Asynch draft experience results

    • Asynch draft experience results

      Would you like for previous draft system to be returned into the game instead of draft gauntlet? 119
        Yes. (49) 41%
        No. (70) 59%
      So the asynchronous draft queue was implemented in Hex for draft games to fire faster. I do not have the time to collect data, but pretty sure developers should have enough now. What I am curious about is:

      1) Did the number of played drafts rise? Proportionally to number of players in game at the time?*
      2) Are drafts finishing faster? Is there any way to compare completion of them?*
      * There will be discrepancy due to draft tickets being awarded through account leveling which made players enter draft because they got free ticket. That should not be so hard to factor in.

      I would like to see info about that and maybe know if you are thinking about going back to regular drafts.


      Just to add my experience. Number of my drafts rapidly dropped after this change. Do not really like it. Tried some stuff for a change - Pve, Evo, Sealed, Constructed and found none of them to my liking. Back to drafting right now, but nowhere near my previous 1 draft/day minimum. Its mostly frustrating experience for me. I am in empty queue. People are calling 7/8 queue and I cannot join since I already have my pool drafted, but I cannot find opponent. Especially in EU early time, I feel like its desperate fishing for person with same record. But I cannot plan my time. With regular draft I knew how long it would take. If I did not have the time, I went Evo or Sealed. Now I cannot play solid chunk, I mostly wait and do nothing. Also reading in the chat all the time: "Looking for a 2 win opponent." feels to me, like I am not alone.
    • According to hexpvptools, we are close to where we are in the number of pods firing as when asynch started. Asynch started firing in set 5 which is one of the most hated draft formats, so the numbers are not good. I do not like asynch draft and it either needs to turn to a true swiss system or be scrapped altogether.

      I do not play limited like I used to and it is obvious that others havent either.
    • I enjoy playing drafts whether they are asynch or not, but the gargantuan wait times for 2-0 can be irritating. I also find myself playing evo gauntlets instead in most cases simply because when I look at the draft queue, its almost always at 0/8.

      In an ideal world, I'd love to go back to the old system but only if this would be sustainable with Hex's current population.
    • Yeah I would take back the pod swiss drafts anyday. In my eyes it still stands as the 2nd worst decision hex has made (with the first being the removal of on demand constructed events which have really shown just how little they support constructed in the game.)

      It removed so many factors that I considered core to drafting so that the strategies are entirely different and are more comparable to the strategies used in sealed events over draft (Ignore what opponents you might face, Pick 2 shards and stick with those, Pick best cards for your deck on average and don't bother taking situational picks unless there's no other option as all)

      It doesn't feel faster to me. Of the ones I played they still seemed to take about 2 hours to finish just because of wait times and the fact you're still picking 1 card at a time then doing Bo3 games.

      I have 0 intent of playing a draft-gauntlet again unless I happen to get a ticket for one and even then I might just not use it in the hope they change it back someday. I don't enjoy them at all. I feel like I'm playing a really stretched out sealed instead of a draft and the 'choice' which is supposed to make draft stand out isn't existent when the winning strategy is always to pick the best on average card out of the 2 shards you decided to play and just ignore everything else.
    • The wait time at 2-0 is impossible often i simply stop waiting after 10 minutes of no opponent last time I waited over 30 minutes to finally get loaded into a game. Never had those problem in the old system. Also the queues are always at 0/8 and i have to be online at peak time to have the chance to join one in where it is 5/8 already in it.
      I feels like the old system was way better in every way even time wise and used time to finish it.
    • The new drafting system has one major benefit. If I see 6/8 people in a queue at 1.00 am I can still enter to do the drafting. That is nice and major benefit of the new system.

      I am not so sceptical to this system as I was before, still I think it didn't fix the problems that is was suppose to fix.

      - Queues are fireing at more or less the same rate as they were
      - Times before rounds are more or less the same on average, as with e.g. rating 2:0 you have to wait significant amount of time to be paired with an opponent
      - I'm not a fan of a new prices distribution system. It reminds a bit the 8:4 system in MtG which was more focused on advanced drafters than open for beginners. This does not help to rise the number of people playing drafts.

      Additionally possibility to meet any decks, not only from one pool of cards drafted by the pod, narrowed the variety of decks. Without looking at open colors people are drafting the most powerfull archetypes. On a single pod you can win with a less popular construction, just because you took the "free color". In the new system you will at some moment meet people with the most powerfull archetype from other pod. I'm not saying that there is no sens in drafting open color, just people are more focused to draft the most powerfull archetypes, resulting many poor decks from the same pool of cards, all loosing to people from the other pod.

      In my oppinion the new system didn't get the sytuation any better and we've lost some of the key draft features. But to be honest it's quite easy to get accustomed to this, so at the moment this is not the key point I would like them to change in the game.
    • Asynch draft allow me to play at least 5 times more drafts than before. Seing a 6/8 queue and jumping in even if i don't have 3 hours ahead is a blessing.
      I experienced, so far, way less waiting time even now we are deep in the set. Don't remember to wait more than 15min for a 2-0 queue.

