt in the opening hand. We have a guardian golem, a dreadling from Baxoth's party passive, and also a turn 1 magic barrier as we can generate spell power turn one with concentration, a shard, and Clatterclank's passive. We can go even wider turn one with the shin'hare dungeon passive, but we are guaranteed a turn 1 egg hunt activation.

      This deck makes egg hunt go off super fast, and is able to go wide very fast with things like runts of the litter and ritualist of the spring litter. The eggs from egg hunt are extremely powerful, so we get extremely powerful effects off the first turn. We add kaliban's cultivation with its cap because we can gain wild thresholds through all of our shards, egg of growth from egg hunt, chlorophylia, as well as howling brave. This means our crappy battle hoppers will quickly transform into high cost troops. With cost reductions from talents and Gax's passive, we can get things out really fast.

      Essentially, try to get an egg hunt with the oppening hand and go wide using the troops we can make for 0 resources turn 1, using your troops to generate eggs via egg hunt. If you can't get egg hunt, we have verdant mills going off early as well as kaliban's cultivation to grow our troops super fast as a backup plan.

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    • Yazukan's Apprentice

      Class: Shin'hare Mage!/deck=230858

      • Spry (+2 health, +1 sp)
      • Secret Knowledge (random card gets cost -2)
      • Self Knowledge (extra starting card)
      • Open Mind (2 sp refund once per spell)
      • Learning (0-3 extra starting sp)
      • Unlock: Knowledge is Power
      • 2x SP Buff
      • Learn Spell: Magic Barrier
      • Protective Magic
      • Mage Class Gems


      Resources: (23)
      • 8x Blood Shard
      • 7x Wild Shard
      • 4x Well of Ancients
      • 4x Monsagi Lily Pad
      Troops: (19)
      • 3x Exarch of the Egg
      • 1x Cottontail Explorer
      • 1x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda'jin
      • 1x Nori (Minor Mage: Draw card)
      • 1x Rot Sniper (Major Mage: Gain SP)
      • 3x Underworld Crusader (Minor Mage: Draw card)
      • 3x Rune Ear Hierophant (Major Mage Gem: Gain SP; Minor Frenzy: Speed)
      • 1x Mad Progenitist
      • 2x Freak of Nature
      • 2x Paw of Yazukan
      • 1x Yazukan
      Actions: (15)
      • 4x Bitter Dread
      • 4x Casualty of War
      • 4x Chlorophylia
      • 3x Herofall
      Constants: (2)
      • 2x Dormant One
      Artifacts: (1)
      • Scroll of Yazukan
      • Gardener's Hat (Chlorophylia: -1 cost)
      • Infectious Toxin (Casualty of War: -2/-2 to troops with same trait)
      • Freak Fetters (Freak of Nature: -1/-1 to all enemy troops each turn)
      • Explorer's Gloves (Cottontail Explorer: Skyguard)
      • Mentor's Slipper (Nori: summon a Battle Hopper)
      • Unliving End (Bitter Dread: -2 cost)
      • Clatterclank (extra charge)
      • Katsuhiro (extra charge when going second)
      • Mayor Galway (Galway's Retribution)

      This is an updated version of the deck I first beat AZ2 with. It's not primarily tuned for farming, but rather beating difficult challenges such as those past the Gallows. That said it's still capable of some reasonably quick wins, but it generally takes a few turns to get started.

      The key troop in the deck is Rune Ear Hierophant. With the Major Mage Gem it's capable of generating dozens of SP over only a few turns. If you're curious, the SP counter does support three digits! Bitter Dread and Dormant One are the other major win conditions, but any of the troops will work.

      You have access to quite a large amount of mass removal. AZ2 has quite a few swarms and Casualty of War lets you take all of them out at once. Freak of Nature is even better removal against those swarms, since with it's equipment it hits everything and triggers twice as often (at the end of every turn).

      Bitter Dread is a fun card and most of the 3-cost Underworld troops are worth it. You will occasionally hit a 1-power troop (or even a 0-power troop), but Dormant One will help with that. Rune Ear Hierophant is a particularly disgusting one to hit since it'll double it's power every turn. Ruthless Cutthroat also doubles every turn if you can get it kicked off by raising it's power above 0.

      Knowledge is Power is a bit of sketchy talent at times but it's required for the gems. Your best choice is usually to target a Chlorophylia to improve your ramp, but Casualty of War and Herofall can be the right choice sometimes. Or just discard it with Soothsaying.

      Finally, always make sure to check to see which troop got hit by the level 15 Shin'hare talent. A troop returning when it dies is incredibly strong and gives you some more resilience against opponents with fast starts. If it hits the same troop as Galway's ability then you can even get more than one copy of Galway's Retribution.

      Spell Strategy
      Remember that you have Open Mind. It's essentially a one-time 2 SP discount for each spe[i]ll.

      SOOTHSAYING: The base spell for all mages, this lets you quickly cycle through your extra resources in longer games. Don't forget that you can use it to toss a specific card in your crypt, whether it's to pump Nori or give Yazukan something to reanimate.

      TRANSMUTATION: This is the spell that makes Shin'hare Mages amazing. It's a kill spell and considering you don't spend a card for it, giving your opponent a draw barely counts as a drawback. If you can get a Rune Ear Hierophant going you'll quickly hit the point where you can just kill everything your opponent drops and he'll end up with a hand full of shards. Don't forget that you can target your own troops with this for card draw or to evade something nasty like your opponent stealing one of your Rune Ears or Freaks.

      MAGIC BARRIER: A 0/4 goes a long ways towards keeping you alive against the enemies that start with troops in play. You'll have enough starting SP half of the time (you get 3 to 6) to cast this before even taking a turn. Combined with the free starting 1-cost Shin'hare in dungeons lets you survive a lot of early attacks. The trickiest way to use this spell is as a combat trick to pump your Rune Ear! You'll usually want to use it to pump a Rune Ear even if it isn't blocked - it gets you 2 of the SP back when the Rune Ear hits your opponent.

      The Gloves equipment I selected is not particularly critical and can be replaced by the Herofall gloves. This is advantageous in most fights, but there's a few (e.g. Flickering Gobbler, Dynamo Swarm) where you'd much rather void the troops in your opponent's hand.

      The Boots equipment is also something worth experimenting with. I don't have the one for Rot Sniper so I'm not sure if the extra +1/+1 boosts are better than the free Battle Hopper.

      Specific Fight Strategies

      Be careful with your Dreadlings when that 2/3 that deals damage is out. Otherwise, your Magic Barrier will keep you alive against any of the three daughters. Make sure to save a kill spell or some SP to take out the two the boss gets when he enters his final stage.

      Use SP to take out the Tentacles and you should be fine. Exarch of the Egg is also in here to provide an alternative - remember that as long as you kill it the crush damage won't matter.

      Freak of Nature and Casualty of War deal with most of the nonsense the enemies in here throw at you. Be careful with the boss since he's one of the harder fights for this deck - he has the potential to generate far more card advantage than you can handle. Saving a Herofall or SP for a Scraptooth Bender is strongly recommended.

      Make sure to summon a Magic Barrier against the final boss since it can absorb 10 or more damage from his behemoth. Exarch of the Egg can also shortcut the first phase with his Lethal. The Mosquito fights can actually get a little sketchy, so make sure you get out a Magic Barrier as quickly as possible.

      GALLOWS (Gallow Ghast):
      Herofall on his namesake card is always fun. Soothsaying helps prevent the resource screw that can result from his discard ability and Magic Barrier gives something for his -1/-1 ability to hit. Your kill spell is amazing here at keeping his larger troops from overwhelming you.

      GALLOWS (Flickering Gobbler):
      This guy can be nasty sometimes, depending on what he gets back from his crypt. The trick is to set a stop at the start of his turn. This lets you hit his newly summoned Gobbler with a Herofall to eliminate any that are in his hand. Alternatively, Casualty of War lets you eliminate them all at once.

      GALLOWS (Great Gobbler):
      You want to take advantage of the field effect that gives you back your actions. You can ramp really, really fast with a Chlorophylia. And Bitter Dread is essentially infinite troops. This is the fight where you're actually happy to draw Knowledge is Power. Casualty of War (or a ton of SP from a Rune Ear) is the answer against his charge power.

      GALLOWS (Succubus/Mancubus):
      Watch out for him/her stealing a Rune Ear. With the extra draws it's usually pretty easy to find one and then the SP lets you kill all the free Avatars and burn him down.

      GALLOWS (Obsidian Elemental):
      His charge power is obnoxious, but you have all the tools to kill his troops. His deck is literally all shards, so this is the fight where the Transmutation "drawback" is mostly obviously not an issue.

      GALLOWS (Savvas):
      Due to the field effect (extra charges), you don't even really need a Rune Ear here to have massive amounts of SP. You have enough troops that can serve as chump blockers for his Blaze Elementals, so you just need to kill him before his free Scorches wear you down.

      GALLOWS (Mad Aradam):
      This is the only fight you can't really beat without making some deck tweaks (AoM6 is AZ1 is pretty sketchy too, but that opponent at least has low health). Freak of Nature theoretically lets you stay alive by putting troops back in your deck, but it's Basic speed so it doesn't work in practice. Cosmic Totem is generally sufficient, but you're usually better off with a dedicated mercenary deck.
    • Class: Ranger

      • Ranged Expertise: Leg Shot
      • Ranged Expertise: Overwatch
      • Lay of the Land
      • Ranged Expertise: Scattershot
      • Eye of the Sniper
      • Hunting Party
      • Ranger Class Gems
      • Bombardment
      • Every Piece of the Animal
      • Barrier Vines
      • Pet Training: Stalk
      • Survival Skills
      • Affinity: Rangers