      Compared to normal draft, my waiting time is cut by 2 to 3times on average. Mmost of the time : 5/10 minutes wait for draft to fire, no waiting after deckbuilding, 5 minutes at 1-0, 10 minutes at 2-0.. yeah something like that. Instead of 60 to 90 minutes in a normal draft.

      So for me, no question ask, asynch draft improve my experience with the game. So I vote a big NOOOO!

      Idea to enhance the feature even more : let the players running several draft runs at the same time. Why are we not allowed to queue in a pod when we have not finish a previous run yet ???
    • It took me a while to get used to the asynch format, but I found that I really like the convenience of it all. Playing in the Clash made me realize how annoying it was to block out an amount of time equal to that of a big in-person MTG event. Of course, the prize structure isn't great, and I don't have anything against fully live tournaments. I just think that asynch modes in general are better adapted to the online format.
    • The fastest way to solve the length of queue problem is to allow for multi-table play. As it stands now, if I see a 0-8 draft queue I have 2 choices. 1) enter the queue and sit there for an unknown amount of time *not* playing the game or 2) play any other format. Neither of those options help anyone get to the fun part - actually playing the game.

      If, however, I could sit in the queue in one tab and play an evo or something else in another than all my problems go away. I'm actively playing the game and helping a draft pod to fire. Better still, I'm getting to play more often and maximizing my enjoyment while I'm logged into the client.
    • i like draft (= play against people you draft with) more than sealed (= draft gauntlet)

      they don't need to get rid of gauntlet though. gauntlet is a nice alternative to traditional sealed

      just add real draft for older formats and maybe move away from brackets to reduce the downtime
    • Draft gauntlets are great. I've logged close to 100 drafts in the 6-6-5 format at this point. I played less than a dozen "traditional" drafts during the year or so they existed while I played Hex. I skipped playing them largely because the waiting was awful. They are bad for producing content and they are bad for anyone who didn't have hours on head to carve out for just drafting.

      People complain about the wait time for finding a 2-0 match. I don't think I've ever waited more than 30 minutes to find a match at 2-0. This is very much a symptom of a smaller player base. If there were more people playing you wouldn't have a wait time.

      I often waited 45+ minutes during a "traditional" draft waiting for other matches to finish. This is a symptom of how traditional drafts work and would not change regardless of how many people are drafting.

      Another to improve wait times at 2-0 would be to have the drafting portion be fully async. Drafts can take some time to fire because people don't want to be the first in the Q. If I could start a draft whenever I wanted I'd probably be playing them even more than I am now.

      You can argue that this isn't "real" drafting and that is fine. I just want to play limited with consistent decks that drafting provides and not have to deal with people who opened 4+ playable on shard rares like sealed produces.
    • stop blaming asynch draft for the waiting times, in a perfect world with over 100k players online at average there should be 0 waiting time for matches and pods firing.

      Its not the format, its the playerbase, most ppl would prefer asynch then.
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    • I don't mind async or fixed pod but the thing i would like is the old prize structure back. Once I lose with a draft deck I don't really want to play with it anymore but I am throwing away value if I just quit. I would like to see a return to 5-3-2-2, I don't know if that would make queue times better or worse for the 1 and 2 win queuers but I think it should increase the number of drafts firing which I see as a bonus.
    • I am not a huge fan of the draft gauntlet myself. I don't like not having a draft format where I can win at least 1 pack for 1 win. I personally preferred the competitive draft where I can play 1 round and either be out of the tournament or know that I will at least get 2 packs when I finish.

      To me, the wait times are much worse with draft gauntlet. even if the overall time is shorter with draft gauntlet (it generally is) it is still much worse for me because I have to stay near my computer the whole time I waiting for another round to make sure I don't miss the start. With competitive draft I was able to finish my round and know exactly how much longer I had until the next round and read forums or even play other games while I waited. I can't do that any more.

      So with the increased attention I have to pay to the game while I wait for a new game to start, a decrease in the prizes for the amount I usually end up winning, and the increase in the amount of time I have to play the draft to get the chance at any prize at all I am definitely not a fan and greatly miss the old competitive draft format.
    • Cernz wrote:

      stop blaming asynch draft for the waiting times, in a perfect world with over 100k players online at average there should be 0 waiting time for matches and pods firing.

      Its not the format, its the playerbase, most ppl would prefer asynch then.
      Soooo..... you're saying it was Hex's mistake to replace traditional with async while the playerbase is so small. Can't say I disagree.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      Cernz wrote:

      stop blaming asynch draft for the waiting times, in a perfect world with over 100k players online at average there should be 0 waiting time for matches and pods firing.

      Its not the format, its the playerbase, most ppl would prefer asynch then.
      Soooo..... you're saying it was Hex's mistake to replace traditional with async while the playerbase is so small. Can't say I disagree.
      nope you got me wrong :) with the old draft the waiting times would be even longer and it would be more frustrating for most ppl than it is now (imo).

      so the change was good in any case.
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