      • 8x [card]Choose Blood[/card]
      • 8x [card]Wild Shard[/card]
      • 4 x [card]Well of Ancients[/card]
      • [card]Animus of Nulzann[/card] x 2 Socketed w/ Ranger's Minor Orb of Knack
      • Cryptcurse Knight x 3 Socketed w/ Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy
      • [card]Dark Heart of Nulzann[/card] x 2 Socketed w/ Ranger's Minor Orb of Knack and Minor Wild Orb of Vigil
      • [card]Eggblight Stalker[/card] x 2 Socketed w/ Minor Wild Orb of Brawn
      • Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann x 2 Socketed w/ Ranger's Major Orb of Marksmanship
      • [card]Gallows Ghasts[/card] x 1 Socketed w/ Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy and Minor Blood Orb of Intimidation
      • [card]Nefarious Corruptor[/card] x 1 Socketed w/ Major Blood Orb of Sacrifice
      • Rot Sniper x 2 Socketed w/ Ranger's Major Orb of Marksmanship
      • [card]Rune Ear Hierophant[/card] x 3 Socketed w/ Minor Blood Orb of Intimidation and Major Blood Orb of Sacrifice
      • [card]Sentry of Nulzann[/card] x 3
      • [card]Swampwater Recluse[/card] x 3 Socketed w/ Major Blood Orb of the Underworld

      • [card]Casualty of War[/card] x 4
      • [card]Chlorophyllia[/card] x 4
      • [card]Pack Hunters[/card] x 2
      Artifacts / Constants:
      • [card]Altar of Nulzann[/card] x 4
      • [card]Born to Die[/card] x 2
      • Gardener's Hat
      • Infectious Toxin
      • Eggblight Bracers
      • Sniper's Slippers
      • Warlock's Whip
      • Training Vest
      • Clatterclank
      • Katsuhiro
      • Khafra

      This deck can have a lot of explosive beginnings. Lot's of ways to play a turn 2 Hierophant, Animus or even Dark Heart! When we don't have such a good starting hand our pet can hold the enemy off for a turn or three.

      Pet: Our Ranger pet is used as an early stall tactic, sacrifice fodder or for marking opposing troops. Unlike a lot of other Ranger pets we won't be powering it up once it's on the board, at 1/1 with lethal it is good enough for what we need it to do.

      Emsee: If you holding Emsee in your starting hand you my want to hold off a turn summoning the ranger pet to assure that all the enemy troops on the board are marked. Once they are marked we can usually attack without fear and trigger his diligence ability.

      Rot Sniper: Kind of a poor man's Heirophant in this deck. With the equipment he will gain +1/+1 with every underworld troop we play. He also has the Ranger major gem so we can often attack or defend in bad situations to power it up. The Ranger's affinity ability also allows us to use it to mark another troop if need be.

      Dark Heart: We will have usually have a lot of sacrifice fodder (pet or barrier vines) for this card allowing us to keep Sentries and Altars on the board while he is in play.

      Swampwater: Usually scrounging just 2 or 3 troops will be good enough for this card to clear the way (with equipment he gives an opposing troop -x/-x).

      Gallows Ghast: This card is probably optional and could be swapped out with any socketed card. I usually don't have to play it but it has saved me a couple of times.

      Casualty of War: Only card you may want to swap out during certain encounters that run mainly ardent / underworld troops. Swap in the removal of your choice. I usually go with Gruesome Deed.

      Pack Hunters: Usually used on Animus but if we have one on the board we can also use on the Hierophant. Some encounters you may even want to use on Dark Heart (mainly the lobster/shell encounters).

      Born to Die: This card can be good when we have useless troops on the board. We can sacrifice them, do damage, gain health, power up a Ghast in hand and create scrounge fodder for our Swampwater's.

      Mercenaries: I like Clatterclank and Katsuhiro for the extra charge, that way we can always summon a pet when we need to. The third mercenary is purely preference.

      Scourgecrag Witch: If I had more then one and the Mucus-Coated Mail this card would have definitely made my deck.

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    • Looks like everyone is making mage decks, and good ones too! I should have chosen something else...

      Ranger and Cleric should follow in a few days.

      Class: Mage

      Talents (from left to right, bottom to top):
      • Unlock: Spell Sprites
      • Spry
      • Affinity Mages
      • Learn Spell: Telekinesis
      • Learning
      • Open Mind
      • Worldly Knowledge
      • Secret Knowledge
      • Self Knowledge
      • SP Boon
      • SP Buff
      • Guardian Golem
      Decklist, 61 cards:

      Resources x 21:
      • Blood Shard x 21

      Troops x 27:

      • Deathseeker x 3
      • Graven Geist x 3
      • Dread Botanist x 3
      • Underworld Recruiter x 4
      • Gravestalker x 4
      • Wicked webspawn x 4
      • Dread Driver x 3
      • Dread Apprentice x 3

      Actions x 7:

      • Conquest of Romor x 3
      • casualty of War x 4

      Constants x 6:

      • Dread Factory x 4
      • Dormant One x 2


      • Head: Hideous Hood
      • Trinket: Infectious Toxin
      • Gloves: Gloves of Conquest
      • Weapon: Graverazor


      • Baxoth of Korru (+1 dreadling)
      • Clatterclank (+1 charge)
      • Mooof (25% Chance to summon a shroomkin)


      The point of this deck is to have a lot of dreadlings to use for the following things:
      - Scrounge (with Graven Geist, Deathseeker and Dread Apprentice) made even better with Wicked Webspawn
      - Boosting other troops, including dreadlings, with Dormant One
      - Boosting Gravestalker that can become a monster very quickly with the equipment Graverazor

      The deck has tons of ways to remove troops:
      - Telekinesis, transmutation and Casualty of wars for large troops
      - Conquest of Romor and casualty of wars with their equipment for destroying a lot of small troops (super useful in the great machine graveyard).

      Various Strategy Points:
      - Ideally, you should have a Graven Geist or a Dread Factory in your opening hand. If you don't Mulligan once or twice (not too much). The best T1 play is dread factory since you have a dreadling to use with it.
      - If you're missing one card to be able to scrounge, use Soothsaying and discard a troop, it will benefit in the long run.
      - It is possible to have a dread factory fully activated before the beginning of T2 and it is almost always the case to have it at the beginning of T3.
      - Guardian Golem's best use is with Graven Geist with whom you should always attack.
      - conquest of Romor is a game finisher against most opponents.

      Possible substitutions:
      - Replacing 3 casualties of war with 3 Gruesome deeds can help having an extra dreadling to scrounge and is cheaper. It also frees the trinket equipment slot to have a Recruiter's Ring. What you lose is a mass removal.
      - Emperor's Lackey can also replace Underworld Recruiter for a slightly slower but slightly more powerful deck.

    • Class: Ranger

      • Pet Training: Ferocity
      • Chew Toy
      • Pet Treats
      • Lay of the Land
      • Ranged Expertise: Scattershot
      • Eye of a Sniper
      • Unlock: Bombardment
      • Ranger Class Gems
      • Pet Training: Sic 'Em!
      • Bonded for Life
      • Survival Skill

      10x Blood Shard
      2x Wild Shard
      4x Monsagi Lily Pad
      4x Well of Ancients

      3x Glyph of Hatred
      3x Abominate

      4x Fertile Engorger
      3x Sneakblade of the Milky Eyes
      3x Minion of Yazukan
      3x Guru of the Wounded Petal
      1x Naive Lackey
      3x Graven Geist
      1x Shin'hare Eulogist
      3x Hunger of the Mountain God
      4x Emperor's Lackey
      3x Moon'ariu Sharpshooter
      3x Rune Ear Hierophant (-1 cost ranger gem, +3/+3 sac a troop)
      3x Underworld Crusader (speed)

      • Imperial Headpiece (Emperor's Lackey)
      • Trinket of Hatred (Glyph of Hatred)
      • Sneaky Garment (Sneakblade of the Milky Eyes)
      • Kit Catchers (Fertile Engorger)
      • Hungering Battle Axe (Hunger of the Mnt God)

      • Clatterclank
      • Spirit of the Triumvirate (upgraded)
      • Gax, the Sly Roller
      Details: There are some fun interactions here. You start every game with a unique troop in play (your pet), so Emperor's Lackey is just a 4/4 for 2 with no drawback. Rune Ear Hierophant is a 2 cost 5/5 as you can sac the Chew Toy you start every game with. Guru of the Wounded Petal can be played turn 1 as you create your pet and a 1 cost shin'hare if you won the previous game. Being a shin'hare your pet has lethal; you can kill Lukaz's golem on turn 1, or you can use Sic 'Em + Eye of the Sniper to kill anything that becomes marked.

      Clatterclank will give you a charge on most encounters due to the pet treats and bombardment in your deck. Upgraded Spirit of the Triumvirate is just best in slot for almost every aggro deck. The third slot can be almost anything, but I opted for the chance to dump my hand a little faster.

      Playing the deck is fairly simple. You go face. Then you go face. Then you go face. Then the AI dies.

      Edit: Turn 1, first time I tried the deck against Scutt. Lets say its capable of some nice starts;

      Edit 2: I decided to try out what other things the deck could do.
      AOM6 - 2nd attempt
      Flickering Gobbler - 1st (no pic)
      Savvas - 1st
      Obsidian Cyclops - 1st (killed him on accident, didn't think I was swinging for lethal)
      Bogberg - 2nd (kept a bad hand on the first attempt)
      Aradam - Only did one attempt. The deck is close to capable, but I would probably have to change out a few cards to do it.

      Edit 3: Added Hunger of the Mnt God as another cost effective beater.

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    • Here is my cleric submission.

      Class: Cleric

      Talents (from bottom left to top right):
      • Hale
      • Hearty
      • Affinity: Cleric
      • The Righteous Path
      • Healing Aura
      • FortitudeUnlock: Divine Altar
      • Faith in our Leader
      • Unlock: Shrine of Briggadon
      • Loyal to our Leader

      Decklist x 61:

      Resources x 22:
      • Blood Shard x 7
      • Wild Shard x 7
      • Monsagi Lilly Pad x 4
      • Well of Ancients x 4

      Troops x 33:

      • Ritualist of the Spring Litter x 3
      • Hop'Hiro Samurai x 3
      • Fertile Engorger x 4
      • Sneakblade of the Milky Eye x 3
      • Underworld Recruiter x 4
      • Rune Ear Hierophant x 3 (Minor WIld Orb of Brawn and Major Blood Orb of the Underworld)
      • Nori x 3 (Minor Blood Orb of Intimidation)
      • Bucktooth Commander x 4
      • Sora x 2
      • Underworld Cruisader x 3 (Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy)
      • Silent Blade Sensei x 1 (Major Blood Orb of the Underworld)

      Actions x 6:

      • Runts of the Litter x 3
      • Conquest of Romor x 3


      • None


      • None


      • Head: Hideous Hood
      • Trinket: Recruiter's Ring
      • Chest: Sneaky Garment
      • Gloves: Gloves of Conquest
      • Feet: Mentor's Slippers
      • Weapon: Healthy Heart Blade


      • Gax the Sly Roller (+1 to +4 health or 2 cards have cost -1)
      • Aethynia (gain 1 health for each troop in your hand)
      • Count Davian (gain 1 health for each troop in opposing champions hand)


      This deck works well for quickly generating a huge amount of troops but also performs well in longer games.

      Generate tons of Shin'hare then either:
      - Boost them with Conquest of Romor, Bucktooth Commander, Shrine of Briggadon or a troop with Major Blood Orb of the Underworld and attack(classic shin'hare overwhelm).
      - If the game drags up, finish by attacking with one or more gigantic Nori, Underworld Recruiter or Rune Ear Hierophant.


      - The hero should start the game with over 35 health in order to benefit from the talent "Loyal to our Leader" that gives +1 attack to every troop you draw. He has 33 by default with the talents but the mercenaries are here to ensure that he starts with more than 35.
      - Removal is ensured by Hop'Hiro Samurai and conquest of romor. It doesn't look like a lot but I never needed more.
      - Divine Altar is amazing when combined with Rune Ear Hierophant, Bucktooth Commander or Ritualist of the Spring Litter!!!
      - Launching a massive attack with a troop with Major Blood Orb of the Underworld (SIlent Blade Sensei or Rune Ear Hierophant) and all the other troops you've got usually result in a completely cleared board and a victory the following turn. That's one of the reasons why more removal is not needed.
      - If you have more than one 1 cost shin'hare in your opening hand, the best order to play them is: 1) Sneakblade 2) Ritualist 3) Hop'Hiro 4) Fertile Engorger. The two reasons are: Ritualist should be on the board before shin'hare are generated, sneakblade and hop'hiro both benefit from the sacrifice of Fertile Engorger.

      - Conquest of Romor can be replaced with Emperor Ito's will but it is not as consistent and does't kill opposing weak troops.
      - Recruiters Ring can be replaced for Vial of Fecundity on the trinket slot. It's more fun to play but not as efficient.
      - I would happily have put another silent blade sensei with Major Blood Rob of the Underworld (an amazing combo!!!) but 3 of these gems were already taken by Rune Ear Hierophant. However, it is still possible to put a Major Blood Orb of Sacrifice on a Rune Ear Hierophant and add another Sensei to the deck.

      Fun fact: Against the gobblers, Runts of the Litter will keep on coming back into your hand after you play it, this can be used to really fill your board with battle hopers super quickly.

      Hope you enjoy playing with this deck!
    • Class: Mage

      Talents (from bottom left to top right):

      Spell Sprites (cantrips and bodies to saccrifice)
      Mental Superiority
      Open Mind
      Secret Knowledge
      Self Knowledge
      SP Boon
      SP Buff
      Magic Barrier (bodt to saccrifice)
      Guardian Golem



      Blood Shard x 8
      Wild Shard x 6
      Monsagi Lilly Pad x 4
      Well of Ancients x 4


      4 fertile engorger
      3 sepulchre maggot
      3 naive lackey
      3 Shroomshaw
      3 Moon'ariu Sensei
      4 Emperor's Lackey (extra saccrifice outlet for harvest of sorrow)
      3 Gallows Ghast (Frenzy and Intimidation)


      3 Runts of the Litter
      4 Harvest of Sorrow


      3 Hideous Conversion


      2 Spectral Acorn
      4 Deployment orders


      Head: Shroom Mask
      Trinket: Vial of Fecundity
      Gloves: Kit Catchers
      Feet: Rookie Boots
      Weapon: Runt Spear (an unecpeced, for me at least, star)


      Dingler King (potential fuel for Conversion)
      Portensio (potenrtial fuel for Conversion)
      Clatterclank (extra charge)


      The concept is pretty simple, how early can you cast a lethal Gallows Ghast? Usually turn 2-4. The aim is to have a hideous conversion and harvest of sorrow in your opening hand as well as some food for conversion and ideally a sepulchre maggots. Outside of the 4 key cards (conversion, harvest, maggots and ghast) the cards in the deck replace themselves to draw into ghast and more fuel or return more resources than you put into casting them. Emperor's Lackey acts as a second sacrifical outlet for harvest (when you don't have a conversion).The talents are generally good for getting spellpower and cycling with soothsaying as well as providing a few extra bodies for conversion.
      Equipped Runts of the Litter is an infite combo with hideous conversion against the gobblers and just a really strong combo with naie lackey and conversion.

      Speed: Often turn 2, but saccing things to conversion is not fast.
      Flexibility: High. Once you have the conversion (usually turn 2 or 3) it is just a matter of time before the opponent is dead.
      Consistency: Pretty high. Rarely going to lose even against difficult bosses due to linear and powerful mechanics. Being able to draw your whole deck on turn 2 (thanks harvest of sorrow) helps with this. My last x games with turn of victory:

      Gallows Ghast
      2 (think if I'd gone to turn 3 I would have lost)
      Obsidian Cyclops
      Mad Aradam
      Buried all my ghasts
    • Class: Warrior

      • Warlord: Agility
      • Warlord: Parrying
      • Warlord War Machine
      • Training: Combat
      • Reinforcements
      • Training: Deployment
      • Warrior Class Gems
      • Commander
      • War Preparations
      • Old War Wound
      • Training:Tactics
      • Enhanced Training Regimen
      • Blacksmithing

      • 4 Monsagi Lilly Pad
      • 4 Well of Ancients
      • 2 Necropolis Coins
      • 8 Wild Shards
      • 7 Blood Shards

      • 3 Sneakblade of the Milky Eye
      • 3 Eager Lackey
      • 4 Underworld Recruiter
      • 1 Emperors Lackey
      • 3 Sora
      • 3 Rune Ear Hierophant (Intimidation, Berserking)
      • 1 Monsuun, Shogun of Wina'jin
      • 3 Underworld Crusader (Trained)
      • 1 Probwarped Hare
      • 1 Rune Ear Recruiter
      • 1 Vampire King
      • 1 Gallows Ghast (Trained and Intidmidation)
      • 2 Rotpaw Gang

      • 4 Chlorophyllia
      • 3 Touch of Xentoth
      • 1 Crackling Clash
      Constants: none

      Artifacts: none


      • Gardener´s Hat (Chlorophyllia)
      • Recruiter's Ring (Underworld Recruiter)
      • Sneaky Garment (Sneakblade)
      • Dagger Handlers (Sneakblade)
      • Clashing Boots (Crackling Clash)
      • Healthy Heart Blade (Sora)

      • Moof (Body)
      • Katsuhiro (Charge)
      • Gax the sly Roller
      Details: Deck that utilzed trained Troops and also play from Top of Library (Sora, Recruiter, Sneakblade). Little bit of Ramp with Chloros.
      Created Battle Hoppers can be sacrificed with Sora (synergy with Sneakblades). Touch of Xentoth to get through big Recruiters.
      Finishers: Big Speed First Strike Troops, Gallows Ghast, Rotpaw Gangs, Hierophants.
    • Class: Cleric

      • Hale (+3 Champion health)
      • Healing Aura ((Artifact in play that gives +1 champ health when you play a resource)
      • Blessed Birth (4 Blessings start in deck)
      • Premonitions (At the start of the game you are shown 3 random cards from your deck, you may place one on top of your deck)
      • Affinity: Cleric (Clerics that start in your deck get lifedrain)
      • Divine Altar (2 cost Divine Altar artifact starts in your deck, copies blessings and clerics you play)

      • Righteous Path (Monument of Faith artifact starts in play, gives your troops steadfast)
      • Faith in Our Leader (Monument of Faith gives your troops +1 defense when they enter your hand if you have 25+ health)
      • Loyal to Our Leader (Monument of Faith gives your troops +1 attack when they enter your hand if you have 35+ health)
      • The Chosen One (A troop in your deck gets invincible)
      Racial-Class Talent
      • Fertility Magic (When you play a shin'hare 25% chance you get a battle hopper as well)

      Resources: 18
      • 4x Monsagi Lilypad
      • 14 x Wild Shard
      Troops: 40
      • 1x Uzume Grand Concubunny
      • 3x Uzume's Handmaiden +Cotton Tuft Striker
      • 3x Rune Ear Heirophant (minor wild gem of Brawn and Major wild gem of Conjuration)
      • 3x Concubunny
      • 3x Blossoming Concubunny
      • 3x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
      • 3x Cottontail Recruiter
      • 3x Shin'Hare Militia + Militia Marchers
      • 3x Moon'ariu Sensei + Manual of Martial Techniques
      • 3x Guru of the Wounded Petal
      • 4x Keeper of the Wounded Petal
      • 4x Bucktooth Commander
      • 4x Rune Ear Elite
      • 2x Spectral Acorn
      • Trinket: Manual of Martial Techniques (Moon'ariu Sensei gets Deathcry: give target Shin'hare Crush, Steadfast or Spellshield at random)
      • Gloves: Cotton Tuft Striker (Uzume's Handmaiden summons 2 random Shin'hare on deploy and death instead of 1)
      • Feet: Militia Marchers (Shin'hare Militia give another target Shin'hare +1/+1 on deploy)
      • Weapon: Unflinching Breaker (Bucktooth Commanders get Deploy - Summon a Battle Hopper)
      No Head or Chest gear.

      Sleeve: Uzume, Grand Concubunny

      • Katsuhiro (1 charge if you go second)
      • Spirit of the Triumvirate (3 troops in deck get Flight, Speed and Steadfast)
      • Mayor Galway (Troop in starting hand gets deathcry summon Galway's Retribution: Constant that does 1 damage to opponents each of your turns)
      Details: This deck makes a lot of troops. There are a number of synergies available to achieve victory. Cottontail Recruiter combos well with the many Battle Hopper generators and the Militia Marcher boots. Hierophant and Rune Ear Elite both have Crush for Siege breaking. Concubunny can boost Elite mid battle.
      Bolded troop entries are clerics, will have lifedrain. Can be copied if Divine Altar is in play.
      Still optimizing resources.
      Blades of Bone and Crackling Sprout are good actions to sub in if you need a little more firepower for certain encounters.

      EDIT: formatting.
    • Introducing the Shin'hare Ranger specialization: Plague Arrow

      An extremely controlling Ranger Build that uses all manners of venoms and poisons to control the board and whittling away until victory.

      Class: Ranger


      • Key Talents
        • Bonded For Life
        • Pet Training: Sic 'Em!
        • Pet Training: Stalk
        • Ranged Expertise: Scattershot
        • Eye of the Sniper
        • Chew Toy
      • Other Talents
        • Every Piece of the Animal
        • Survival Skills x 2
        • Ranged Expertise: Overwatch
        • Ranged Expertise: Leg Shot
        • Pet Training: Shared Exercise
        • Pet Treats

      TCGBrowser link:!/deck=231230


      • 11 x Blood Shard
      • 7 x Wild Shard
      • 1 x Monsagi Lily Pad
      • 2 x Well of Ancients
      • 3 x Hop'hiro, Samurai
      • 3 x Sepulchra Maggot
      • 4 x Fertile Engorger
      • 3 x Gravestalker
      • 2 x Disciple of Yazukan
      • 3 x Dread Botanist
      • 3 x Blades of Bone
      • 3 x Gruesome Deed
      • 3 x Tomb Swap
      • 3 x Call the Grave
      • 2 x Crackling Clash
      • 3 x Hideous Conversion
      • 3 x Egg Hunt

      • Head: Cover of Mysticism (augments Blades of Bone)
      • Trinket: Fresh Eggs (augments Egg Hunt)
      • Chest: Robes of Yazukan (augments Disciple of Yazukan)
      • Glove: Kit Catchers (augments Fertile Engorger)
      • Feet: Warlock's Footsteps (augments Blades of Bone)
      • Weapon: Sepulchra Stone Sledge (augments Sepulchra Maggot)
      • Mayor Galway
      • Portensio of Avon
      • B.E.B.O

      Egg Hunt is awesome since you will typically always have three troops on turn 1 ( Pet and Chew Toy with BEBO Worker Bot and/or Shin'Hare lvl 15 ability).

      Staying alive is pretty easy with this deck. The Ranger Expertise skills + a crazy amount of lethal troops + troop killing actions means that the opponent's board will stay empty. And small tip: battling with lethal troops will kill the opponent troops. Your Pet will often be playing board control since it can use its 1-SHOT to kill any Marked troop, then be sacrificed to fuel other abilities, and then come back into play. In addition, with Every Part of the Beast, the incidental life gain will keep you healthy.

      But the main interaction to what makes this deck tick is the passive abilities of the Mercenaries in junction with the Shin'hare ability: Expendable Lives. Each of these abilities gives troops in your starting hand extra deploy or deathcry abilities. So when you play troops that like dying and then coming back into play, you can take advantage of these abilities over and over. As such, one of the more grind-y win conditions is actually winning through Galway's Retribution damage. I've had games where I have recurred a troop enough times to get 10+ Galway's Retributions in play...

      For your starting hand, you will always want at least one troop. Ideally the best candidates are Fertile Engorger or Sepulchra Maggot. The Engorger is nice with the Shin'hare 1-Shot since every time it dies, it keeps the counters it has accumulated. The Maggot, though, loves the extra abilities.. Since the Maggot copies itself, all the other copies get the abilities to. The combination of Hideous Conversion + Maggot with Galway's passive ability + any graveyard recursion action oftens mean you can have 10+ Galway's Retributions in play on turn 4.

      In summary, how to kill with this deck:
      • Swarm with lethal troops (Maggots or Killblades from Fertile Engorger)
      • Use Blades of Bones to smash with very large troop (Disciple of Yazukan is a good target of the buff since it is evasive)
      • Gravestalker with huge rage. Opposing board will often be empty
      • And my favorite since it is murder with no attacking necessary: Recur a troop to get a lethal dose of Galway's Retribution
    • Class: Warrior

      • Warlord: Agility
      • Warlord: Parrying
      • Warlord: Strength
      • Warlord: Concussive strike
      • Training: Combat
      • Reinforcements
      • Training: Deployment
      • War Preparations
      • Training: Tactics
      • Enhanced Training Regimen
      • Blacksmithing

      • 4 Shard of Ancients
      • 4 Well of Ancients
      • 3 Necropolis Coins
      • 5 Wild Shards
      • 7 Blood Shards

      • 2 Cottontail Explorer
      • 3 Moon'ariu Sensei
      • 3 Stingy Jack
      • 2 Stalker of Marbaras

      • 4 Chlorophyllia
      • 3 Tilling the Soil
      • 3 Pack Hunters
      • 2 Symeon's Bounty
      • 4 Casualty of War
      • 3 Extinction
      • 2 Haunting Cry
      • 1 Herofall
      • 1 Enter the Dream

      • 2 Spectral Acorn
      • 2 Cerebral Jack-Hat


      • Gardener´s Hat (Chlorophyllia)
      • Infectious Toxin (Casualty of War)
      • Chest of Electrical Force (Cerebral Jack-Hat)
      • Fruit Pluckers (Symeon's Bounty)
      • Stalker's Blood Boots (Stalker of Marbaras)
      • Scarecrow's Scythe (Stingy Jack)

      • Baxoth of Korru
      • Count Davian
      • Sister of the Herd
      Details: This deck is heavily control oriented, so it isn't really fast. The point of the deck is to get as many Stingy Jacks in play, and play symeon's bounty to start chain drawing Harvest Tricks and beating your opponent with it. Ramp as soon as possible and get to the first symeon's bounty or Stingy Jack ASAP. Blacksmithing will let you play both of those cards from the top of your deck for a better chace to find them (you can play fruits of symeon from the top as well). Baxoth is there to enable the scrounging of Haunting Cry. Tilling the Soil isn't mandatory to scrounge, it is there to fasten you; however, when you are in dungeon you get a shin'hare at the beginning of the battle, which is useful for chump blocking and enabling your scrounge even further. Enter the Dream is needed for Kraken or any champion that has high health (Though Cosmic Totem can do the trick as well, perhaps even better) since it returns your Harvest Tricks back into the deck.
      Deck is pretty fun to play with (at least to me) although I know it isn't the best possible Shin'hare warrior out there, but I love making stuff like this.
    • Class: Warrior

      • Fury
      • Berserking
      • Boiling Blood
      • Affinity: Warriors
      • Training: Combat
      • Reinforcements
      • Training: Deployment
      • Training: Tactics
      • Blacksmithing
      • Old War Wound
      • War Preparations
      • Commander
      • Warrior Class Gems
      • A Warrior's Guilt
      • Fortifications

      • 12 Blood Shard
      • 4 Mentor's Keepsake
      • 4 Monsagi Lily Pad

      • 3 Sneakblade of the Milky Eye
      • 3 Hop'hiro, Samurai
      • 3 Deathseeker
      • 4 Underworld Recruiter
      • 1 Exarch of the Egg
      • 1 Dread Botanist
      • 3 Cryptcurse Knight (Warrior's Minor Orb of Training)
      • 1 Nori
      • 3 Underworld Crusader (1 Warrior's Minor Orb of Training, 2 Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy)
      • 3 Dread Apprentice

      • 3 Contract Killing
      • 3 Skittering Dark
      • 1 Infernal Professor

      • 2 Dread Factory

      • 2 Spectral Acorn
      • 4 Polyberry Pouch

      • Head - Samurai Kabuto (Hop'hiro, Samurai)
      • Trinket - Tainted Teacup (Polyberry Pouch) [Note that Recruiter's Ring (Underworld Recruiter) is also a good choice, though I prefer the Teacup]
      • Chest - Sneaky Garment (Sneakblade of the Milky Eye)
      • Gloves - Dagger Handlers (Sneakblade of the Milky Eye)
      • Feet - Mentor's Slippers (Nori)
      • Weapon - Certificate of Receipt (Contract Killing)

      • Baxoth of Korru
      • B.E.B.O.
      • Clatterclank
      Details: The point of this deck is to hit the opponent hard and fast by playing a multitude of troops to make full use of the Berserking talent. In Great Machine Graveyard and Ruins of Kukatan, Turn 2 wins are possible, turn 3 wins are the norm, and turn 4 wins happen about as often as turn 2 wins. Underworld Recruiters, Mentor's Keepsake, and Contract Killing help you get troops out more quickly, while Contract Killing also doubles as removal (remove your own Worker Bot if you just want the ramp part of it). Your own charge power is usually best used to battle an opposing troop to clear the way for your own troops. Polyberry Pouch is best used on your Castle Wall. Mostly the deck is straightforward in its play, though it may take a few times using it to get the hang of which troops to play first (mostly prioritize Hop'hiro and Recruiters) and when to mulligan (an important skill as there's a wide variety in how effective the cards are, with Polyberry Pouch and Contract Killing being a couple of the best).

      Options: this deck might stumble against opponents with exceptionally high health; for longer games, try adding in some higher cost troops (not worth it for shorter games, but more powerful as the game goes on). Perhaps Dread Driver and Profane Ritualist, for example. Gravestalker with weapon could also be added in. Hideous Conversion can be a powerful (though slow in time taken to click through) addition, especially since Deathseeker can be a free to play (with Mentor's Keepsake or a Recruiter) recurring troop for infinite resources.
      "A storm of madness approaches these shores; let us meet it with a tempest of our own."
    • As the deadline has now passed, here are the following decks that have been submitted (that I think meet the requirements at first glance with some leeway - let me know if I've missed something or made an error):


      Please do not edit your submitted decks as deadline has passed. Feel free to post your thoughts of the decks above and rate them.

      Thanks to everyone who participated and the Necrotic Bounty has started as well!
    • I think my favorites(other than my own :P ) are:

      #1 Airtron's mage, I'm always partial to mono-color decks (especially green/wild)and I love the egg hunts. :love:

      #2 Arcanyx's ranger, :cursing: of the decks here, this one would annoy me the most to fight against(which means I like it). So much death. :saint:

      #3 Mighty frog's mage, again, mono-color decks rule, and this one with the heavy focus on dreadlings :thumbup: is just my style.

      P.s. I also realized that i was way too wordy in my posts X/ whoops